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Good morning! It’s Sunday here in Mexico City. I’ve got my juice as usual and this morning
we’re headed to Paseo de la Reforma which is a huge boulevard
and on Sunday mornings they shut it down. I guess in an effort to curb air pollution
and so no cars are allowed, only pedestrians and bikes and it’s Sunday morning so there’s
tons of markets everywhere in the city which I love so I can’t wait to see it. We found Paseo de la Reforma. It’s completely shut off from traffic. The other side is really full but here it’s
just people on bikes, people with strollers, roller blades, skateboards,
I saw a guy with one roller blade, and someone just jogged by pushing a wheelchair. So it just seems like a really great community thing. Just people outside on this gorgeous day
enjoying a Sunday in Mexico City. So we’re just walking along with everyone. Hola! They’re so cute! Have a fun ride! Bye! So not only can you ride around this
massive city without any traffic but we just saw a guy bail really badly on his bike
and there’s a Red Cross station, or stations, all the way along here. It’s amazing to have
those kinds of services along here too. So cool! A couple of people who were doing some homework
asked Marc if they could interview him and ask him five questions about Mexico so we
stopped so he could answer their questions. How’d it go? It was all right. A little nerve-wracking. I’m not used to getting interviewed. I hope I did a good job. I think you did and it was funny because their
Mom was there filming them asking questions and then I was filming them asking Marc questions
so I think they felt a little put on the spot too but it was fun. Walking along here there’s also a Dali exhibition
and there’s Dali himself who is walking along telling all the people
why he made these sculptures. We found where you can rent the free bikes. I haven’t rented a bike since I was in Kyoto
and that went pretty well so uh I guess it’s like riding a bike. K I’m going to go. K. Oh my god. I think this bike is possibly for someone
who is somewhere between 5’ and 5’2” or 3”. It’s really short. It’s an awesome way to get around. I love it. That was really, really fun. I can’t believe in a city this big that
they close down that much space just for cyclists and pedestrians. It’s absolutely amazing and I’m so glad
we got to do that, even just for an hour it was totally worth it. Biking worked up quite a hunger
so we stopped for a snack. We got a cup of mango for 20 pesos –
it’s really good and fresh – and we’re in this huge park. There’s a market all the way through, there’s
tons of people here, and we’re going to start walking
towards the castle called Chapultepec. Which one of these looks good on me? Grrrrrr! We got hungry again on the way to the castle so, big surprise, we’re going to stop and have tacos again and it’s called Antonitos Mexicanos Toñita, I think. We’re at the castle and realized that it’s
Sunday which means that it’s free for Mexican citizens to go in so it’s very, very busy
so we’re going to come back another day but it’s beautiful. We’re still walking around Chapultepec Park
and saw that the Museum of Modern Art is free on Sundays so we’re going to go in there instead. Oh my god, you guys, I found a lending library! Look! It’s like the Little Libraries that I had
in Cabbagetown when I lived in Toronto and here’s one in Mexico City. I wish I could read more Spanish. Sun’s going down now. We’re going to go grab some dinner so I
think I’m going to end the vlog here, but subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already
for more vlogs and I’ll see you in my next one! Bye!

45 comments on “RIDING A BICYCLE IN MEXICO CITY | Eileen Aldis

  1. The most FUN 5 minutes I’ve spent in a while!
    What a great video!…The photography, editing and MUSIC are great!
    You bubble like champagne Eileen, and your enthusiasm is infectious!
    Hell…I even learned some things!
    Mexico City is now on my bucket list!

  2. Loving your vlogs! Makes me miss it SOOOOO much! We lived there for five months! In Puebla now
    Visiting the city this weekend! V excited

  3. Shutting down a whole boulevard for pedestrians is an awesome idea…. I'm sending this one to my friends at City Hall.
    Hope you continue the vlog at the castle. I'm curious to see it.

  4. Ok i'm seeing a trend with this juice!! Yes in Mexico it's so common to shut down areas for bikes/pedesterians. We're heading to Chapultepc tomorrow, might hit up that taco place 😉

  5. Awesome! So great to see you and Marc enjoying yourselves. And your videos these past few days make me want to visit Mexico City! Angie

  6. Oh my god, you are ADORABLE!! This is the first video I've seen of yours, but I've already subscribed and I'm so excited to see what adventures you get up to next. Safe travels!! xo

  7. that's so awesome they close the street down! they do that here in LA like 4 times a year but it looks more fun in there! haha

  8. Visit Aztec Stadium. Pelé and Maradona won the World Cup there (1970 & 1986) and the century march between Germany and Neederland played there too 1986. We will win the cup in russia 2018

  9. Im glad you enjoy the city where I live 🙂 what part of the city you like the most ? What do u think about Paseo de la Reforma av. , did u like it? Hugs from Mexico city 🙂

  10. I would love to spend a Sunday in Chapultepec Park. You always have such gorgeous ideas, Eileen! I love your videos!

  11. Hello Eileen! I'm new and you are awesome! I found you courtesy of Way Away's Josh and Ashley!! So glad I'm here!!

  12. Eileen – excellent stuff! I have been to Mexico City twice in the last 18 months and will be there again in two weeks. This time I scheduled my departure from CDMX for Monday, just so that I can walk/jog/bikeride on Reforma on Sunday!! – last two trips I was at the airport on Sunday morning. Anyhow, they do a similar street closure in Lima on Sundays. Great video and giving True Mexico a run for his money!!

  13. gracias for such great videos you missed something go to a traditional cantina like the old movies go to San angel and try some pulque but curado and some tacos de panza have a great day señorita

  14. I guess me as a Mexican I will post videos of my great southern frynds in North Carolina, Tennessee and some parts of Texas me as well like very much USA and the warm people there and the great country festivals wich I enjoy so much have a great time señorita

  15. You should stay in Mexico City. Is the best city of Mexico and LatinAmerica. There are so many things to do.

  16. Your boyfriend and I both have the same sunglasses!
    I really want to bike in CDMX when we go!
    – Thania

  17. hope you come here to puebla, we got a lot of world unique places and models, like something call Linear park, wich is a enourmous way system for people to travel by foot or bicycle and it's Also a park, btw it's suspended so they seem like bridges ,they are beautiful , they are everywhere, and Also you can rent a bike here to, but you will need a phone app or a card like the one you used in the CDMX metro, Also there are a lot more things like that, but you need to come to see, it's pretty techy and modern arround here

  18. did you guys get a chance to inside, El Angel de la Independencia? you used to be able to go for free sunday mornings, now i think you just have to Cuauhtemoc delegation end get a permit for like 50 pesos and you can all the to the top!! on a sunday clear day you get amazing shots and great view to el castillo de Chapultepec

  19. In Monterrey we also have that in a street called, calzada del valle, and its very fun and its also on sundayss, please come and vlog in monterrey mexico

  20. Yes it`s true Mexico city is so beautiful …but your boyfriend too. he is so handsome, He looks like a football player Xavi Alonso from Spain

  21. Todos los domingos se realiza este paseo en bicicleta aquí en la ciudad de México; (es divertido! Ji Ji)

  22. Guadalajara also does this on Sundays. Great times! I also think it is an attempt by the government to encourage citizens to exercise, especially since diabetes, strokes and heart attacks are becoming more prevalent along with fast food and soda pop.

  23. That old saying didn't work for me when I got on my bike. Ha .. and I haven't gotten back on it since!

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