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Riding a bike with no hands

Riding a bike with no hands

So today, we’re gonna take a trip over to Riverwalk learn a very important skill for commuters And no, I’m not talking about filming wildlife Although this mother duck is about to bite the motherfuck out of this tourist good thing she walked away No, we’re talking about riding with no hands riding with no hands is very useful because it frees up your appendages To do useful things like taking something out of your backpack putting something away Texting whatever it is you like to do The trick to riding with no hands is that you’re gonna lean in the direction you want the bike to go You may be surprised to know that if you’re riding in straight line you take your hands off the handlebars As long as you’re able to stabilize yourself by kind of pinching your seat with your knees the bikes gonna stay going straight And everything’s gonna be okay If you get scared that’s when you’re gonna fall off and bad things are gonna happen so confidence is key I’ve been known to entire meals while riding on my bike. I’ll get lunch and then forget that you know I have to go somewhere So it’s pretty useful especially because I carry camera gear around riverwalk constantly So anyway, if you enjoy the video like share and practice riding with no hands on your own

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  1. I was riding riding with no hands standing up once, it was going all fine for about 5 minutes until my front wheel hit a rock in the pavement….

  2. People told me I couldn’t ride without hands because I can’t wheelie-

    I still can’t wheelie but now I can ride down small stairs on my mountainbike.

    I’ve tried doing it how you showed us but still wouldn’t work (shrug)

    Thanks for making me able to ride without hands

  3. I've been able to do this for a while, but ten weeks ago I found myself in the air after hitting a speed bump on a steep hill, I got away with 16 abrasions all over my body, 2 stitches in my chin and a broken bike. So have fun with this, but don't die 🙂

  4. I can also go completely hands free on my, erm, special bike as seen in my latest video. I am also now pretending to text on my phone in public while riding around. Bad cyclist, Bad!

  5. Easiest way I found to learn this was a lot of 1 handed turns. Once comfortable with that, with your 1 dominate hand, hold the centre of the stem(middle of the handlebars) and turn that way and slowly hoover your hand away while peddling.

  6. Keep in mind your handlebars need to be kinda stiff for this, if they're new and turn easily you are in for a bad time.

    its hella easy to no hander if the handlebars stay pretty straight but if they turn or wobble easily then its really rough.

  7. It depends on the bike. I own a "Cube Aim SL" and this thing is impossible to ride with no hands as it has a geometry they call "Agile Ride Geometry" and that makes the bike hyper-nervous, you even cannot ride a turn without having the feeling of falling into that turn. They have exaggerated it, it is no more fun to ride this bike on the street. I have to sell it.

  8. Don't forget that it allows you to put on a rain jacket or gloves that you optimistically didn't put on before you left, but regretted 30 a into the ride.

  9. I wouldn't try to eat an entire meal no hands, especially around people or cars. Unless you're on diet and don't mind dropping everything as soon as you have to brake quickly.

  10. In Hungary if you go no hands you'll get stared and yelled at cause it's illegal. One time I almost fell off my bike cause some dude got next to me with his car and just screamed: "HOLD YOUR HANDLEBARS!!!"

  11. Did you make this video just for the mother duck joke because you didnt really say anything here Seth. Basically if I want to do it I just do it… With confidence. In my experience its the bike that's usually the problem. When designers take steps to make a bicycle more nimble it looses stability. Like hardness and toughness the two properties are at odds. Mountain bikes typically sacrifice stability to optimize agility and will thusly be more difficult to no hand than a cruiser style bike. Of course there are people with terrible balance and can't pull it off on anything and those people know who they are.

  12. i just got a new bigger bike yesterday and immidiatly learned how to ride with no hands and i do it every time i go to ride my bike

  13. Once I was riding with no hands and texting and then I ran into one of those poles that’s in the middle of the bike path

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