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Riding A Reverse Mullet Bike | GMBN’s Wheel Size Experiment

Riding A Reverse Mullet Bike | GMBN’s Wheel Size Experiment

(fire crackling) – Welcome back you beautiful people, yes it’s all about the Mullet Bike, the one that’s revolutionized
the downhill racing scene throughout this year and also it’s transferred onto e-bikes, where you get a 29er
inch front wheel up front and 27.5 out the back. That means business up
front and party up back, but we going to freaking switch it up and we’re going to put
the party up the front and business out the back, because who cares about the business? It’s all about the party. 27.5 on the front, 29 on the rear. Boom, yes look at that, it looks, terrible. I think it’s going to be
really good at climbing, descending. I’m going to be all over the front end. Right, we’re out here in Finale, let’s go test it on some
epic, gnarly trails man. (rock music) Oh! Time to hit the trail! Let me see, I claimed oh– Way over the front, so autumnal, Who would’ve thunked it and Italy on the coast and Mediterranean, you
get some colors like this. Tell you what, that was easy, climbing up there, obviously because the
front’s down like that it’s like built like a cross-country bike. Weirdly, there’s a bath tub down there. Very strange. Thing is right, the best thing about this, is I’ve got this click and clack so, basically put it into click on the Shapeshifter on the Strive, it’s basically lifted up that BB, and I’m like, it’s made that climb, a hell of a lot easier. There’s me, all being all sophisticated knowing my stuff. What goes up, must go down. I’m going to start on the blue first, maybe move onto black. Yeah (sighs) Dreamy Look at that, climbing with ease. Big rig, 150mm travel. Done. Okay. First trail, I’m going to
kick it off with H trail. H trail is a blue trail, is the top of Nato Base, here in Finale Ligure, I’m going to put that to clack, make suspensions soft. Yeah, make that plush, click that open (inhales)
(exhales) Drop it down, I’m ready. (inhales) I’m ready to drop in. It looks weird with the small front wheel. Alright, dropping. Oh wow (rock music) Oh my gosh (rock music) Oh man, oh! (rock music) Oh no, rocks (rock music) Oh my, Oh my gosh (rock music) Oh my, goodness me, first bit of trail, it’s proper dark man, super dark and it’s
literally getting dark. (inhales) This is super unconventional, super unconventional, I don’t like it, let’s carry on, I might like it. No, I don’t like it. (upbeat drumming) Oh my, it gets worse the
further I get down the hill. (rock music) Oh tree! (rock music) Oh my, (inhales) oh my, (inhales) okay. Impressions, with the first Mullet Bike, first off, it feels like I’m
going down the steepest trail of my life. When it comes to the rough sections, it just dives, because of that small wheel– because I’m so used to
this bike being a 29er and then that having a 27.5, I literally feel like you
get sucked in constantly and also, maybe it’s like a placebo thing, knowing that that is a
smaller wheel on the front, to the rear that it used to be a 29er, it just feels weird. It just puts everything–
I feel so sketchy. I lean more over the back than usual, also I’m always digging in, like trying to get all
the weight on the rear, I’m like, oh my gosh, there’s
not grip on the front, because my wheel’s just that much smaller, that much smaller. It’s ridiculous. Weird. So I’ve just ridden down
some super rough stuff, some rocky, some tight,
some steep, a blue trail, a black trail and now I’m going to head down,
further down this mountain, to a place where they call, Little Champery. Yeah, last time I did road Champery, was the real Champery and it scared me. This– I’m going to do a timed
run and see what it’s like. I’ll see you at the bottom (tongue clicks) (tires rolling) Oh man, when rolling to the trails, like I feel like all my body
weight is all over the front, feels like I have the
steepest head angle ever, like, ever, look at this, look at it. (laughing) Like going downhill is going to be weird. Going uphill to the trail, easy, like, it’s the best climbing
machine, potentially ever. Downhill, worst thing. Worst thing. Let’s see what– let’s see
what the trail entails man. 3, 2, 1. (cheers) (rock music) It feels faster. (rock music) Oh my. (rock music) Oh wow, oh wow. Jump. (rock music) Oh there’s a nice jump here. (rock music) Oh my, I swear it’s– (rock music) oh yes, oh my. (laughing) (rock music) Oh this is steep, this is a steep and wet. (rock music) (panting) Oh man. No. No. I literally thought I was
going to break my bike on that last one there, but my time wise from that was 2.53, that was the– that was definitely slower, because I did it in
2.50– 2.39 when I raced. Now, 2.39 on that, it’s 2.53 definitely, I would say, hell no to
that, it’s a silly idea, I don’t think you should do it, I– It was pretty funny,
descending was terrible, climbing good, but who like climbing, I like going downhill, I really want that bet, I
really want my 29er back, because I don’t want to have that because, I literally don’t want that. What happened there? (laughing) (beeps) Yeah, like again, like I said, I really want my 29er wheel back, because that one was terrible, that’s– Oh! Don’t get down there! Oh my gosh! Come back. Like I’ve said, I want my 29er back, because this 27.5 wheel is dead to me. She’s back, she’s back to her beautifulness. Boom, ♪ That’s the way uh-huh uh-huh ♪ ♪ I like it ♪ That is a good bike, the other one, horrendor pig. There you go, hopefully you
enjoyed this video, hopefully, it’s inspired you not to do it, because I wouldn’t recommend it, because it’s horrendous, it dives, it’s horrible, it’s disgusting, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to see more rad content, you want to continue binge watching GMBN, click over here for, hard nose, it’s a pretty cool one, it’s pretty weird, another weird one. Don’t forget, hit the globe to subscribe, because you’re missing
out on some rad stuff, give us a thumbs up like, if you love, the reverse mullet, party up front, business is always out back, see ya.

100 comments on “Riding A Reverse Mullet Bike | GMBN’s Wheel Size Experiment

  1. Hang on… if it’s now small in front and big in the back… isn’t this the real mullet and the reverse is the other way…? 🤔

  2. 650b front wheel and 650B fork messes up the geometry altogether. If you get a longer travel fork to compensate, then tell us how it feels.

  3. I have an idea, make a 26er into a mini mullet bike. For all of us that have a 26er and may upgrade an old fork, should we try mini mullet bike? We can call it a rat tail bike.

  4. The mullet references are backwards… larger wheel = longer hair, smaller wheel = shorter hair. So your mullet bike is a reverse mullet and your reverse mullet is a mullet. Clearly you brits have never had a mullet.

  5. What would happen if you took a 29er with 140 up front, and replaced it with 180 mil suspension end a 27.5 front wheel? Because then the geometry wouldn’t change as much

  6. Quite honestly I don't think it would be that bad. Probably would feel like a bike from 3 or 4 years ago . Geometry would be about the same as an older bike.

  7. given that mullet means short front long back, having the smaller wheel out front and the larger wheel in the rear is actually a mullet, not a reverse one.

  8. I have been going with a 2.4 ,29er exo tire on the back and 2.3 xc on the front . Having the lighter tire on the front seems to make climbing more compliant and more airy over the chunk on the downhill . my bike is a hardtail and having the beef on the back seems to be helpful

  9. How long until somebody comes up with 29 27.5 bike with wheels that can be swapped from front to back. Small front for the climb. Then swap them around for the descent. Small back.

    Don’t know how it could be done but I bet somebody is thinking about it… and if it’s only me I want royalties! 😂

  10. On another topic, I'm looking to change my cassette block from a 11/36 to a 11/42 will I need to change out the derailleur or would a longer hanger work? Also would I have to get a longer chain I'm assuming yes.

    Thx J

  11. So, what width were you running 2.4 or 2.6? I think 27.5×3 front with a 27.5×2.4 might work better than how you set it up. Wider tire will make the front a bit more stable & better for downhill.

  12. Riders for decades :
    Manufacturers : You need these bigger wheels !
    wonder why the same thing never happened to BMX ?
    Poor 26" , you did nothing wrong !

  13. Now Blake knows what it was like to ride any mountain bike during the 1990’s when they all had 26” wheels, steep headtubes, and long stems. New appreciation for what Tomac did BITD.

  14. The real test would be a reverse mullet bike with a 27.5+ tire on the front, or even 26 fat. Nearly the same diameter as a regular 29 but lots of extra grip (potentially). I have some friends who've ridden like this on hardtail plus bikes and found it fun.

  15. Funny feature in a way, but wasn’t sure of the point of this. It seemed to come out as a negative of all 27.5 wheels, but with the right wheels on the right bike 27.5 & 29 are awesome machines. Putting the wrong wheel on a bike made for a different size, with the conclusion that it felt bad? Hmmm Look forward to more of the usual great content – cheers guys

  16. So you went 2.8 front 2.6 back to even it out a bit? And could you have played with the suspension to even out further? You could probably make it less of a pig, may be? Not saying i would but just a may be….


  18. Illogical. Why not an 80's mullet, i.e., 27.5/26? I am in love with what I have coined the tomac-a-hawk, which is my rigid mtb with drop bars running 27.5×2.1 G-One Bite up front and 26×2.25 Table Top out back. Call it a gravel bike I suppose, but it is simple, light, and enormously fun. I gave up on anything hydraulic (suspension, brakes, droppers) due to cost, weight and high failure rates. I gave up on carbon due to environmental concerns. Why do the modern mountain bikers with their plastic bikes feel the need to clear trails down to bare soil with leaf blowers; don't they know this is worst-case scenario soil conservation engineering that will turn things into a severe root maze absent substantial trail maintenance?!?! My B67 has all the suspension I need (being the trendy steel spring suspension everyone is raving about lately!) plus my Spyre mechanicals work perfect even through winter temps and road salt. Feeling like GMBN is simply another agent of the industry.

  19. Blake, i see you love to suffer. An idea to next video – use random sticks to ride instead of regular pedals

  20. Thanks Blake, loved the video as always! I have an idea for an even better video: 29 in the back, 26 up front. And you thought 27 up front was a party!

  21. what about a 27.5 with a + tire at the front? you'll get the same diameter with the extra plush, and the efficiency at the back

  22. Love listening to Blake ride. The rest of the crew gets all zen and silent when they ride. Blake just can't stop the narration and the harder the trail gets the more the narration degrades into grunts and moans.

  23. I’d rather not try a reverse mullet. What I would try, and would love to see GMBN try, is a moto mullet. I’m thinking 24” x 3.0” on the back (remember the Nokian?) and 29” x 2.4ish up front. I’ve always wondered how this would perform, where the front has a shallow angle of attack and cuts, while the rear floats.

  24. Mullet bikes are not new, a friend of mine was riding 26" in the front and 24" in the back on his DH bike over ten years ago.

  25. Hey! I could have imagined that if you use it like this on climbs and switch it on descents, it may be new and actually working technology!

  26. As kids we used to off road on Raleigh Choppers on Parys mountain, Anglesey. I'm guessing 20" front, 24" back with really silly bars. No idea how we survived but they looked way more radical than the reverse mullet. Maybe the next GMB challenge??

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