Living Jackson

Benefits of cycling

Riding Around w/ Ana Puga

– ito oh no, wait down here. I was a spot. I got run over. I didn’t recognize it the Embera. Whoa Hey hey, you did not go that fast because everyone cross the scent from everywhere And there’s tons of people And the traffic lights are not exactly like trustworthy And the potholes don’t forget Now Ceylon was he You gotta you Ali we should go down there’s a while Moving again por que por que por que get into your lane. Yes, right. That’s yes will ya That’s Reforma, so we’re taking I guess right through the forma to head all the way to Polanco and see the Banana kill and all that stuff. Oh Wait we cuenta severe Okay So I don’t want to get into the red bus way Not just cuz they don’t necessarily stop when this is basic cyclists all the way the format. Is this remain which is nice You

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