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Riding Bikes in Colombia // BOGOTA

Riding Bikes in Colombia // BOGOTA

I have to admit, I’m glad we get along well. We’ll be traveling for the next 24 hours. ‘Estoy cansado’ ‘Muy bien’ Our Spanish is going well! And boarding just started! Ah, great! Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Bogotá! Robin!! Jeez, what a trip! Had a good trip, buddy? Arrived in Ubaté! Through the mountains, in the dark. But we survived! In Colombia, and Robin Dijk is wearing his winter jacket. Sweating so much a the airport, unbelievable. And that first try! We were tired so fast. Felt like we were on altitude. So Googled it.. 2600M! That explains it. So let’s do it ‘tranquilo’. These guys don’t care about it! ‘Buenos dias, amigo’! We already thought, the traffic on this road is crazy. So this morning we heard there were two accidents. We have some videos to show that we aren’t surprised.. This is unbelievable! So crazy! Two trucks behind each other, trying to pass. No sight, and a bus behind them tries to pass as well! So yesterday we rode at ‘Penamonte’. Us three are giving a clinic there tomorrow. For the kids of the club. A fun fact: they have a full SX track. And the guy who runs everything, Pedro. Actually had nothing with BMX. They wanted to do something for the kids in the city of Ubaté. So they thought, what are we gonna do? They had seen Mariana win Gold in the Olympics.. so they thought: BMX is cool! So they built a BMX track! Anyway, the guy is super nice for us. Actually all the Colombians so for. So polite. So off to Bogotá now, to check out this city. See what it’s like, and maybe ride the track a bit! We’re on holidays, but riding is just too much fun! Colombian style, I like it. Oh my god! Because I cased so hard on the triple on the 3rd straight.. I had to do something right! You did it! She wants to jump the first one! Did you jump it? Todos contra Don Miguel! No, no, no! Kimmann sandwich, haha.

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  1. Por dios me hicieron llorar por verlos entrenar en la pista que yo entreno y me hicieron llorar aún peor viendo a mis Bicicrosistas favoritos montando juntos

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