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Hey hows it going guys my name’s on the website under zento so today I have three broken bikes here that my sister’s and I’m going to see if it’s even possible as a ride on or not Because this one right here the tire is touching the seat is that broken? So I don’t even know if I’ll be able to ride it. You may have seen this play call ready in this video. Oh Wow There we go perfect He’s drunk Wow We’re going to be seeing if they work it let’s get into it. We riding the bikes. Here’s my favorite shirt coop and remember kids Safety first We’re going to first start off with this bike right here This probably is the best-looking bike out of the three so we’re gonna see if we do write it here We go and before I write each bike. I’ll tell you what’s wrong with them this one to change a little less stuff there That’s really the only thing so I think this one might be the best Don’t wining or losing. Oh here. We go All right, so the pearl with this bike. Maybe by for a little bit stop She got really pushed to keep it going then it stopped again, so I almost fell off a couple times there. This bike is trash Next up we got this bike, and yes, this is the bike I was in a video And if you saw the video you can see that I have problem with the seat That’s the first thing the seats broken second of all the chains touching the ground Now I’m not an expert on bike but I think the chains supposed to be over there oh Wow, alright So there’s a couple things wrong – first of all you can omit pedal second of all the siege of end. There’s 16 right there Suitable the flyers attack the flyers attack the flyers attacks, so this book is scratch The thing I love about this bike is just it looks so good when you come over here. Yeah, that happened like riding here I had to lift it up you see that. It’s normal boom oh Good Gina this one. I’m planning on first of you the worst. That’s the only thing wrong with it, and it’s pretty bad Yeah, I love a mic those are my shirts caught oh I think wouldn’t be a that is a bike if this thing did to talk to like that when we find consider does that this bike is considered Great I Love this point. It’s the best bike guy ever fan icon and ask for any more I love this boy. I gave my best boy Uryu all right, so I just know something wrong this bike look at this The whole thing’s broken So yeah, the handlebars are broke off. I need me knows that before boom I Love this boy. It’s the best bike guy ever had I Couldn’t ask for any more I love

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