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Riding Downhill And Overshooting Jumps

Riding Downhill And Overshooting Jumps

Im screaming on the sky, on the trees, on the lawnmower I was 100% sure it´s correct, it was wrong me too, she said it´s wrong There was a text and you had to align sentences so it would make sense And the were something with native people are screaming at trees 30 day in a row and the tree will break down after it Wait that was maths? No it was czech (lmao) It was like those news, a garden tractor fell on a man in stream I´m scared a little bit That was well cool my friend A little overshoot 😀 And riding the same line wasn´t that fun after a while, so we decided to go down to the city and cath a bus that will take us to the trailhead. Enjoy I have dirt in my goggles You´re just bad we did it look So we have arrived to the trailhead, I cleaned my lens and we were ready to ride again It´s pretty dark with those goggles This is so exciting 😀 This was extremely good And after that we pushed one jump that we couldn´t do and unexpectedly we´ve all done it fck yeah! We jumped it a few times and because it´s dark really soon, we decided to go home So the end is here, if you liked the video leave a thumbs up (pls) and if you´re new here and like what I do there´s a subscribe button for you if u want to be extra special and you don´t want to miss any new video there´s also a bell icon :3 ig links for those 2 retards are in the description And I will see you next time. Till then bye

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