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Riding Drops On Hardtails? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

Riding Drops On Hardtails? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

– Okay, so it’s time for Ask. This is the section of the GMBN week where we answer all your
mountain bike related questions. So don’t forget you can
fire your questions in to [email protected] or leave them
in the comments below. – Alright, what we got Blake. Fire away.
– Well I’ve picked out a few and I’ve got one from Thomas Twigg. He says, he wants to start enduro racing. He’s recently bought a Cube Stereo 140. – Good choice. – It’s 150 up front and 140 at the back. Would this be suitable
for MTB to start racing? – 100% – 100% yes, that is a great bike. There’s a lot of travel
especially for all that aggressive downhill racing
and then going by what it looks like I did a
little bit of research, you can do some pedalling as
well up the hill so, yeah. It’s pretty good. – Yeah, and of course
it’s an easy platform to upgrade because it’s the same frame between all the stereo bikes and it’s just better componentry,
wheels, and stuff on them. – So you’ll find the best
way to save your money and upgrade the bike is
as you wear things out then replace them with
the next equivalent up, so when your chain and cassette wear, you can fit an XT one on there maybe or XTL, whatever you want to do. – Do the same with your
tyres, once they’re worn you can improve it with
some heavy duty tyres. – And you’ll find your
abilities will start dictating what you want to put on that bike as well. – Yeah, yeah and if you’ve bought the Race or the SL in that range, that
comes with a two biop front so that could be a good one to change out and probably pretty,
pretty easy one to change you probably could change
a sprocket in front. – Yeah, easy as that. Cool so we got another question
here from Peter Czopek. I think that’s how you
pronounce your name, apologies if not. I’m going to start riding dirt jumps. Can you help me out picking
a cheap dirt jump bike. – Yes, well done, that’s
a good discipline. I’m gonna start with checking out the secondhand market
because if you’re gonna start learning to do it, you’re
gonna definitely start to break things. Especially, when you’re
chucking it around. Plus if he gets into it and you find that that’s not your thing and you’ve spent so much
money on a brand new bike, you, you know, you haven’t spent too much on a secondhand one. So I’d go secondhand market
but there’s a lot out there. – That’s a good chat, yeah, the last time I had a dirt down bike, few years back mind, yeah, I
just bought a frame basically. I bought a frame new
but I got all the bits secondhand for it. – Oh, that’s good.
– Worked out real cheap. – That is a good way of doing it. – And I wasn’t that fussed about the bike you know it was good to go and ride it didn’t have to be too precious with it. – Yeah, exactly. But if you’ve got the
money then I used to ride for a company called Octane One, sister in company to NS Bikes. They do a good budget jump bike, and it’s strong and it does the job. At the moment I’m running
a Scott Voltage Wysed and it’s pretty good. I do like it. – Tidy. – Right, next question
coming in from Abhi Das is, are direct sales such as
Canyon and YT trustworthy? I’m quite spectacle about buying online. I prefer to get a bike from
a professional bike shop. – Well they’re both
professional bike brands if you want to call them such things. Yeah, of course they’re
completely reputable bike brands to buy from the only difference
with buying online is of course you’re not going
to a physical bike shop to get those bikes so you
kind of gotta have a good idea of what you want before you order them. – They of course have valid warranties just like any bike you buy in a bike shop just a very different
way of buying those bikes and hence you do save a bit
of money by going direct but that’s not for everyone. – You know you gotta make
that choice beforehand. – But you can do your homework
and then you can go out and find out demo days and all that so. So if you buy a bike in your
regular bike shop you can, chances are you can
give them your passport or a form of ID and take
a bike for a test loop before you actually commit to buying it – Try it before you buy. – Yeah, and to do that with
direct sale bikes you actually have to get yourself onto a
demo days to do the same thing, which I definitely recommend doing. Trying two or three. Get a ballpark idea of what you want. But yeah, they’re
actually fantastic brands. We ride Canyon. Got lots of friends who ride YT. No problems there. Okay so next up, Ben Askham says, I have a tubeless set up
however it kept deflating so I chucked a tube in it with the sealant still in the tyre. Will the sealant fix the tube as well? Saves the stress of tubeless. (laughs) – Well, first, firstly, no.
– No. – It’s not going to fix
it, you’ve just created a real messy situation for yourself. Cause that inner tube
now is swimming around in the sealant and at some
point it’s all gonna congeal. – You’re gonna have to change all that. – If you don’t want to set up tubeless and you want to run inner tube in it I suggest taking it all out, cleaning it, and put it back in again. One suggestion that Blake said earlier was to put some sealant
inside an inner tube and you can do that if your inner tube has a removable valve core and of course the other option and
probably the best option, just going tubeless full
stop is to do it again. I’m just gonna throw
you actually to setting up your bike tubeless and show
you all the tubeless mistakes that you’re going to encounter. For your rear tyre it’s
actually worth putting a little bit more sealant
than you do in the front just because you’re more
likely to burp that tyre and the extra sealant’s
gonna help seal that. You can obviously pour
the tyre sealant straight into the tyre and most
people will do this, it works fine however I’m
going to show you the method, installing it through the valve itself once a tyre is already
on and popped into place. – Next question coming
in from Letzrockitrite. Is there a way to know if
I have a tapered steerer or a straight tubed without
dissembling his whole front end because he wants to buy a new fork. – And he can’t be bothered to look. – Exactly.
– Got it. Yes there is. You can look at the underside
of the steerage tube. Basically if it’s got a big
hole you can tell it’s a tapered and if it’s got a smaller
hole you can tell it’s not. – Just fat, Donnie. – That’s alright.
– Pretty cold out there for you to go out. – It was cold, you should have
gone you’re wearing a hat. – Yeah, hadn’t thought that. – Anyway, next question, whatdya say? From The Sjialvi, what
should my stem length with a 720 stroke 740
mil wide riser bar be? I’m currently running 680
mil bars with an 80 mil stem and I want to change them. – Well you don’t have to
really change it do you? – No, I would say the wider bars you go the shorter stem you go because the effect of widening your bar means you’re gonna be leaning
forwards more on the bike so you want to counter that
by coming back again slightly. Work it, work ins or 20
millimetre lengths really, but if you wanna know
about bike set up like that check this video right
here where I tell you all about the bar sets of RNMI. Up front, I’ve got the high rise option and a full 800 mil width bar. Not everyone needs a bar
this wide but I’m quite tall and it just suits the bike really well, having the bigger wheels. I like the high rise option
because I just I like the way the bike feels like this. I get my position further backwards. – Right we’ve got one from Zedd
JO says, loves the channel. Thank you very much buddy.
– Oh thank you very much, yeah – He says, he’s got a new bike and it’s all about his suspension. Says, are you meant to use all
of your suspension up front and back because he doesn’t
seem to be using all of his. – Well yes you should because
otherwise you’re not using the full travel that’s available to you but you shouldn’t be using it all the time so you’ve got to get it set up right so you want about 25% to
30% of that available travel and a sag and that will
mean that hopefully on most of your rides you’ll be using nearly all of your travel. Saves that little bit extra
for his real big jumps or those accidental moments
where you hit stuff a bit hard. So yeah you do want to be using it because you’ve paid for that travel so – Exactly. – You want to be using it mate. – Gotta use the whole thing. – My go now. – Your question, yep. – This says, SE Evidente,
I’ve recently got some new disc brake rotors size 180 front and rear. I was told I made the wrong
choice by the mechanics at the bike shop because both
front and rear disc brakes are of similar size. They suggested I go for 160 at
the rear, and keep the front. Why should my rear rotor be smaller? – Well because you’re not
necessarily using your rear rotor as much as your front
cause all your weight’s if you’re braking really
hard and you got a big, you know all of your weight
is gonna shift forward so it’s gonna put a lot of
stress on a smaller rotor that you would have and it
could heat up really fast. – Yeah, well that’s exactly
right, you know, you, when you’re breaking hard on a bike the front end is the one that’s weighted that’s why you skid so easily because the weight is off the wheel so you simply don’t need
as much braking power to have the same effect on that. Sometimes you might want
to have 180s front and rear if you’re riding a lot of downhill riding because you do tend to run
the back break quite a lot I think when you’re at
bike parks and stuff. But them telling you you’re wrong, well technically they’re
wrong because it’s up to you what you want to ride and
it’s got to suit your riding but a lot of bikes do tend
to have a smaller disc at the rear and the bigger
at the front and that’s why. – Next question coming from H, just H. – Yeah, H. – The letter H. Says I’m a high school
student, amateur XC rider. I’m currently riding a
2015 Trek Superfly 8, 9.8 size XL, your favourite size. – Tall guy, yeah. – Must be tall like you. He’s considering a dropper post. Well, 100% go for a dropper post on that. – Don’t considerate it, get one. – Yeah, exactly, a lot
of these big XC racers in the World Cup, they
all, they coming down to like dropper posts,
especially for those descents. Not necessarily dropping like 160 but they only dropping like 110. Just enough to keep that
saddle out of the way. – I would go as far as saying
the taller rider you are the more impact on your
riding a dropper post has so you think the shorter
rider, their centre of gravity is nearer to the ground so
you’re gonna be more stable. You, like me, I’m really
high and quite far away from the bike so the more I
can lower my centre of gravity the more stable I am. It will definitely
improve your descending, it will make you feel more
in control, more comfortable. – I couldn’t recommend them enough. Obviously there is a weight penalty. – Yeah, he does say about
weight, adding weight or should he train without it. – I think the riding attributes you’ll get from a dropper far outweigh
the weight penalty. So try it, you can always sell it, because everyone wants dropper
posts, you’ll sell it easily. – There you go.
– That’d be my recommendation. And yeah if you want some
advice on how to choose the right dropper post,
check this video out. – My preference would be for
the biggest drop possible that fits on that bike, however, some cross country riders
will go for the smaller drops like the 100 mil just cause
they don’t want to feel like that seat completely disappears. They keep it up near that
good patterning position most of the time but can
get it just out of the way when they need to. And they are slightly
lighter, however, like I say, I’d rather go for the bigger drop post so my seat gets right out of the way. – Right, Quickfire round Doddie. I’m gonna be reading them to you so you, – Quickly.
– Quick, I’m gonna try to be quick you know, I’m
not real flustery yeah. – (laughs) Alright let’s go. – Alright, you ready, starting with Evan MTB, can you see more, can we see more videos of Martyn riding? – Yes, we’re taking him out soon we’ve just got finished fixing his bike. – There you go. Clappy, are the spokes in
carbon wheels also carbon? – Not as far as I know. – Okay we got Darxide Pryor. Pryor? – Settle, you can read it, that’ll do, yeah, that’s fine. (laughs) – (laughs) We’ve got one
from this mate your boy says, can I use 120 travel rear
shock on a 100 travel frame. – If you had 120 mil to travel shock you’d have a lot of wheel travel. I think you mean the shock
from 120 mil travel bike, probably not because
the length of the shock would be different. – No. – So, no. – Jack Strutt DH. Why are Hope Green pros only? PS I am a regular to the channel. – They’re green to identify
who’s a pro riders running them, I guess, and to make you want them more. I certainly want some. – Spectre Fade, could you
do a video on a camera men, camera man riding the
bike so we can also see whether they can shred or not? – I reckon that’s a pretty good idea, what do you reckon Tom? – Tom behind the camera
is an absolute shredder. – Yeah, there’s a few
shredders in the office. Maybe we will.
– (laughs) Aris Amellal. This is brilliant. (hosts laugh) – I hate reading names man. – You’re the one who
wanted to read Quickfire. – I hate reading names. Aris Amellal, is it
okay to use two fingers on a mechanical brake lever
unlike a hydraulic one? – Yes, use as many as you need to although I’d recommend two or less. So, one finger is the ideal because it gives you a
nice strong hand position on the bars. – Okay, there you go. Elon, so last week I
chatted with the Don himself and asking him about his height. I’m actually, he says I’m
actually five foot ten. – Is he? – He’s lying. You didn’t speak to him did he? – No.
– That’s just a fake account. – He’s short. – He has a fake account, he’s lying. Right, we got one from Joram Vahl. Can Doddy do whips, tables and table tops? – I could used to do really good tables, that used to be my thing. – He can still do them.
– Haven’t done one for years. – You can still do them. And he can whip. – Ish, yeah. – That was Quickfire round, done. That was quick. – Oh so now it’s time for
Correct Me If I’m Wrong and it looks like we’ve got
some viewer corrections. – (laughs) Yes, we have a few. – Okay so Erik Joosten says, cold hands. Your body shuts down the
blood flow to your hands when you’re not up to
temperature for riding yet. Once you’ve done your
warm-up slam your arms around your body as if you hug yourself, like this basically to
stimulate the blood flow. Keep repeating that with force and you’ll feel the
blood starts flowing back into your hands. Once you’ve done that, they
shouldn’t get cold anymore. – Shouldn’t get cold anymore? – Yeah, that’s great, I’m gonna try that – I’m gonna definitely try that. – It’s pretty cold here at the moment. Doreen Green says, you’re always saying about supporting your local bike shop then we ride around with Canyons etc. It’s a bit hypocritical. Well alright, so I see
where you’re coming from but you got to bear in
mind that most bike shops nowadays thrive on
labour from your service more than selling the actual bikes and we always use our local bike shops for doing that stuff. So yeah, I understand you’re point of view but you also gotta kind of
get with the times a bit because not everyone buys bikes
in their local bike shops. We choose to support our local bike shops. Blake’s is on the Isle of
Wight, mine is in Bath. In fact I’ve got another
one in Brathering Avon and we do go to those regularly
and spend our money there. – Make T’s and do everything. – ProBro18, is that a GCM bowl? Unbelievable, I hope not. – Where?
– Where? Okay so now it’s time for the actual Correct Me If I’m Wrong. And, dear GMBN, I am Nico from Belgium and I’m trying to roost some berms but I can’t quite get it better? Here we go.
– Alright, let’s take a look at it. – Oh dude that’s like perfect technique. It looks like you’re doing it a little bit early in the turn. Where you’re pushing in hard and your back end is skipping out nicely. I think you’ve got that great but maybe do it a tiny bit later. See, it looks like the
turn is a bit looser just above where your wheels have been. – Just above it, yeah. That’s good technique. I would, well it is a bit wet, so you’re not gonna
get the ultimate roost. You’re not gonna let that tyre break away from that dirt because it’s too muddy and your wheel’s kind of sticking into it. So on a dry day you’re definitely
gonna get a bigger roost and the way you’ve got it going on there, definitely gonna have a
recipe for a bigger roost but you see all those leaves, to make it extra exciting chuck
all those leaves in there. – Good for the show. – Break it all up, move
your camera to the, right at the exit of that turn to give it a bit more of a close. – See that’s got some
– Closer view – Roost flying up.
– He has got roost but it’s real sticky isn’t it? – Wouldn’t take a lot
to get that really cool. – No. – Don’t forget to keep
sending your questions in, send them to [email protected] Of course you can just comment in the comments below basically. If you want to see a video
on all the types of greases to use and lubes and where
to use them on your bike, click over here. – Yeah, and if you want
to see an epic grind where Doddie and I take on
Alicante click just over here. – As always don’t forget to click the globe in the middle to subscribe. New content coming at you all the time.

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