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Benefits of cycling
Riding my bike at 5am!

Riding my bike at 5am!

(JAZZ HIP HOP PLAYING) What’s up, Youtube Riders? And today…this is Justin Smith here. Your Professional, The Smith Rider here. And today… We’re about to be doing at night time… BIKE RIDING at NIGHT time! So I just made up…make…uh…video of riding our bikes at night time. Which is completely dark, Which in the turn… Well, it…it didn’t work out properly. So… Let’s get to it! JUSTIN: Let’s go!!! (Music Continues) (Music Restarts) (Bike Pedaling Faster) (Continued Pedaling) (Bike Slowing Down) (Bike Going Fast) (Car Drove By) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (PANTING) (Bike Speeding Up) (Brakes Squeaking) JUSTIN: Ohh! JUSTIN: Man. Oh, Man. What a beautiful night it is! OK, Youtube Riders! That’s THE END of the night! So, leave a comment down below And then…uh… You can also… go on my Youtube Channel, and look for Justin Smith right here, and it says Justin Smith The Smith Riders, and I hope you link into the description. It’s also a great night and you have to call it for the night. And…STAY RIDING for that. So, hope the video was helpful. Consider subscribing So, uh… That’s it for the night! (Music Continues)

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