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RIDING MY OLD 26″ WILSON AT WHISTLER! | Jordan Boostmaster

RIDING MY OLD 26″ WILSON AT WHISTLER! | Jordan Boostmaster

oh yeah all right boost bros today we’re taking
the Wilson out to Whistler it’s one of the last days that it’s open you guys haven’t forgot about the 26 inch Wilson have you? the last time we
took it out was in May when we went to mount Prevost and I scratched the
stanchion pretty badly now ever since I got my two new evolve bikes the Wilson
has been chilling out not really getting much exercise but I really wanted to
take it out to Whistler one last time before the season ends. Now just so that
everyone is aware my deal with evolve is that most of my videos will feature
their bikes and occasionally I can try out something else for fun so that’s
what we’re doing in this video when I was test riding the Wilson to see how it
was really doing I was actually kind of surprised that it was not really in the
best shape the rotor bolts were loose had to tighten those up one of my pedals
was Wiggly so that was sketchy the brakes overall didn’t even feel all that
great and of course my stanchions looking a bit of oil because that
scratch ruined one of the seals now to fix this stanchion scratch I used 400
grit and 2,000 grit sandpaper I started with 400 grit and after I was satisfied
I polished it with some wet 2000 grit sandpaper and then I put a coat of clear
nail polish on top it hardened i sanded it up again and now it is smooth and
ready to go after that I finally got the fork rebuilt so now we have fresh new
seals and everything feels great this is the last trip to Whistler that I did
this year and I took up my Evolve alpha and my Wilson and I should just mention
that my Skypilot was away in the shop so I couldn’t even ride it anyway. I did
a few runs of warm up already but let’s go shred some trails! Let’s do some Ninja Cougar oh yeah so some of this is like kind of thawing out here it was even more frozen early in the morning. I don’t know about you guys but I actually quite like riding on frozen dirt for one
because it’s not muddy of course but also it actually rides kind of the same as
when it’s dry out the thing is though early in the morning
it was so cold I didn’t even want to go biking now search should be nice
temperature I didn’t take my sweater off it’s hot uh-huh that was a stupidest thing ever
my pants there sucks well I got a crack on my helmet there I
know I’ve been needing new helmet for quite a while now anyway and yeah I
guess I might have to get a new helmet today after all actually I’ve what
happened to my gimbal in my hero 6 smashed the screen into the the gimbal
their gimbal bent oh my goodness that is a busted gimbal the GoPro is actually
still on and I messed up that screen there that sucks so much hope my
Wilson’s all right don’t left coal marks I could’ve been for my GoPro or
something or maybe the bike oh I’m the bars are crooked shoot I guess I just
hammered right into the other stem it looks like alright fix up a fork good
enough at least for now I’ll gonna go back to my car and check
on it again hurt my hand there that kind of stuff pisses me off so much I just
can’t believe it so that was it for the gimbal footage but at least my hero 7 is
perfectly intact and so I can get chin cam footage with that
my Wilson feels so good though to like gonna have to go in crash no warm-up sure thing my friend Wesley
finally came out at this point as well I checked over my bike again and
everything seemed fine now so we’re just gonna have some fun and
see what we can get up to in these next two days long as one whole day that
crash also hurt my chest of it because of hitting that tree and I’m not sure if
wearing the chest gimbal made it worse or if it protected me from more harm but
when I would take deep breaths that day there would be a bit of pain I actually
went to the hospital after riding today for x-rays just to make sure everything
was fine and it turns out I was all good I just had a bit of pain in my chest for
about the next week or so it’s really kind of quiet honestly don’t
you think oh yeah sick bro everything’s falling
out look at all this those frozen solid in the morning frozen this is the best
kind all this for frost so weak alright alright already one butter all right oh yeah bleep frozen dirt merchant was running
pretty much the same as it does when it’s nice and dry out the problem comes
later on where the sun is shining on it oh this is so nice it’s all frozen cute you’re getting a little bit better at
that okay that was awesome shoot yeah it’s thawing out and then it
kind of ruins the flow it was good up until up until the last bit yeah this
stuff is just hard to clear cuz like what follow mean just see what’s wrong
like sure yeah yeah Wesley got a new bike recently and for whatever reason he
was just having a harder time clearing the jumps oh yeah good pedal under this do you undergo in Telugu Vista all right I always find this a really
fun line is doing dirt merchants one of my favorite drum trails into double Q
Vista a really fun green trail and usually finishing off with a line or can
open or something it’s a pretty drastic change in trail type but it’s so much
fun this tire is leaking I cannot run that
yeah it is it is leaking of it shoot Oh freaking tubeless huh all that
so many people like swear by and like I I have not been convinced that to
Bliss’s is better objectively like it’s just is different because like I just
feel like you’re so much more susceptible to just destroying your rear
wheel Canadian Open is one of the better ways
to finish our runs out here in fact I’m actually going to try out the beginning
of it later on in this video and it’s been a long time since I’ve rode the
whole beginning part of that trail whoa whoa all right sentence there boy I
feel so dizzy Wesley needed to check on his tire
pressures and after that we are gonna now try out some more tech trails I
really want to see how this bike handles it now that I’ve changed the geo into
the low position riding my slack evolve sky pilot has really warmed me up to
that slacker geometry while before I was a bit more hesitant to try it out
this bike only goes to a 64 degree head angle in its blackest position so it’s
actually not even that slack but you know this is a product from the past
from 2013 with the 26 inch wheels and it’s cool just to ride bikes from a
different time period you know that’s the lamest thing I didn’t even notice okay all right some steep stuff oh that’s not even not that that’s
actually super sick some of those corners are not the best
yeah I am I change the geometry to the oh boy Wow to the low setting on my
Wilson here so it’s better for downhill Oh sick yeah like I thought it was gonna
be scarier so draw rides close let’s go through the way yeah let’s do
it I probably did it like once this year do you want to lead for it good yeah oh yeah yeah baby okay this one butter yeahthere’s I was sick
yeah hello okay some of these times like I feel
like I should take some whoo yeah that was a really fun run okay
I think the Erica got my fire works Wow yeah I don’t know if I took the right
line let’s guess I should have been more like riders left right every time I hit
though it’s like wow it’s kind of sketchy but my titers really low either
I pump it up there I just feel harder darkness great my break Arkana going on out there we got bears we got bears I kind of want
to pet it I don’t think that’s a good idea
nearing the end of the day the dirt has been thawing out and there was still
quite a mixture of muddy dirt dry dirt and frozen dirt so it made for a pretty
unique riding experience so overnight it did freeze again and the next morning of
course it starts to fight again now on day two things were getting a bit warmer
and it actually made the conditions pretty nice considering it was the end
of the season but honestly I was actually hoping it would have been
colder to keep the frozen dirt around longer and one reason why frozen dirt
can be so grippy is because when it’s muddier and thawed out as it was at the
end of the day yesterday then you make all these imprints into the dirt with
your tires then that freezes overnight and then the dirt becomes frozen with
all this nice texture to it it’s actually a pretty cool thing to ride and
our friend Alex came up for day two so we got some laps in with him and what
we’re doing in this run is we’re making our way down to Canadian open and we’re
gonna ride that first bit that I almost never ride oh wow I know why they’re
quick look rake it up is closed now crank it up oh okay like oh I see oh I’m at oh this is open going to send
it oh boy maybe I’ve actually like almost never
ride it scene might be fun to do it we should yeah I have been riding the
Whistler Bike Park since 2005 and I bet I could count on one hand the amount of
times I’ve ridden Canadian Open which is a real shame because it’s actually a lot
of fun as I’m discovering right now now I’ve never had a downhill bike until
last year anyway so there was reasons why I never wrote it because I just
found it was too gnarly with my little bikes but as I’m discovering now I’m
really enjoying this especially with the downhill bike it’s a lot of fun but that’s okay pretty sweet I think
this is where we join Joyride I have no idea what’s the best line is oh man I do
not know their lines what that is fine this chunky having so much fun riding
this tech on my Wilson really makes me want to ride it again on my sky pilot
since that bike is such a boss at those gnarly techie downhill trails well that
was good sounds really it’d be fun to ride that tractor bunch yeah I’d be fun
to get fast at it like I’m not that fast at it but I still thought it was pretty
fun oh yeah once you nailed down the best line so this is the last day that I rode the
Whistler Bike Park this year and basically the last Whistler video until
next year unless I do maybe some kind of compilation video or some other video
with some old footage because there’s still some unreleased footage that I may
or may not end up uploading so we’ll see if anything it would at least be
released to my patrons that was good they already shot the hoses to prevent
freezing so we have to return with really dirty bikes well I thought it was
pretty cool giving the Wilson a bit of exercise again but otherwise I’m gonna
be hopping back on the to evolve bikes the sky pilot and the Alpha throughout
the whole winter and we’re gonna have a lot of fun so stay tuned for some
awesome content coming up and I have to give a big thank you to all my patrons
they are such a big help in me being a full time independent YouTube creator it
is so much fun having community of people that I can share more
behind-the-scenes information and details with and extended cuts and bonus
footage and things like that I also want to encourage you guys to check out my
stickers on my website and consider supporting me on patreon see you later

100 comments on “RIDING MY OLD 26″ WILSON AT WHISTLER! | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. You are definitely the only youtuber who can still send it that hard after a crash that big ! And the only YouTuber that really have these kinda gnarly crash really often. This is one of the reasons why you are the best mtb youtuber

  2. Dude, you are lucky you didn't crack a rib. When I saw that crash and heard how you were breathing I thought you cracked a rib

  3. What’s funny is that I crashed at that exact same place. I thought the ruts were fixed so I came in with way too much speed and ended in locking the front and low siding it

  4. Love your vids man. That crash was fukin gnar! Glad it wasn't as bad as it looked holy shit.. The fucking sounds u wur making had us spooked way to keep it going too!!! Sender

  5. Last time I knocked the wind out of myself was on a fourwheeler. Ended up with 8 screws and a plate in my right clavicle. But it felt like I couldn't breathe for an eternity. Glad you didn't get hurt.

  6. Yeah
    I have a devinci like that, a wilson for me is my first downhill bike i am not used to my bike yet i still dont do manual ok i up de front wheel but no manual, i feel the bike so smooth i have the hope to no destruyed it…

  7. Would a 26" 2012 Trek Remedy (150/150) be too little bike to ride the single black tech and jump trails at Whistler? It's handled Seymour shuttles just fine but seems like Whistler bike park abuses bikes like no other.

  8. Jordan, I have a series suggestion. And I think it’ll be a big hit for your channel.

    Can you make a video per difficulty? “Whistler at all levels.” A video showing all the green. All blue, black, double black, and pro.

  9. A like yuor video guy of the bike DaVinci Guillson te care in tos goo so faster in yu bike guy is very Heavy yuor caids in yu bike 🗣️yyyaaa nice Wihler bikepark in usa good motivation for the rider's bike's in my paid Chile guy. Saluds especialment yu Jordan 🤘😀🤘 Boostmasters 🗣️yyyeeeaa sig 💪 https://www.patró… ♥️🚵💯💯

  10. Frozen to mud, sounds like my last ride, started off with frozen dirt and nicely packed and ridable snow, within an hour it turned into slush and mud haha.

  11. lol those old bikes are sometimes pretty fun. I can understand tubless a bit. But to replace dh tube and such you'd need to run some form of cushcore pinchflat or something.

  12. Dude I've loved your vids and your style but I'm unsubscribing now everything is a broken record with your channel it's the same it's at Whistler you have got to change it up or you will lose a lot more than just me peace bro!!

  13. good god that crash. every crash i've had like that came rushing back to me. those moments when you've gotten the wind and shit just knocked outta ya. glad you're ok.

  14. I just found a bunch of pictures of my rides on a cheap rim brake 26er hardtail. I can't believe where I took that bike. 100's of kms through the craziest "xc" trails in Ontario that weren't even made for bikes. No spare tubes or tools, I just went for it.

  15. I really prefer the chin mounted GoPro 7 footage over the gimbal, the POV just seems more natural. Might be because we get a better perspective of where youre looking or something.

  16. next time you get winded get your arms up, put them above your head it’ll help, that shits awful i hate to see you get smacked like that

  17. That crash hurt to watch buddy.
    So glad to you are ok and to see how resilient we can be:)
    I hate those wind knocked out and head smashed "wtf just happened" crashes.
    I'm just recovered 3 fractures in my face from a similar crash without my full face on.

  18. Gimbal made it sound like you landed on another planet. Seriously glad you are okay though. Huge bummer about everything that was destroyed.

  19. Shit I have missed the Wilson good to see it back and that was a hard crash but it’s still good to see that you are okay

  20. Duuude i feel you soooooo much, today i crashed too in a muddy trail with xc bike , i was under no control like you .I was so sad , but you have to keep going

  21. That was a hard hit, and could have been a lot worse (fatal) had there been limbs sticking out or something along those lines. I'm really, really glad you're OK! If you don't wear chest protection, it's a no-brainer for park riding. I ride (dirtbike & mtb park) with something called a Tek-Vest – layered construction of HPDE plastic and foam. (The motocross stuff tends to be more for gravel roost protection than any serious impacts / punctures.) Made in Canada for snowmachine riding, but there are better venting versions made for dirtbikes and the sort. It gives great vital organ & back protection, and doesn't feel like it gets in the way of my riding. Stay safe out there! Good riding.

  22. I found that your bars are the Raceface Atlas from your 26” tire review in the Wilson. Is the color Kash Money, Gold or Kash Money Gold and does the 2020 version have the same color in person?

  23. I'm glad your ok Jordan. When I saw the crash and heard you in pain. It saddened me greatly. Wish you the best, and Happy New Year from Niagara Brother….:D

  24. yes! well if you present a video starring a 26er, you will attract lots of happy people and thank you for it. Bcoz a 26er is d best.

  25. Jordan i've watched a lot of your video this one made me cry 😭 that wreck was so scary i'm glad you're ok bro. I was holding my breath I said no omg jordan are you ok and praying for you to have safe rides.

  26. Nothing sucks worse than getting your bell rang. I usually call it a day after something like that. You're a better man than me! hahaha

  27. Solid slam man, glad you came out of that relatively ok.
    I had a similar crash with the go pro brand chesty and it broke my ribs. Its just a soft pad with zero support.
    I should have been using the Stuntman chest mount like you are. I am pretty much positive that the solid plastic breast plate saves your ribs.
    Cant wait for whistler!!!!

  28. Jordan, i know you probably won't see this, but i love your videos so much and you are so good at riding, i was just wondering if you could giveaway the bikes that you no longer use. I love the videos and keep up the good work

  29. I know what happend wrong with that massive crash,26'' is too fast for you LOL.Hope you where ok that crash looks nasty.

    Awesome vid love your content as always,happy 2020.

  30. anyone else counting fist bumps?
    also i love the wilson, i wanted that bike ever since you introduced it to me. i currently ride a mondraker summum due to finace but still dream about owning a bike like your devinci wilson. its a beautiful bike

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