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Riding Street on a Full Suspension MTB

Riding Street on a Full Suspension MTB

Full suspension street riding Riding street is the term used to describe
any kind of off-trail riding. For example: practicing wheelies at your local
park, or launching off a little bump somewhere. When I intend on riding street, I leave my
house with a hardtail. Hardtails are great for hopping, and navigating
technical obstacles, so they’re better than full suspension bikes when it comes to street
riding, or are they? I guess it all depends on what you plan on
doing. I have an errand to run across town, so I’m
going to bring out my monster 6 inch all mountain bike and get into some trouble. First of all, getting around town is easier
on a road bike, period. Pedaling anything with suspension is more
work, as if the knobby tires weren’t bad enough. Still, mountain bikers are used to pedaling
their bikes, and most could ride a full suspension around town all day. To me it didn’t feel like a big deal, even
when holding a decent pace. While you could just lock out the suspension,
this is only good for long stretches of road. The whole point of taking your mountain bike
street riding, is to jump stuff. When it comes to sudden movements, the the
full suspension is tough to handle. I started off my ride treating it like a hardtail,
and although I made it work, I felt hindered. Bunnyhopping in particular is pretty tough. On a positive note, it seems like full suspension
bikes are more forgiving when you land nose heavy. I know that sounds weird considering your
suspension fork would have more to do with that, but it feels smoother when your back
end comes crashing down. Hopping up this thing and bumping the handle
at the end was kind of tough to pull off since it required two quick moves in succession. For anything BMX or trials influenced, the
squishiness is a negative. It’s hard to be accurate when everything
is delayed by a fraction of a second. But we’re talking about highly precise movements. What happens if we go big? Now we’re talking. It seems like the key to riding street on
a full suspension bike is going big. Big drops, big gaps, big jumps. My bike feels like a 747 in the air, and when
landing. This revelation got me into trouble a couple
of times. This bumpy muddy trench might be out of the
question on a BMX, and even on a hardtail it would suck up your speed. Not today. I had more than enough speed for this wallride
even with a 7 pound hydration pack. All that travel was fueling my confidence,
and that’s when the old me started to rear his ugly head. This looks rideable, right? I decided not to try that again. On a hardtail I may have gotten more speed. I may have hopped higher and cleared the gap. Or, it could have ended a lot worse. Surprisingly I didn’t get hurt at all, which
speaks to how forgiving full suspension bikes are. After that canal gap, I took it pretty easy
for the rest of the day. Today was the first time I really went out
and challenged myself in the street on a full suspension bike. Although I still maintain that it’s not
as good as a hardtail for most things, it’s definitely better for going big. To land in the street is to land hard, and
although people land way harder on rigid BMX bikes, it seems like the gaps and drops I
could do on this thing are limitless. People have mixed feelings about street riding
in general. Is there really any way to do it respectfully? That’s a conversation for another day. For now, I think we’ve only reinforced what
hardtails and full suspension bikes are best for, so we’ll leave it at that. Do any of you guys ride street on mountain
bikes? What style do you prefer? Thanks for riding with me today and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. My group of buddies ride dh bikes on street, its a LOT of work getting a to b,,, but we find crazy huge jumps and drops to make it fun

  2. I ride street on a rigid mountain bike despite having a hardtail. I just got one and simply could not deal with how squishy supsnsion is. Also, I have never even seen a mountain bike trail much to my dissaopointment.

  3. I ride street on a mountain bike, it’s a lot of fun, especially getting speed to jump curbs and almost getting hit by cars 😂

  4. Aí rid a arde tail Al daí on the city. Bicos also is better and aí get a top spid of 35kmh also dhet are also of oles and rode patches so it's better to have arde tail or full sospension

  5. I ride street on my full suspension 2011
    Santa Cruz superlight 26’, but I just lock the rear out when I’m riding street

  6. I feel like Street riding is kind of like skateboarding you can do it respectfully as long as you’re not breaking Any laws and not hurting others

  7. I am thinking of a mountain bike as my next bike. Does the rear suspension soak up alot of the energy it takes to move forward as apposed to a hard tail. I would like to jump curbs without hurting myself while enjoying longer rides.

  8. While I’ve watched a lot of your vids, I just found this one. I ride a lot of street (although can only do maybe half of what you can do) but mostly ride it in the winter here in the DC area. Being a lawyer, once daylight savings is over I’m down to 2 days a week (weekends) at most to ride bc I lose my afterwork trail time. I’m not into night trail rides- I just can’t take that kind of risk. But I can ride around my hood in DC and hit whatever I can find. It also makes me feel like a kid again- when you’d just go out with your bmx and look at everything with an eye of- can I ride that? So nighttime street riding helps me keep my skills sharp during the dark days of winter and have some fun while doing it. I used to do it on my hardtail, now I do it on my 2017 or 2019 Bronson. And yes, they are more forgiving and let you go bigger.

  9. I ride Both From Offroading jumps to street staircases with my Hardtail but i have to upgrade my bike bcuz the parts are old

  10. I ride street on my hard tail and it a lot of fun. I just learned how to endo and getting your back wheel up is much easier on a hard tail

  11. I ride my FS Marin Hawk Hill probably 70% of the time on streets coz most of my friends don't do trail biking. Would like to have HT though for this purpose. However, I notice that my legs are stronger when in trails due to getting used on pedaling FS bike on pavement. It's like a leg training day I guess.

  12. I ride street on my mongoose dolomite whenever I get the chance, it’s broken right now, I need a right crank arm and a new pedal, I sometimes switch it up with my bmx bike but that bike also need a new rear rim and two new tires, I have my work cut out for me but I could get it done

  13. this is a god send.. Pretty good video/share, dude 😉
    just bumped into this video, and i feel you are one of my ppl. i don’t ride a trail/full-mountain, but i ride a XC bike _Cannondale Rush (2006) model, ever since i bought it, 13 years ago. it’s got the 110mm lefty, and Fox RP3. i’ve been trying to achieve my IDEAL design, in order to having that ultimate ‘speedy Urban-commuter + fun bike’.
    i’m not as hardcore as you are..but.. i can see myself evolving to your skills, with the right bike, and attitude.

    i feel that, what one gains from comfort and confidence with the rear suspension add-on….is greater that the stiffness and lightness you lose, compared with a HT frame.
    Have you ever tried doing this fun stuff with a belt drive bike, and an internal gear hub ?
    i’m custom building my bike, and some feedback on that would be brilliant 😉
    cheers from Portugal

  14. I went all out for an entry level full squish, and sometimes I end up riding it places around town. Dropping on and off the sidewalk, wheeling off them onto crosswalks, and jumping the curve on the edges of driveways. All must be done sparingly as not to get yelled at, but I try to look more professional than a thug.

  15. its funny because lots of people with nice bikes buy hardtails like there a joke but you actually ride hardtails

  16. I commute in Queens, NY to work through streets and various park trails — 14 miles one way with a heavy backpack on my full suspension Giant Anthem 27.5… 2-3 times a week. when I am not ridding in a local park/trail. and one day on a weekend I do a long 3-5 hours urban ride between Queens and Log Island. just to keep the endurance up. I raced and rode road for about 15 yeas, until recently, i switched to mountain biking. LOVE IT! and there is nothing wrong ridding through Manhattan on a full suspension, and making all the roadies and track riders looking at me, as if I came form a different planet… and also be able to keep up with some of them… Fantastic video Seth!!!

  17. Hi Seth, how are you? Fine I hope!

    I have a question that I want to ask you. I recently bought an full suspension mountain bike, after riding only in hardtails for almost 14 years, and today I was testing it to see if the suspension was set properly and all the other things, and I for locked the suspension to make a climb and I forgot to unlock it, after this I went down a set of stairs, I think like 9 steps, I went slowly and didn't noticed, I only realized that the suspension was locked after that. Since the bike is new, it only happened this time. I would like to know what happens when this happens, did I damage the fork and the shock already?

    Thank you,


  18. I commute between 5.5-8 miles each way, depending on the route on a '16 Stumpjumper. I can kill it in 27 minutes with a 475 foot climb. But… why? Because between home and office is 80 miles of prime trail. So, I have the option of adding a quick 1900' climb and descent to or from the office, with a choice of any trail type. Having a shower at the office and a pool of riding buddies is a plus.

  19. A kid a knew (15 years old) died while mountain biking he got hit by a car. It was his fault he didn’t have a helmet on and he was texting while crossing the road. R.I.P Daniel

  20. I ride a 24 inch hard tail and then I I rode my uncle's 26 in full suspension and I liked the comfort but I still prefer my hard tail

  21. I have a 2019 navra hard trall mtb i paid 650 for it btw you should come to purgatory bike park in drango clorado

  22. I literally saw a HeiHei on Seattle streets the other day when I was on my road bike. It looked a little out of place as I sometimes see legit hardtail around town, but… I mean I hope dude wasn't commuting on a $5K full suspension bike

  23. i ride a $200 hardtail everywhere which mainly includes jumps and stuff with my friends. i went on a 6 hour ride today

  24. … But. I mean. If a bike has full lockout… Just lock out the rear and have your cake and eat it too?

  25. I ride street over day I jump carbs in do so much more I ran from the highways and ride down hills withe huge gaps in great landings both of my feet come off the pedal is most of the time but I'm still very comfortable on my bike and I'm loving it every every day

  26. I live in ontario canada, the city im in is fairly busy with tight areas so i ride an xs frame size giant reign with the seat dropped all the way down, its like a full suspention bmx bike. I go everywhere with it

  27. I do bike delivery downtown and just got a MTB. Now I use it for work most often because of the comfortable position, the tires that soak up potholes, and being able to hop curbs better. It's just a little slower

  28. I ride street on my Univega Ram 9 FR with a big fork and it feels very good. But i think its better when i do it on my hardtail .

  29. I ride street on my Univega Ram 9 FR with a big fork and it feels very good. But i think its better when i do it on my hardtail .

  30. I ride street on a full Suspension mtb. I bomb this one hill that has an angles manhole and launch about 10 feet, I cant bunny hop going 20mhp that well and maintain good control otherwise it would be better. Also of course it would happen to be in front of my ex girlfriends house so she thinks i am showing off instead of having fun.

  31. Hi Seth, I have been wondering, what is your bike in the model and year? It looks really nice and was thinking about getting a hard tail bike

  32. I tried riding street with my mountain bike and I cant enjoy it since I'm used to riding at around 20-25 mph down a main road on my road bike

  33. I woupdnt say i preffer mtb stunt but i basicly ride a mtb everywhere, most time in city, but i dont keep on doing whrrlir stunts so yea i wouldnt call that mtb stunt but a mtb freeride everywhere xD what style are you?

  34. When I'm with my friends riding street I'm usually using their old NEXT full suspension bike while they ride one of my BMX the reason why I like to ride street on a full suspension bike is because full suspension bikes absorb harsh bumps like deep pot holes while the BMX would be consumed by the pot hole

  35. I ride street a lot on my trail hardtail, and I find that as long as your bike is solid with no rattling parts, It feels really good. what do you think?

  36. Also, keep making more street riding videos… feel free to pop by my channel, where I have also ridding some street on my mountain hardtail…

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