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Riding The Shimano E-Mountain Bike Experience | EMBN Rides

Riding The Shimano E-Mountain Bike Experience | EMBN Rides

– Right up there in the North of Italy where country borders Austria, we’re in an area known as the South Tyrol. And over the next four days
we’re going to be riding through this breathtaking landscape in the Shimano E-Mountain Bike Experience. For a big part of this
trip we’ll be riding in an area known as the Pale Mountains, more famously known as the Dolomites because of the type of rock found there. They’re high, they’re wild, and they’re stunningly beautiful. Probably every mountain
biker’s ultimate place to go and ride their bike. For the next four days we’re going to be taking in the scenery, the
history, and the trails in this incredible area. (upbeat music) But it’s much much more than that because each and every day every rider gets to test an e-bike of their choice. And with nine different
brands to choose from, it’s a crazy mix. It’s almost like being in
a professional paddock. Add to that suspension
travel, different sizes, different color ways, and
of course different motors, because you don’t necessarily
have to ride a Shimano motor. It’s four days overflowing with diversity. It’s amazing. (upbeat music) From the original group of 110 riders we’ve each broken into separate groups to work out each rider’s
ability on the trails. So you’ve got easy, medium, and ambitious. So the purpose of this is to make sure each rider gets the best
possible time in the mountains. And the trails go from fire roads to actually red and black
quite technical trails which are steep and also really rocky. Where did you go first? Over these things? You have to hop these, yeah? I am slightly nervous. I have to do this test,
this technical test, in front of 50 people. As I’ve known in the past, it could all go hideously awry. And then across over here. Can’t believe the camera
man put me on the spot to do that challenge. But as we’ve seen in the past, even pro riders, under the spotlight, get a little bit nervous. But there’s nothing to be worried about because you can do it as
many times as you want to. (upbeat music) Early morning start, day one. We’ve chosen our two bikes for the day and today we’re gonna have
two Shimano motorbikes. On my right is the Focus Jam Square. On my left is the Sam Squared. Looking at 29 and 27.5. – [Announcer] (foreign language) Shimano E-Mountain Bike Experience. Enjoy the ride. (upbeat music) – So as I mentioned earlier,
this is the ambitious group. Two other groups, the
beginners and the fun classes left earlier in the day. We’ve climbed about 1200 meters so far, so it’s quite significant. I’m just about to drop onto
some pretty cool single tracks, so yeah, only like a
half hour into the ride and getting stuck into it. (upbeat music) So we’re gonna do some
pretty technical routes. It’s really nice in these woods. Wow. We’re on 378 watt hour batteries and I’ve got a spare battery
on top of the down tube here so this is the first time I’ve done this. Apparently you take the cable out, stick that in your pocket,
and she should fire up. Boom, I mean that was what, 30 seconds? And away we go again. Yee-haw. (upbeat music) So here we are at Mirano,
five hours into the day, we’re under the Shimano
E-Mountain Bike Experience. We’ve just come down off
those mountains behind us and the trails were absolutely prime, prime single track trails. Great stuff. So here we are at the
first charging station and the riders are gonna
dump their bikes off. There’s a great team here. All the riders now head
in to the first lunch stop and get stuck in. (upbeat music) Day one so far, what a treat,
had absolutely everything. Fast climbing to the top of the hill, super technical single track, descending on some
amazing technical trails. Stopped for lunch, batteries are charged, up the mountain in a gondola,
onto the open mountain, and then some of the most
flowing amazing single track you’ll ever see. The landscape 360 degrees around you. Now we’re right at the top and the gang is ready to
drop off the mountain. What more could you wish for? (upbeat music) So it’s not all about
slogging your guts up a mountain on an e-bike. Today, as you can see,
we’ve got to shuttle halfway up the mountain to
the start of the first stage. And we’re really excited about riding a fresh brace of bikes in the mountains. New tracks, new experiences, new scenery. Can’t wait to get stuck in. One of the great things about this event is the ever changing landscape. You’ve had those beautiful
mountains behind us all morning and now we’re approaching
the path 6000 feet and there’s snow all around us. And we’ll go into the unknown once again. Wow, right up into the snow line. And as 1990 World Cup cross
country champion Mike Kloog just highlighted, there’s a
little bit of technique involved from time to time on this trip. But wow, look at that background. Absolutely stunning. But you know what? No time to hang around. (upbeat music) By this point you must be wondering how on earth do they
deal with the batteries on such big days in the mountains? Well there’s a huge support crew which follows us around from day to day. And all the batteries
from HaiBike to Shimano, even the sort of folding batteries, they’re all here in abundance. So you’ll never come up short
when you’re in the mountains. So again, our bike’s charged up. We’re gonna have a spot of lunch. Now this event draws in riders from all over the world. And I’m sat here with Nabuki from Japan. Nabuki, is this the first time you’ve been to this event? – No, this is second time for me, and really nice event. Organization is perfect. Everything is perfect for me. – Do you own an e-bike back home in Japan? – No, I don’t have e-bike but in the near future I’d
like to buy e-mountain bike. – So do you live in like in the city so you don’t ride, so you ride
a road bike most of the time back at home? – Yes, I’m living in Osaka
and mostly I ride road bike because the mountain is
not so close from my house but if I have e-mountain bike, it’s easy to access mountains. – Day two in the mountains and we’ve got two new bikes to ride. On my left hand side I’ve got
a HaiBike 150 mil travel. It has an air shock absorber,
and fork on that bike. On my right hand side
is the new Go Slammer. And that’s 160 mil travel. The key thing about the
Ghost SL AMR on my right is, as I mentioned, it’s got 160 mil travel, which you might think is only 10 mil more than the HaiBike on
my left hand side here. But it’s more than that. It’s actually got coil suspension in it and that’s going to act quite differently on the trail to the air,
which is on the HaiBike. But it goes deeper than that. Again, the Ghost has actually got
a 29 inch front wheel on it and a 27.5 on the back. So that’s gonna have quite an impact on the trail attitude in that the big train on its front wheel is going to roll over the rocks in the routes a little bit
easier than the smaller tires. But it doesn’t just come down to that. Tire choice, how soft
the compound is in tires, it all comes into it. One other fact, the Go Slammer, it’s got a carbon front end to it. So that’s obviously gonna have an impact on its trail attitude as well. The one thing that actually
strikes the Go apart from every other bike here is the fact that it’s got 155 cranks in it. So it can be really interesting to see how that works when you’re climbing up through rock and route. Earlier on the trip we
rode the Shimano motor on the focus bikes in
different wheeler sizes. This time out we’ve got the
Shimano e-8000 step system head to head with the Yamaha PW-X. Now the PW-X has got five
different power modes in it, whereas the Shimano steps has
got three power modes in it. So there’s a good head
to head there in itself. (mellow music) ♪ Could you hold me tight ♪ ♪ And don’t turn off the light ♪ ♪ I don’t wanna fight with you ♪ (upbeat music) Day three, now we seem to
be getting into a pattern of a great breakfast
followed by a shuttle ride, e-bike climb, then a great
descent in the afternoon. This morning’s climb was super steep, definitely the kind of ascent
that will be out of reach for me, on a non e-bike at least. Now the great thing is that
I can ride in boost mode, whereas the guys, the
super fit trail guys, will ride in trail. So everyone keeps together
on the rides really well. If you can’t get up the steep climbs there is an alternative route which takes you up by the
road, a little bit longer, but at least it makes sure there’s something there
for everybody on this ride. Now for those of you
who are after something a little bit more challenging on this trip in terms of terrain, we’ve just ridden up a technical terrain which can only be described as pure gold. So intense, it was amazing. Routes, rocks, definition,
severity, all off the charts. Definitely boost mode,
easiest gear all the way up, seat right over the front. It’s also been fascinating
over the last few days is riding different motors. Now we’ve ridden Shimano,
Yamaha, and Bosch. And it’s interesting how they compare when you ride them out on the trail. For example, how much cadence do you, how fast do you spin the
pedals on each motor? And what are the strengths of each motor when you’re on different trail conditions? I really am in my element being able to try out all
these different bikes. And you know, just having a
140 bike and a 150 and a 180. Now you’d think that a 180 mil travel has got no right to be on a hill, especially on a steep hill climb. So it’s interesting to know
how a bike such as that copes with super steep hill climbs. Then to be honest with you, it’s not really that much
difference to a 150 or a 140. Now we have all different
types of riders here in the mountains, the Shimano
E-Mountain Bike Experience, from people out just for fun
to professional athletes. Now I’m here with Jose Hermida from Spain who was 2010 World Cross Country champion and silver medalist at the
Athens Olympics in 2004, right? – 2004, right. – What’s the e-bikes,
what’s that all about? – It’s beautiful, beautiful. After 20 years as a
professional with proper bikes, and then– – Whoa whoa whoa, e-bike
are proper bikes right? – Exactly, exactly. They are proper bikes, exactly. Also because you need to push, but yeah, it’s a completely different philosophy and I like a lot. I started to ride my e-bike
three years ago from Merida and now I’m joining,
as a brand ambassador, I’m joining these kind of
events, e-bikes, and I like. – You said that a minute
ago, you can still push. So you still push hard on a e-bike right? – Yes yes, totally. You know, you have to
cooperate with the bike. The bike needs you and you need the bike. It’s still, it’s not a motorbike. It’s still a bike. You have to pedal and well,
it’s part of my training also, because sometimes in the morning or most of the times in the morning I go with a traditional bike like I used to be in the last 20 years, and then in the afternoon with the e-bike I can go to mountains
and make some technique without using energy. – It’s all about getting used to, you’re still trying to learn
different skills right? And an e-bike lets you do the same skills as a normal bike. – Yeah, exactly. And also your action around your area is getting bigger and bigger, your values is getting bigger, and yeah, for professional
riding it is a good solution for race days because in race days normally you always go for one hour speeding around the lake and now you go one hour spin on the
mountains with the e-bike. So it’s perfect and
then you’re still doing downhills and the best
race around your home. (mellow music) – Day four, nice cruisy start to the day. You’ve got the Monte
Cristallo on the background, And the Dorsten which is
where we’re gonna be heading for lunch around one o’clock
with the advanced group today. Yeah, it’s a fun day to press on. (mellow music) Day four, absolutely nailed. Been charging around on these two bikes for about seven hours. We started at eight o’clock this morning and it’s now four
o’clock in the afternoon. So if you ever think that e-bike riding is short, sharp bursts in the mountains, you’ve got it totally wrong. These were big days out. The day was actually one
of the standout days. We started off with single track climbing. It got progressively steeper and then we climbed up the trees, and then we got these kind of backdrops and it was just something else. Got some food in us, nice good hearty stew and some strudel, obviously,
strudel every day, a couple coffees, and then
charging back down the mountain. Do you know what? At the beginning of the
day I genuinely thought that I’d prefer 150 mil
travel over 120 mil travel, particularly in the big mountains, but I think that bike has proved that if you use 120 mil correctly
by skipping over stuff, you can actually get away with it and have a load of fun in the process. And remember, before
you get to the travel, you’ve got the tires. These are big 2.8 tires. You can get a considerate
amount of pop off those tires and they really do cushion the ride when you’re going
through rocks and routes. So yeah, I quite like the 120 mil bike. Wow, four days and a ton of bikes later, that was a really intense experience. I mean where else in the world would you get an opportunity to ride so much different equipment than in an environment like that? I think over the last few days for a lot of people it’s
actually taught them, they’ve learned a lot
of things about e-bikes and what they actually want. I mean there’s loads of things. It could be wheel size. It could be travel. It could be color. And also you get to learn
what size e-bike is for you. So there’s loads of things to learn on an event such as this. Ooh, looks like you’re a
bit low on battery there. – Yeah, the last battery on red. – How many times has
that happened this week? – The week was fantastic. – Yeah? – Yeah, great, and the trade was great, the weather was great, but today, and the bike was great. It’s all great. – Have you ridden many
different bikes this week? – I test five bikes. – Wow. – [Man Being Interviewed]
Every day a better bike. – So there’s not many places
you get the opportunity to ride so many e-bikes right? – Yes, it’s fun to test many e-bikes and different e-bikes and different motors and different reachers and it’s wonderful. This guy looks super chilled out. You had a good week? – Yes, I had an amazing week. – Because? – Amazing people, epic
place, really, in my opinion, the best mountains in the
world, so everything’s fine. – Perfect, that says it all I think. So tell us about the week. – It was a great experience ’cause the bikes are all different even if they have the same motor. Yeah, it’s great. – So did you ride, you rode
a Shimano, a Bosch, a Yamaha? What did you ride during the week? – All Shimano but different bikes. Focus, Merida, and Husqvarna. – What’s the best travel
for an e-bike, for you? – For me, I love much
suspension, many suspension, and 170 is great. – I’m with our fantastic
guide for the week, Verner. Verner, it went pretty smoothly apart from having to deal with a couple of guys who ran
out of battery, right? – Yeah, I mean, strong riders, they ride also without battery. And you have strong riders. And you had a lot of time
to test it with battery and now you know how
bikes are without battery. – It’s bound to happen. Hey, so how difficult
is it to plan a route? And we were going for seven hours right? – Actually it’s quite difficult because also we have quite
difficult terrain here, difficult trails, and it’s difficult to find a solution which is great for a broad part of the riders. – I think you did it. We had a great mix of roads. We had fire roads. We had technical climbs. We had super technical climbs. We had massive mountains. I think it had it all, right? – Yeah, that’s what I love,
to have different stuff. You can test the bike on different levels. Some time it’s playful,
some time it’s challenging, so, nice. – Now we’re in the pits and
there’s a huge support team behind this event. Each brand has got a big team of mechanics and managers managing the bikes. And I wanna get a bit of an insight into behind the scenes of
what’s been going on this week. So I’m with Felix from Scott. Felix, tell us what’s been
happening behind the scenes for the last four days. – So behind the scenes,
mostly we organized the bikes, getting the bikes ready
and getting the people satisfied for our product. – I did actually see you last night with a big pile of beers on the table. – Yeah, I think it’s a
daily evening success to have some beers on the table to celebrate our work during the day. – So you work hard play hard right? – Yeah, something like that, yeah. – So it’s been a whole day for you? – Not really. So it’s a long day. It’s thirteen hours outside but it’s a pretty good experience to see how satisfied the
people are with our bikes. So, fun too. – So you’ve had 120 mil
Spark and you you’ve had the 150 mil Genius. What’s been people’s feelings? What are they going for in the mountains? – I think mostly they go for the Genius because it’s really plush and they can really go full gas down the mountains. – So there’s been people here
from all parts of Europe, some guys from Japan. What’s been the feedback from the people? What are they looking for? What are they asking about? – I think first they’re really
stoked about the mountains. They’re coming from all over the world to do this event and they
really enjoy the Alps, the Dolomites, and also the bikes, and also the possibility to ride a different bike every day. – It’s crazy, isn’t it? I mean it’s like, imagine like me and you had the chance to do this,
which we have done, obviously. It’s just mental isn’t it? – Yeah, for sure. I think they’re really stoked. And for us it’s really good to see, oh, I was on Scott on Monday and I really wanna go
for a Scott on Friday. So for us it’s the best
feedback we can get. – What an incredible four
days in the mountains with these towering peaks
continually surrounding us on every day of the trip. And it’s had it all,
different bikes every day, incredible food, the trails were flowing, they were technical. It had everything. Great bunch of riders. I mean you couldn’t
actually ask for much more. I’ve certainly had a
great week on the trails here in Northern Italy. And if you fancy an adventure like this, please let us know your
thoughts in the comments below. Obviously you’re gonna love this video. I have no doubt, so give us a thumbs up. If you wanna see more epics check out 1000 Foot Dead with
Sylvain Guintoli over here. Please subscribe if
you’ve not already done so and check out the Shimano
E-Mountain Bike Experience.

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