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Riding Your Electric Mountain Bike In Winter | ‘Off Season’ EMTB Riding

Riding Your Electric Mountain Bike In Winter | ‘Off Season’ EMTB Riding

– Winter, it’s not a nice time to be riding your e-mountain bike. The trails are muddy, you’re
going to get cold feet, you get numb fingers and of
course the big cleanup after. However, doesn’t need to
be as miserable as that. With the right mindset and the right kit it can be some of the best
riding you’re ever going to do on your mountain bike,
really progress those skills. So today we’re showing
you our ultimate guide to ride in winter. (upbeat rock music) (logo bleeping) The kit you’re wearing
on those big rides out can really make a big difference, it can literally make or break your ride. One of the first bits of
kit you should be putting on for those winter rides, it’s
going to to be a base layer. Now Merino Wool is a really good fabric to be wearing on these rides. What it does is it wicks sweat away whilst trapping warmth in. So you can get these
available for the upper body, in short sleeve, long sleeve, you can even get thermal
long johns as well, so these are going to keep
your legs nice and warm. If you’re riding in a cotton
T-shirt it might keep you warm for a short period, but if you stop it’s going to trap in that
sweat and it won’t breathe, meaning that you’re going to get
wet, you’re going to get cold and pretty miserable. A waterproof shell is something you definitely want to invest
in for those winter rides. If you wear a puffer jacket
you’re simply going to overheat, you’re going to remove it and be exposed to all the elements, the mud, the rain, you name
it, it’s not going to be good. The idea of a waterproof shell is that you can layer up
underneath it with a base layer, a mid-layer and you can
remove those if you get hot. Then obviously you can
still put the jacket on and be protected from all the elements. Also the cycling specific
jacket is cut nice and low to protect your rear from all
that spray off the back wheel. Riding in trousers, they’re an absolute godsend
over the winter months. Once you’ve ridden them you definitely won’t be
going back to wearing shorts. Some of them are breathable, with a waterproof patch over your bum to stop all that spray coming up. Some of them are even fully waterproof. You can of course combine
the waterproof jacket and the waterproof trousers to create that all-in-one
winter protection, the onesie. Now you can get mountain bike
specific versions of these which are quite costly,
but they do perform excellently out on the trail and they do breathe a lot
better than the budget ones. A cheaper option is to head
to your motorcycle shop and try and find one of the
one-piece waterproof suits that those guys ride. They’re a cheaper option, they’re not going to breathe as well but it might do the same
job on those shorter rides. The two parts of your body that can take an absolute hammering and over
those winter riding sessions can be your hands and your feet. Now to protect these I strongly suggest a good pair of winter gloves. You can get these in waterproof
options, wind proof options or combine both of those to
get the best of both worlds, keeping those hands nice and toasty. Also your feet, you can get
waterproof socks for them, meaning they don’t have to
get wet and cold either. One thing you definitely
want to be protecting for those winter rides is your eyes, you definitely need to be
wearing some form of eyewear. Be it glasses or goggles, it’s your call. Usually you get a lot of debris
firing up from the trail, usually hitting you in the
face, all over the body, but you can guarantee
that big dollop of mud is going to hit your eye just
before that big drop or jump. (gentle music) There’s a few different ways
you can set up your bike to attack those winter rides. First up, mud guards, they’re definite essential winter items. Now these are going to
make a big difference to amount of debris firing
over you and your bike. They come in a wide variety
of sizes and shapes. You can get the full-on
moto-style ones like this ones, they offer the ultimate protection. You can get the smaller
mud flap style ones, they’re great too, but they don’t offer quite as
much protection for the bike. For the rear, you’ve got little options that can come in and protect
the linkage and the shock, more protecting the bike rather than you. Or you can go for the
full-on blown rear mudguard, these are great at saving all
that mud firing up onto you and again covering that bike. So mud guards, get them
on your bike for winter. Pedal choice is something
you want to think about for those winter rides too. Now if you’re a clipless pedal rider, a I strongly suggest sticking
a set of flats on your bike. Simply going to inspire confidence, it’s going to give you a bit more skills in those loose technical sections and allow you to put a foot down should things get out of shape. Mud tires are a worthwhile investment for those winter rides, they
can make a massive difference when it comes to those sloppy conditions. Mud tire is going to
drive you up those climbs, it’s going to hook up on those down hills and let you dive into those corners. It’s going to let you
ride those sloppy trails just like it’s summer. A soft compound open tread
designed downhill tire is going to be one of your best options. Just remember to try and get a big thick casing on those tires because fixing punctures in
winter definitely isn’t fun. (gentle music) Mindset and motivation is really important when it comes to riding in
the darkest depths of winter. Approach it with a positive attitude. The best thing about riding an the e-bike is you can make it as hard
or as easy as you want. If you’re get them bogged down in the mud engage boost mode and get
out of there no bother. Riding with friends is also a really good
way to increase morale. Once you start following
your mates down the trail, everyone’s sliding around,
all over the place, you have forgotten about
those warm dusty summer rides. (gentle music) Where you’re riding on those winter rides can make a big difference too. I try and steer clear of clay and chalk, they can be super slippy
and pretty claggy. If you’re riding natural trials, just stand back and have a look at how wet and how much damage you’re
actually doing to the trail. If it is really wet and you
are chewing up the trail then I suggest you head
to those trail centers, they’re designed to cope
with those wintry conditions a lot better than these natural trails. (gentle music) One of the best feelings you can get on your e-mountian bike is a drift. Now one of the best riders,
in my opinion, at drifting, is Sam Hill. (upbeat rock music) He’s an absolute boss of drifting a bike. The winter is the best time to
practice the drift technique as the dirt it’s nice
and loose and slippy, allowing for the bike to lose traction momentarily and drift. You’ll most likely end up
on the floor a few times, but as your drift practice
improves you’ll learn the limits and find yourself doing it all the time, and therefore putting a
big smile on your face every time you hit that drift button. Climbing on your e-mountain bike is one of the hardest skills
to master come winter, but now’s your chance to try
a few different techniques. Such as sitting down to put
your weight over the rear tire, therefore providing a lot more grip. Try moving your body weight around to adjust to the bike
sliding around beneath you will also get you to
the top of the climbs. Think about things such as
what power mode you’re in. If you’re in boost mode, try knocking that power back
to trail mode, or even eco, you might find you get
a lot less wheel spin and a lot more drive up that climb. Also think about what gear you’re in, sometimes a harder gear
will get you to the top and therefore reducing
that wheel spin too. Another vital thing in winter is to look at what line you’re on, try and find the most grippiest line and scan the terrain
ahead looking for things such as roots, rocks, things
that are going to disturb that rear wheel grip and
make that climb a lot harder. One thing you’re going to find
out in the trails in abundance come winter is going to to be puddles. Now when you’re riding fast downhill there’s no way of working out
how deep these things are, could be a few inches, could
maybe be even a few feet deep. Now these can suck your wheel in and stop the bike at an instance. (playful music) So it’s a really good habit to get into, is just to lift that front wheel as you go through this puddle. It’s also going to keep
your feet nice and dry too. So come in, just to pick
that front wheel up, glide through it, you’re
going to keep nice and dry, you’re going to get flipped
over the handlebars. However, if you want
to to clear it totally you have to employ the bunny hop, that way you can hop over the puddle and not even risk a chance of getting wet or get spat over the handlebars. As the saying goes, fail to prepare then prepare to fail, nothing rings truer than that then e-mountain biking in the winter. If you fail to prepare you can have a pretty
nasty time out there. But if you’re wearing the right kit and you’ve got your bike set up properly then it can be an
amazing session out there in the mud and the slop. Let us know down in the comments box below if we’ve missed anything
about winter riding or any little hacks and
things like that you’ve got for riding your e-mountain
bike in the winter. Give us a thumbs up if
you enjoyed this video. But if you want to to stick
around and check out a video, check out Steve and Adam Brayton absolutely smashing it in the
winter in the Lake District. That one’s playing down there. Give us thumbs up if you enjoyed. Click the globe in the
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31 comments on “Riding Your Electric Mountain Bike In Winter | ‘Off Season’ EMTB Riding

  1. No such thing as the off season just an extra trip to a clothing shop.
    Hill walkers waterproof trousers, hiking boots, highneck softshell jacket with under arm vents open, gloves and a workies hi viz jacket.
    I live in far North east of Scotland, near the Balngowan Estate (Al Fayeds gaff) so I need that lot just to get to the local shop.

  2. You missed out my favorite part of winter riding………the beer and bike bollocks talk sat by a pub fire at the end of the ride.

  3. I suffer from cold hands on winter rides no matter what gloves I wore intill I tried this this hac. Put a pair of latex gloves under your normal /winter gloves this really works a treat it traps the heat and stops the wind also and it will not hinder your gear changing or braking like some thick winter gloves do. If you have no tried this I highly recommend it if you suffer from numb hands. I shall be using this method today on our 45 mile ride…

  4. Lol …winter riding is crap …doesn’t matter how exciting you make it look ….it’s cold …slow …wet …your car gets coved in shit with the muddy dripping bike on it …..takes hours to clean your bike ,kit and car when you get home …..and that’s all done in the cold …’s wank mate ..roll on spring/summer …sunshine and dust ……happy days

  5. The topic is quite misleading. Should be "UK winter", which is basically summer conditions compared to most of the European countries. Where is cold weather, ice and snow? What we learned in this video is, in UK summer is rain and "winter" is rain and mud…

  6. when are we getting the "REAL WINTER" tips?…so far your winter tips are more likely Autumn and Spring for where i live (Canada). Winter is snowy days (from 1 cm to 1 meter of snow ), windy days (25kph to 65kph), cold days (-10C to -50C) and very short days with less than 8 hrs of daylight …creating conditions for frozen rain , icy rain to add but we do ride, cheers

  7. Eye wear essential! (Ignores own advice) and rides without! I gotta say the advert style of these vids is stating to bore me

  8. when I ride my ebike to work and back, I always use my heated gloves, keeps my hands warm on the cold welsh days

  9. If you don't have winter gloves, try a pair of latex gloves under your normal riding gloves, works a treat, toasty dry hands all day.

  10. its cold i say like 45 below here ,,in this hole….colder than the women Now that brisk baby.
    ….saving the battery xc ski ..but touching up paint custom lighting bolts ,,,dude

  11. Come ride in southern Arizona for the winter, looks nothing like the muddly sloppy mess in the UK. 80 and sunny today. I'm going on a ride…..

  12. Nice video – like the show. However, like to see some comments on flat winter shoes. Little or poor advice on the www on riding in winter (minus degrees) on flat shoes. Tried 45 North clipless (proven and tested) but they are useless on flats. Enden up with normal winter gore tex shoes and they are actually ok. But why are there not more specific options for the job…?

  13. Must be nice to have mud and puddles in January. This is like my weather in November. Lets see a video riding frozen ruts and ice patches, oh yeah, and snow on the ground.

  14. Im just after rigging up 4 of those heated handle grip pads to the sides of my battery to keep it toasty (15°-20°) also to facilitate faster charging as you should never charge a battery at standard charge rate below 10°c, below 10° i would go with 25-50% standard charge rate, whatever that may be for your cells, check your cell datasheet for more accurate information on charge rates at different temperatures. Happy riding!!

  15. Should I install cush core on the front wheel or just the back. also what tyre pressure do I run on my kenevo, more or less than than the 25 psi I run on my Trance. Both for enduro riding.

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