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Road Bike Basics | Reluctant Beginner Cyclist Riding Busy Roads | Don’t Be Afraid Of Traffic

Road Bike Basics | Reluctant Beginner Cyclist Riding Busy Roads | Don’t Be Afraid Of Traffic

Right here? Yes, we’re going to the right
try to stay near me stay on the right side as much as possible on these roads
some of the road can be busy I think what I remember Susan and I are now in
Old Saybrook and we’re leaving the parking lot near the baldwin bridge and
we’re heading north to Essex we’re going to drive through Essex and then we’re
going to run up to Chester and up ancestor we’re hoping to catch a
ferry across the Connecticut River go over to Lyme and run down the other side
of the river in line and return to the baldwin bridge where we will cross the
balding bridge the baldwin bridge is a major bridge that carries i-95 across
the connecticut river i did this ride back in november and actually went up to
had them connecticut / had them and got across the connecticut river by crossing
that bridge up there but that’s a little the bridge can be a little dicey it’s a
swing bridge that occasionally pivots out of the way to allow both boat
traffic to get by but it has one of those a perforated steel deck in the
bridge and the roadways are fairly narrow so when there are cars going
across the bridge which there always are and you’re trying to cross it on the
bike there is no bike path there is no show
shoulder on the bridge itself so the last thing i want to do is have Susan attempt to make that crossing
so this loop is kind of an abbreviated loop of what is called the b2b Luke
that’s a bridge the bridge loop here in Old Saybrook Adam effect and this loop
should help Susan manage this route a lot easier and plus the fact it’s always
fun when you can get on a little boat across some body of water with a bike
right now we’re dealing with very nice temps maybe mid 70s right now it’s only
supposed to get you just around 80 degrees today so from a weather
standpoint a nice day to ride I do remember this road can be a little
bit on the busy side so well not an ideal situation for Susan I know she can
handle it this is this pretty decent shoulder as
I’m in right now on this road so it’s not quite a bike lane but it’s white
enough to be one certainly so I’m always concerned about any kind
of traffic I know he’s uncomfortable with cars or trucks passing so the more
room that you have of it as cars defy you and you have a safe zone a shoulder
like this the better it is for you right here you can see the sign and says this
is a bike route on a bike path but if I hear you there’s a couple people that Suzanne ID
will follow on Strava that we’ve out here in lime or off okay
Brooke and this is this is a wrote that this is a route
that we always see them taking I keep
checking my rearview mirror to see whether or not susan is staying for the
shoulder or not and looks like he is happy for every so often she wanders off
into the regular lane of traffic I keep reminding her don’t do that when you get
a tight area like this I know she’s going to stay off the shoulder
completely panel blame oh hello yeah first learning to ride very comfortable
by running into literally type situations it’s just about four miles
from our drop-off point to our first turn coming up 154 here coming up to the
intersection of law and then to get route 9 at the major highway but we’re
going to be taking a right-hand turn and heading to Essex now see this is where I know she’s been
a really bogged down back there she’s going to be afraid to come through
here I’m going to have to go real slow wait
for her – oh she’s right behind me well she’s affected a little bit Susan’s
holding back a little bit I want her to follow me a little more closely through
here this is a Main Street ethics this is a one-way street so you can
pretty much right in the center no Road and actually it’s on a bad idea because
if someone is going to pull out from the parking spot it can pull out in either
direction left to right so we’re right at the Connecticut River
right here in Essex this actually is the Connecticut River Museum voila

3 comments on “Road Bike Basics | Reluctant Beginner Cyclist Riding Busy Roads | Don’t Be Afraid Of Traffic

  1. I know not everyone is willing to lock horns with motorists and the Cops the way I am. But remember….it's as far right as PRACTICAL. The road is as much yours as it is theirs. Anywho….so how long you ans Susan been an item?

  2. Nice video, thanks for sharing. I'm considering selling my road bike and buying a gravel bike so I can travel on the trails instead of the road. Where I live people drive like mad and there's no place I can ride without cars. I love riding on the road with my road bike but all of the enjoyment is negated from my fear of some maniac driver hitting me because he was texting or just plain driving too fast.

  3. Such a great couple and beautiful ride. I enjoy watching your videos. I’m planning a vacation to come ride there very soon

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