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Road Biking On July 4th | Warm Weather Riding | I’ll Drink To That

Road Biking On July 4th | Warm Weather Riding | I’ll Drink To That

Well it’s Sunday and July 2nd it’s warm
it’s humid we had a southwesterly breeze about 8 15 miles an hour on occasion and
it’s about 1 o’clock in the afternoon Susan I decided to take a ride today and
enjoy this beautiful summer-like weather a little bit warmer humid than we would
prefer but the forecast says it’s supposed to cool off somewhat this
afternoon in terms of humidity so that should be very nice I will tell you
every time that I’m running into the shade like I am right now extremely
comfortable very nice beautiful day it’s summertime if you’ve seen some of my
previous videos you know Susan is now writing a ebike converted specialized
Dolce we decided to at some power so that she could keep up
with me and enjoy the ride and right now she’s behind me and she looks like she’s
got some people reluctant to go around us but she’s we did 130 30-something mile
ride with the bike so far and I’m telling you it’s really quite the
technology for getting out on a road bike and she loves it gotta watch where I’m going so it’s the holiday weekend 4th of July
weekend and Susan actually has this whole week off so we are hoping to do a
bit more writing than we have been doing recently and the weather is supposed to
be just phenomenal so all the ingredients are there so we’re going to be heading into the
center of town and to Guildford after we go through this red light and then
probably head off to where we typically deal with the Stoney Creek which is on
Branford Connecticut now warm-weather writing today is like I
said it started off on the humid side humidity is going to be clicking down a
little bit during the afternoon hours but one of the things as you guys well
know I’m very warm hot days that would be very mindful of staying hydrated keep
drinking keep those fluids in you I remember last year somebody I was
following on Strava was out doing hill climbs in the heat somewhere out in
Indiana somewhere and she passed out from the heat fell over fractured her
hip pelvis I guess the more specific fractures had can ended up with a
fractured pelvis so yeah there are some really bad things that can happen to you
if you don’t maintain your fluid levels you know stay hydrated
very dangerous speaking of staying hydrated and drinking I’ve never been
one for drinking water never really like drinking the water so last year I
started thinking about using sports drinks on my ride but I’ve heard some
very bad things about Gatorade I guess in Europe it’s been kind of banned from
certain countries for a while maybe because of all the salt or
something whatever their formulations for making Gatorade so anyway I did some
searches around for making your own sports drink and I found a recipe by a
guy who’s well-known on the on YouTube channels but it made me chef Jon and
turns out making sports drinks is about the disease that it can get relatively
inexpensive compared to buying a bottle sports drink and so today what I did in Susan’s and mind
water bottle is I combined mostly water with orange juice lemon juice and just a
touch of salt and that’s it that’s what we’re drinking today and it should it
should help but we for me I’m like I said I’m never was a big fan of drinking
water by itself and I think and I think adding some flavor
by the orange juice in a lemon is really going to be not only helpful but they’ll
give you a better taste in just drinking water I think it’s probably a smart
thing to do as well beautiful data wow it really is nice we’ve been kind of planning on doing
more writing it through as soon as Susan got on vacation which they is actually
her first paid vacation but we kind of had our fingers crossed as we heard the
humidity is going to be on the tropical and brento press aside and we decided to
deal with it let’s go this is what summertime is all about so there’s nothing that you can’t go out
there and just not push yourself so hard and just enjoy the weather oh boy it is beautiful day that’s for
sure you

1 comment on “Road Biking On July 4th | Warm Weather Riding | I’ll Drink To That

  1. For me I like it hot and humid and love to sweat and suffer a little, it makes my riding more enjoyable. My mileage and speed always increase as the temps rise. Besides staying hydrated I always have an extra water bottle with water just to squirt on my head.
       As far as sports drinks everyone has different opinions on what works or doesn't work. I always encourage new riders to experiment, and don't take everyone's advice as the law. What works for one person might not work for another. It took me quite sometime to get the right combo of food and drink to substain my energy level when doing 12 and 24 hour events.

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