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Road Cycling from Kalpa to Tabo : Episode 6

Good morning guys , welcome back to Honey Bee Adventures , My name is Akshay Today is Day 5th ! Whenever you come here , do visit this Hotel ! Climbed half of the Mountain , you can look down ! This is where I came from Madam does not know how to make it , her mom Knows! Thank you so much for showing me this ! Yes ! This is the suicide Point ! So that’s for the day see you Tomorrow ! That is not enough What you are going to see is ! Good morning Welcome to Day 6 We are Travelling from Kalpa to Poh ! and its around 65 Kms of Distance , most of the Terrain is Okay , its good enough First 15 Kms are Downhill ! and straight and last 10 Kms might be an uphill ! So where I am standing is the Hotel where I stayed ! and that is the view I got ! You can see Kinnaur Kailash ! Thank you Mr.Suresh it was nice meeting you ! Have a safe Journey ! Ya , Thank you so much ! Hi Guys , Right now near Pangi Vallety which is around 15-18 Kms from Recong Peo The route is bad man ! Look at the Route Behind Yes , all the way here ! There is a small Steep Climb ! and the bad road conditions its getting a bit difficult , but I am managing Somehow ! The bus is coming ! and welcome back I have Hired a bus right now from Poh going to Stabo The reason was did not wanted to stay in Poh ! or in Nako , wanted to spend some more time in Kaza ! Have got limited Days with me ! So well Today hault in Tabo ! and from their will cycle to Kaza and will spend some more days in Kaza ! So I can show you some good scenery That is by the way , the village of nako ! We have Haulted at Nako at this moment ! Its all Dry land here proper Tundra Climate ! I Hope you can see ! So finally have reached Tabo ! This is the Monestary Here ! Can you say Hello to Them ? Nice journey Till here ! Got a Room in Monestary ! Thank you so much ! That’s my Room , which I have got in the Monestary ! The charge is around 600-700 Rs. INR Nice Bed ! Clean Bathroom ! and a Beautiful View ! Tomorrow Riding to Kaza ! See you their ! Bye – Bye ! Do subscribe my Channel if you liked it !

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