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Road Cyclists vs. Mountain Bikers Bike Park Challenge – CG VLOG #361

Road Cyclists vs. Mountain Bikers Bike Park Challenge – CG VLOG #361

Ok let’s go, I have all the peloton Who’s the water carrier? You? Nicolas Portal is carrying the bottles I have an inner tube but I don’t have air I don’t have the pump or anything but well *I have one* *You see, the road cyclists, we think* Perfect You, we don’t know where to place you in the team We have to judge You for the attacks. No, the cuts Because this one cut everywhere He’s just cutting *the french line* He’s French Line Ok let’s go Normally, there will be wheel sucking I’m disappointed no one has road cycling shorts I would have loved to have a full road cycling outfit *I have the shorts underneath* And a time trial helmet Here we go, Portal is gone, he attacked! He’s straight in front on technicals parts He’s looking back to see where he’ll attack Attacking the step up He’s more looking back than front He’s on fire! He didn’t take out the guts He’s whipping I’ll put him at Crankworks He’s on fire The most fit of mountain bike To the right Let’s go there’s hoops here The little goat To the left Everyone is in the dust He knows the short cuts To the right That’s good ! Portal, the team manager is speaking You have to attack, he said It’s the right time, they are in the hard Don’t worry I have the water I have the water, the food gel, we’re good We made the hole, it’s ok We’re duplicating what he did at the Tour de France We smashed them I’d love to have the little mic you have in the cars They ride good for road cyclists They don’t balk Perhaps they will do a mountain bike team Ok everyone is alive *it’s awful* He jumps like a little goat *instead of speaking, just pass* He jumps everywhere like a little goat The goaty He’s already doing switchbacks We’re preparing the team Tour de France for MTB We released, we had to recover *My greatest effort* So tell me Here we have the party king of MTB and here we have Nicolas Portal who’s telling me that… *he’s not the party king* Yeah but you’re saying… You told me you’re down after three beers but we’re able to crawl all night When you vomit you’re resistant We’re used to 7 hours of suffering We’re quickly down, we vomit, our eyes are still open and so on Clearly, I’m not road cycling with them the day after Even in suffering they wring you *that’s changing too* So, who’s more resistant at partying? MTB or Road Cycling? Depends on what you’re drinking *It’s not “depends”* I think we’re better, honestly We’re better We’re not sharp so the body accepts They are so sharp… *We can’t do it often* Yeah, they can’t, the next day they have to do 6 hours They would love but it’s impossible We’d love to be alcoholic, it’s the truth But our sport isn’t too fun We’re in shorts super tight I have a MTB short but a road cycling one underneath so I don’t worn out my little ass I don’t have any callus on my fingers I had some when I was MTB junior but it’s gone I’m still shaving my legs because I awful to have hair and clearly, to party it’s not cool We’d love to party more but we pay right away I hope you had a party after the Tour Yeah we did, we had lots of fun, clearly *Yeah we’ve seen footages from the bus* Essential question: if you had to choose Do you prefer to control the race from the start but being insulted during all the Tour or like this year, win at the last time Clearly, this year, it was cool *speaking as a manager* There’s two Me The french Me that was happy to see frenchies that were opportunists, even their team when you see the FDJ that start to ride Julian has done an incredible Tour even him didn’t think he’ll do a Tour like this Everyone knows the 3rd week is the hardest and we weren’t sure to beat Julian or Pinot we managed to win and that’s great but I think it was a great Tour, even for us it wasn’t won, we weren’t sure to beat them at the end we’re happy to win *Pinot beat Bernal in the Pyrenees* Yeah clearly That was a great Tour What’s funny is that a lot of MTBer are watching I don’t miss a stage I was coming back from the bike park to eat and to do the nap at the beginning on Channel 3 when nothing happen and as soon as it’s on Channel 2, I was on fire Little chunk of chocolate At my time when we were doing MTB Long time ago now ’cause I’m 40, it’s crazy There always were this little war MTB/Road I don’t know it’s still that now The young gun that won, 22 years old 4 or 5 years ago, he was here at the XC and he was 2nd, I think Vice world champion or World Champion I don’t know It’s a pure crosser the day before the Champs Elysée, I was telling him do you imagine when you will have win 3-4 Tours It would be cool you could be Marathon or XC champion because he’s light and he likes it Finally a lot of road cyclists have a passion for MTB and vice-versa I think it’s simply the love for bikes I’m sure there are things that you like as downhiller in MTB it’s complicated because when you’re at the end you’re at the end You can’t suck a wheel or nothing In MTB, when you’re in the hard, you’re in the hard And when you’re in a good cycling group you can recover a little it’s important to eat and eat well to not find yourself eating grass on the side of the road I have never hidden the fact that I do road cycling even if now I’m fat, it’s so good I love to go out with my bike, eating miles like a mule I love it We were talking about Frank earlier What I liked in road cycling it’s that you don’t have to be the best to win for a Grand Tour, yes, but In MTB, DH or XC, if you’re not good technically and physically you won’t win we always see the same in road cycling you can be smart on the stages if you’re a good climber, if you’re fast you can watch the guys and when you win and you know you beat the best it’s even more pleasurable that’s what’s great with road cycling I don’t know if it’s the same in Enduro but there’s a mix between the pure crosser the pure downhiller and sometimes if you’re between them you can manage to beat one or another because you’re more physical or technical *Bailly-Mestre was like that* He’s less technical but physically he’s better and even if you know you won’t win each time perhaps on one stage, you can win The truth is I’m a MTBer since I’m a kid so… Now I’m still in the dust and I like it Do you see a lot of team managers of Tour de France riding bike parks like crazy with his brother and mates and jump like a little goat he’s killing it now that’s cool! I want to see the roadies jumping Let’s go Careful with the wind That’s good ! To the left ! To the left ! Ok, Freeride Omg we’re gonna laugh War is on That’s it, it’s anarchy There will be blockpass It’s so good The roadies are going hard

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  1. Impresionante el nivel que lleváis.
    Me alegro de haberte conocido en Arteixo, sigue así estos vídeos son muy divertidos.

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