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Road Race World Championships 2019 | Things Only Yorkshire Cyclists Know…

Road Race World Championships 2019 | Things Only Yorkshire Cyclists Know…

– The 2019 UCI Road World Championships are taking place in the
UK, more specifically, a region in the north of
England called Yorkshire. Affectionately known as God’s own county. Yorkshire has some of the finest scenery and terrain for cycling. And it established a
firm place in the sport thanks to events like the Tour de France, the Tour de Yorkshire, and
now the World Championships. But, there’s much more to
cycling in this beautiful place than just those events alone. Cycling is immensely popular here. So for the uninitiated,
this is our handy guide to Yorkshire, important
information for when you visit. (relaxed hip-hop music) ♪ Come here we come here
we come here we come here ♪ ♪ Come here we come here
we come here we come here ♪ ♪ Come here we come here
we come here we come here ♪ ♪ Come here we come ♪ ♪ Come here we come here we ♪ (relaxed electronic music) – Yorkshire has the hardest
climbs in the known world. Okay, that might not strictly be true. But God’s own county is
littered with short, sharp, brutally steep climbs. Like this, for example, Park Rash, 25%. But 25%ers are 10 a penny in these parts. One of the most famous
is Rosedale Chimney Bank. A must for anyone visiting the area. It has gradients of over 30%
and is an absolute killer. Modern bike races haven’t gone near it. it’s been deemed too hard. But bike races of old did. Such as the Kellogg’s Tour,
back in the ’90s and ’80s. Oh, God. Now, these climbs might not be
as tough as the Angliru in Spain, that was very tough, but certainly harder than
anything in the south of England. Or Lancashire, definitely harder than
anything in Lancashire. Oh, yeah. It’s grim up north, but it’s
not that grim, honestly. I mean, yes that bridge
behind me on Grinton Moor did get washed away by
a freak storm a week ago and is potentially forcing a route change in the World Championships, that’s also what the noise
is as they try and repair it. But it doesn’t rain here all the time! The fact that it does
is a myth perpetuated by people mainly from
Lancashire, but in actual fact, other places in the UK
such as Wales, Scotland, Cumbria, Dorset, they
have, and Lancashire, have higher annual rainfall! It’s a beautiful place. (upbeat reggae music) Riding in Yorkshire is hard. Now course profiles may
look flat when compared to a mountainous Queen
stage of the Tour de France. But anyone that’s ridden
here, including professionals, will tell you that the reality
is that they’re anything but. The roads characteristically
feature relentless undulations often with short, sharp,
nasty, steep gradients. And then that is combined
with lots of technical turns and road surfaces which are
often very rough and grippy and this results in long,
energy-sapping, brutal days in the saddle. And that’s before you
even factor in the weather which, to put it nicely, is, well, often inclement. Yorkshire loves cycling. Every time a major race
comes through here, the local support out on
the roads is phenomenal. It’s common for local village communities to organize street parties and every time the race comes through everyone comes out and cheers it, and you often
see lots of yellow bikes and bunting put up in celebration. The atmosphere is awesome. And the locals are always keen to showcase this beautiful region to
the rest of the world. (stern classical music) In case you haven’t guessed it, I’m originally from Yorkshire. So first up, a quick language
lesson for anyone visiting. This is Connor Swift. He’s from Yorkshire. He’s a cyclist and he’s also
a former national champion. Connor’s going to speak
Yorkshire and I’ll translate. – ‘Ey up! – Greetings, hello. – How do? – How are you doing? – T’all be reyt. – It will be all right. – Tha’s going to get braed. – You’re going to get beaten up. – Brew. – Cup of tea. – Ee ba gum. – Oh God. – Gander. – Look. – Nowt. – Nothing. – To work. – Where Yorkshire folk go,
9:00 to 5:00, Monday to Friday. – Speaking of getting
off to work can I go now? I’ve got to get down pit. – Yeah, sorry, no worries, Connor. Cheers, mate, good to see ya. – Cheers, you too. – Ta-ra. – [Connor] Ta-ra. (upbeat reggae music) – Yorkshire has fantastic cafe stops. And the area is famous for
its culinary delicacies. And if you’re lucky enough to visit, you should try them all. Here is a selection. Yorkshire puddings, this simple delight is an essential ingredient
to any roast dinner and is made from milk, flour, and eggs. Good ride food too. Yorkshire ale, Yorkshire’s home
to some of the best real ale in the world, and brewing it
dates back to the 19th century. And the region is home
to some of the biggest cask-contained brands in the world. Such as John Smith’s, Tetley’s, Black Sheep, and Theakston. Lovely stuff. Yorkshire Parkin is a sticky ginger cake made from oats and black treacle, and it’s typically eaten
to celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes, a Yorkshire
man, and his failure to blow up the Houses
of Parliament in 1605. Now, being very calorie dense, it’s also exceptional ride fuel. Wensleydale cheese, this delicious
iconic and creamy fromage is now protected by European Name Status. Meaning that only Wensleydale
made in Wensleydale can be called Wensleydale. It dates back to the
Cistercian monks in 1150 and well, its cracking cheese. In Yorkshire, we don’t drink coffee, we drink proper brews, tea,
preferably Yorkshire Tea. Now a word of warning for ya, if you’ve paid more than four pounds 50 for a whole pot of tea, a
scone, and a cooked breakfast then you’ve probably fallen
victim to tourist rates. Now, just for advice like that alone you should probably subscribe
and click the bell icon. (calm electronic music) Yorkshire has a rich cycling heritage and has produced multiple world champions. This landscape’s helped shape some of the world’s best riders. And a few examples include Brian Robinson who was the first British
Tour de France stage winner back in 1958. Barry Hoban in the ’60s won eight stages of the Tour de France, And since then we’ve had
riders like Beryl Burton, Malcolm Elliott, Ed
Clancy, Lizzie Deignan, and more recently Tom
Pidcock, the Tanfields, and the Swifts. And lastly, Yorkshire is sexy. Honestly, just trust
me on this one, right? Hang on, bear with me. Legend has it that in 2014 when Yorkshire was being considered to
host the Grand Depart for the Tour de France,
the general director of the Tour de France,
Christian Prudhomme, was concerned that Yorkshire wasn’t sexy. Now upon hearing this the
organizer of the Tour de Yorkshire Gary Verity, set about
convincing him otherwise. In a bid to woo Prudhomme, Verity invited him over to the county and took him on a helicopter
ride through the dramatic and beautiful landscape
you can see behind me and along the coastline as well. I mean, he could have just
shown him the title sequence to Emmerdale, but he did a
helicopter ride nonetheless. And then this was followed by treating him to some of Yorkshire’s culinary delights we mentioned earlier. He said upon finishing the trip and just as he was heading back to France, Prudhomme remarked,
“Yorkshire is very sexy.” So there you have it, it’s official. Right, hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if you have please give it a thumbs up and share it with your mates. I’m off now ’cause, well, I’ve
got to tend to my allotment and take my whippet for a walk.

85 comments on “Road Race World Championships 2019 | Things Only Yorkshire Cyclists Know…

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    Video. This is how you showcase an area. Great job featuring one of the greatest and yet most looked over places to cycle not only in Britain but possibly the world.

  2. Funniest phrase ever on GCN, “ Yorkshire has the finest scenery anywhere in the earth!” Me riding 18,000 miles a year in Kauai laughs at such a statement 😂😂🤪 although food there made it somewhat redeeming. Grey skies in background was funny considering how hard u tried to sell Yorkshire 😂😂

  3. Wow! Yorkshire is wonderful. Thanks to your video I come to know a little bit more. Like they love cycling events. And Yorkshire is sexy LOL.

  4. You forgot to mention that my mother is from Yorkshire. She is very, very disappointed…
    Fun fact: my great, great grandfather was maintenance engineer on the Ribblehead Viaduct once it was completed. He lived in a cottage at the far end (gone now) and his daughter worked in t' pub at the other.

  5. I recon that you should give Ollie a Yorkshire, Lancaster or south quiz showing the dramatic (hilly) landscape as well as the flat land (like vale of York) and see if he can get many right

  6. I think you’ve got your geography a little wrong there CGN. Your map at the start displays Yorkshire as North Lincolnshire to fair. However I still love your videos 😉

  7. As Yorkshireman who’s family live in Langcliffe ( nr Settle) I can confirm most of this is true. The climb out of Langcliffe hits 23% and was my warm up when living there. I’m a mountain biker so carried on up to jubilee caves.. the mountain biking is sublime! So is the limestone climbing. I love it all. Great vlog that med mi giggle. No ferrets though, that’s a myth. We have the odd grockle or Southern wandering softy , that can usually be spotted by its over coloured plumage of hyper expensive mountain equipment and directional confusion. Usually too afraid to venture far but often gets lost , found wandering around in brightly coloured herds. That’s why farmers up’ ere carry shot guns… it’s good hunting: no Will though!

  8. my mothers family all came from Halifax, so i understood the language. they all immigrated to Au; it brought back memories of listening to my grandparents.

  9. Beryl Burton – holder of 90 domestic championships, 7 World titles and set the 12 hour record which at the time was faster than the men's record!

    I've climbed (or attempted to climb) chimney (after 90 mile of cycling). It's bonkers and is to be feared. Excellent video lad.

  10. Your not kidding about the support, I rode the Yorkshire para-cycling international on Sunday and the support out in every town and village was unbelievable. Next weekend for the elite races will be something else can't wait

  11. Lancashire gets all the rain first and it's dry by the time the weather gets to Yorkshire. Yorkshire is so unspoilt because the residents don't want anyone not local visiting. Think mass towns like Royston Vasey. Ollie calls Yorkshire sexy standing in front of a sheep. Baaa.

  12. I live in West Yorkshire. And I admit, it is brutal. I was literally dead after 80km on my road bike. Then I went 100 km and I my fingers still wanted to shift gears in the middle of the night 😀 Lovely descents, brutal ascends. Tomorrow, if weather allows, I'm off to Grassington and beyond. I have never expected that I would be able to cover over 100 km in this terrain. Once I leave Otley and see the sign "Welcome to North Yorkshire", then I know that fun begins….

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