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Robotic wheelchair from Chiba Tech turns wheels into legs and climbs over steps #DigInfo

Robotic wheelchair from Chiba Tech turns wheels into legs and climbs over steps #DigInfo

At the Chiba Institute of Technology,
a group led by Shuro Nakajima has developed a robot wheelchair that can climb over steps. This robot can make a variety of movements,
using its four-wheel drive and five axes. Normally, it rolls along on its wheels,
but if there’s a step or ditch, it can get over the obstacle by
using its wheels as legs. All the user needs to do is tell it
which direction to go, using a joystick. The robot automatically assesses the
surrounding terrain and moves appropriately. Also, when moving on uneven ground, the robot
controls the seat to make sure it remains level. In addition, this robot can line its wheels up,
and extend stabilizers to the left and right, enabling it to turn a circle. This makes it easy to reverse,
even in a narrow space.

100 comments on “Robotic wheelchair from Chiba Tech turns wheels into legs and climbs over steps #DigInfo

  1. I hope that no one would need it in the future .. Who knows where Japan could lead us ?!
    They might invent something that PREVENT ACCIDENTS !!!

  2. ASIA RULES. GO JAPAN FROM PAKISTAN. i wish Asia was united under one gov expect for russia. because Russia belong to eu and not asia just saying.

  3. This tech will always be for the extremely wealthy. It will never see the light of day for regular folk who's usefulness ends at illness or age.

  4. this is incredible news. Hopefully they will partner with wheelchair makers to help the wealthy at prices that aren't too high.

  5. Japan: New technology, how do we use it? Stair climbing wheelchairs and remote controlled soccer playing transformers!

    America: New technology, how do we use it? How can we adapt it to kill people?

  6. when i saw a wheel chair that could climb stairs i thought it was something that could walk up a stair case not just single steps

  7. So I'm playing this game called Awesomenauts. I can't help but imagine this character named "Derpl" when I see this.

  8. This looks awesome, but what happens if a wheel breaks while your out shopping. I mean if a wheel breaks while your out, the wheel chair has just become handicapped because how could it operate as a 3-wheeler than.

  9. So we're gone nowhere/There are allready made ramps for wheelchair and if it doesn't climb stairs,whats the point ?

  10. Its kinda odd cuz it turns the back wheel whenever THE FRONT ONE encounter an obstancle,why ? Also why it get the "leg" so damn up before putting it down ?

  11. Absolutely brilliant design. Imagine this implemented in a vehicle. Electrically driven by a motor at each wheel, hydraulics for the articulated suspension, and a diesel or jet turbine generator and batteries for power. Would give a whole new meaning to rock crawling.

  12. I would love to have one of these for my wife on her bad days, we live in a rural area and some of the ground is not easy for her to negotiate. Also her legs are getting worse so she will soon be in a wheelchair full time. A device like this would be ideal in her situation!

  13. Pessoas que admiro e respeito são bem poucas.
    Parabéns, merece minha admiração e respeito aqui do Brasil.

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  15. Why are people comparing this with the iBot, there is a world of difference between the 2. The iBot can climb stairs with alot of assistance from the user or helpers and its very jarring for the rider. This can level the user and climb stairs by itself without any assistance, since it walks..

  16. Go look @ VASIMR, Reusable Rockets[VTVL], Rail Guns, Mars Rovers. I understand you like Japan but you seriously need to jump off the band wagon.

  17. I guess you don't remember 1931 Manchuria. Human nature has always been to claim superiority over your fellow man through any means and has been that way before the Birth of the United States. It really really sucks, and it's sad that we can't evolve past this thought process. I disagree with my country's current war position, and so a large majority of us. Please don't amuse we are all warmongers, I see the same treatment towards middle eastern folks as well. Stand together or Fall alone. Peace

  18. How many of you are like me, and want this badly not because your legs are broken but because you wanna roll through a field or a forest on a high-tech robo chair and be like "Yo nature, what the fuck is up. It's ya boy Mankind here, just lettin you know, I ain't give no fucks bout y'all no mo"

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