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Rocacorba: GCN’s Epic Cycling Climbs

Rocacorba: GCN’s Epic Cycling Climbs

(metallic whooshing) (rustic flamenco music) – I moved to Girona because I’ve heard it was
a great place for riding but I could never imagine
how incredible it was. It’s cyclists everywhere,
the roads are amazing, the food is incredible, and the weather. Okay, I’m going to stop here because I think I’m getting you jealous and I don’t want that. Today we’re here because I’m going to show
you my favorite ride. It’s called Rocacorba. It’s just up here. And I’m lucky enough because I’m
going to be joined by Heather, our own GTN presenter, and she’s
going to tell us all about it. Let’s come and see. Where is Heather? I told her to meet me here 15 minutes ago. We’re going to be late! – Maya! Hey!
– Really, Heather? Come on, I told you we
were going up Rocacorba! You need all the energy you can get. We’re going up there! – Really? – Oh my god, you’re crazy. – (sighing) I couldn’t resist. I mean, I’ve seen so many pictures of triathletes on Instagram. It’s as beautiful as it looks. (sighing) Give me a second. (lively flamenco music) – You may recognize this road. It’s a cycling paradise for all the riders that live around Girona. Rocacorba is hands-down the most famous and challenging climb in Girona. Pro riders love it but so do amateurs and I think I’ve seen a couple
of triathletes around, too. It is nearly 10 kilometers long, with an average gradient of seven percent. It’s fairly similar to
Sa Calobra in Mallorca. The only thing it does not
have is that many switchbacks. And the good thing here
is that first you go up and then it’s an easy, relaxing downhill straight to the cafe. We set off on the short ride
to the outskirts of Girona to the start of Rocacorba. Heather, you’re really lucky you’re doing this climb with me today because getting to
Rocacorba is not that easy. Even though it’s only 20
kilometers from Girona, once you get to Banyoles, it’s just tricky to get to the start. (rustic flamenco music) We’ve just passed kilometer one, Heather. What do you think? – Well, I think I’m feeling
quite comfortable at this pace, but I’ve still got a lot of gears left and it’s quite deceptive from the camera but this is quite flat at the moment. But I’m concerned by some of
these lumps in front of us. They’re quite intimidating. – That’s what I thought
the first time I did it. I’m like oh, this is easy, especially because the
road is pretty nice, but once you get up there, woo hoo! – [Heather] Can’t wait! – After a short ride, we
were into the first climb. Now this four or five percent we start to see in the
next few kilometers. As you can see, the
pavement is not that smooth. – But still okay. I can cope with this. – Oh yeah, you’re from Britain. (laughing) – Okay.
– I agree. This is not that good for Spanish. What I love about this climb is that every kilometer,
you get a sign like this. It says which kilometer you’re at, the altitude, the percentage,
and then what you’re missing. So we still have 8.8 kilometers to go to the top of Rocacorba. That is 970 meters. It’s a good thing to have. You can just put it like
I’ll get to the next one and next one and get some
information on the road. I was not lying. Gone were the smooth roads. We were onto the true Rocacorba tarmac. – (panting) I thought
you were making it up, with the nice, smooth start. What’s going on here? – No, this is what I talked
about at the beginning. The easy part is just when you start because the tarmac is perfect, but just after that little downhill, you start coming up and
the tarmac is just like if you were riding cobbles. (chuckling) – Yeah, I’ll have to watch out for that on the descent, I think. At least it’s dry today. – Oh yeah, I have a funny
story of the descent. I have a Rocacorba tattoo in my hand. I was coming down and
there was some gravel in one of the switchbacks and I just flew. I think you can still see my skin. I’ll show you. – Okay, great, I look forward to that. (panting) That’s it, I’m now out of gears. That is my bottom gear and Maya, sneakily, has got a compact, so not
only is she stronger than me, she’s got more gears, that witch. I think it’s a little unfair. (uplifting rock music) Oh, there’s a sign, Maya! Are we here, is that it? – Oh, we still have some to go. We’re going to stop because
this is a Spanish thing to do. We always get the photo with the signs. – Well, Maya, you pointed a sign out and I thought, you know, any excuse for just a little
breather to taking a seat. How far have we got to go? – Oh, we still have 400 meters to go. – So we have 1.5 kilometers
left or something, no? – Yeah, but that’s the beauty about Rocacorba, its brutality. You have to suffer it to just enjoy it. – Well, it’s a nice place to stop because behind you right
now, the view is incredible and at least it shows that
we have climbed something. – Yeah, I love the Pyrenees. (uplifting rock music) – Well, this is a teeny respite but we’ve only got a couple of K to go. That’s what Maya said. We’ve got about as much climbing to go as we’ve done in the last 8K,
which concerns me slightly, and this might be the last
time that I have enough oxygen to talk to you guys. (speaking Spanish) – We just had one climb
to go, a tough one, but it will be worth it. – Oh my gosh, yes! This is the top! – We did it, we made it! – Oh, my legs feel a little bit like jelly but I can’t wait for this view
you’ve told me about, Maya. – Oh, it’s amazing, so you’ll see. (panting) – Oh, wow. Now I can see why my legs feel tired. (chuckling) – [Maya] I told you it was worth it. – It’s crazy to think that’s
where we started this morning. – Yeah, that’s where you
were swimming this morning. – Well, Maya, I had such great intentions of, y’know, got my swim in and the bike and I planned to go for the run, but my legs, I think, are a
little bit too wobbly for that. Plus, I do want to enjoy that descent. But we’re triathletes and
on GTN, that’s what we do. – Oh my god, you’re crazy. – But you guys like coffee and cake and I can join you on that one, I think. – I can go to a cafe on the other side. I’ll just sit there and wait and you can do whatever you want. – Well, Maya, now that I’ve
finished, I can thank you. My legs at one point
were cursing you slightly but I actually did really enjoy it. And I must admit I want
to do more with GCN ’cause there’s quite a few little stops and I enjoyed that, so thanks. – Oh, I’m really glad that you enjoyed it. Hopefully you at home did as well, so give us a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to click
on the globe to subscribe. If you want to see more epic
hill climbs, click down here. – And if you want to see more from GTN, where we sometimes work
a little bit harder than those guys over at
GCN, well, go check us out. – Hasta la proxima!
– Ciao!

99 comments on “Rocacorba: GCN’s Epic Cycling Climbs

  1. Gcn if u see this pls do it..can u go to philippine and climb to the Mount apo using bike plss when u go to the top u will see the beautiful view of philippine

  2. Watching this looking out at 4 degrees C lashing rain in Yorkshire. Best stick a brew on and try not to feel too jealous 😂

  3. Heather's pause at 4:51 when talking about gearing shortly after bantering about road surfaces had me splitting my sides!

    [For multi linguists] " and Maya, sneakily, has Compact (gears), so …*inhale*… not only is she stronger than me she's got more gears that which …*inhale* … I think is a little unfair."
    If the pause to inhale after " that which …" was actually the end of the sentence, it changes to " she's got more gears, that witch!" and becomes a playful jibe not unlike the previous bit about Brittish road surfacing. 😉

  4. These gcn videos are like blue movies, still insisting on doing cheesy intros with the poor acting where everyone just wants it to go straight to the action 😂

    Still love your videos production quality is sky high I always like watching the videos I wished you did them more often.

  5. Three weeks ago. The Service Course. Unforgettable rides in Girona. An amazing climb with a magnificent view once you get to the top.

  6. 2:55 did you guys do the alternate handlebar tape/frame colors on purpose? (Blue tape on black bike vs the black tape on blue bike)

  7. I did not recognize that Maya is GCN presenter until 2 weeks ago. Please keep her or at least occasionally presented on this channel.

  8. Stop it, GCN. Your making a swim before a bike ride look like a good thing. And I'm supposed to be just a dude in the big ring.

  9. Did that climb summer past it took me about an hour to get up to the top. At the same time this lotto soudal rider had gone up and back down three times before I reached the top. Unbelievable

  10. Nice collaboration. I’m not subscribed to GCN Español or GTN and it was nice seeing the female presenters take on such topics / tasks.

  11. This was an awesome video. I greatly enjoyed the views, the interactions between the presenters, the pacing… Excellent!

  12. Great location and climbing! Also loved the music here way better than the in-your-face electronic dance dub stuff we’re usually subjected to.

  13. Been a while since I watched an epic climb… Maya and Heather are very fun to watch, but still looking forward to Lasty attacking another hard Epic Climb. 😂

    Looks like I'll want to head somewhere similar to this climb. 😍

  14. Liked this in many ways. I am always curious about the lack of traffic on the roads, and I sincerely hope no American lawyers are paying attention to the end of the climb. A guardrail would KILL that experience. Makes me want to go! Thanks for posting. 👍🚲

  15. This is Catalunya not Spain. The flamenco music in the video is not usual here. In fact there are catalan politicians in prison. Just for organizated a referendum for the independence of Spain.

  16. I was there in March this year – it's a great climb. Maybe I'm timid but the descent is quite sketchy – lots of those "pavé" sections on corners, but also concrete repairs with ruts that threaten to grab your front wheel. Have at it if you're good enough, but I was more than content to tiptoe my way down there!

  17. Might just be a microphone issue, but it also may be the GCN will need to test out other microphones for the women's voices. By 4:31 into the video it was apparent that the voices were harsh, and needlessly messy (without a better word to describe the audio quality). Loved the video, and the presenters were great – please consider testing a few other microphones for the women if this wasn't a recording issue. Edit: even seemed this way at the end when there was no ancient-scooter exhaust sounds

  18. We need (more) female GCN presenters! Being represented is so important for us women and it gives so much motivation. A Video like this is just great 🙂

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