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Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to the Back to the Future: The Game for more point-and-click adventure game action. We are right back where we left off in the Doc’s lab in 1931 and we’re
going to follow these instructions to hopefully synthesize this alcohol
compound we need for the rocket-powered drill. you turn your back on me I don’t really
know exactly what we’ve got to do here he’s gonna shout out instructions you’ve
got a right pressure is it this I honestly don’t know what to do we’ve got
to learn the commands that he’s gonna shout out right so that was wrong so it
might take a little bit of trial and error here to learn so known exactly
what we’ve got to do when he says it is there something eating in here right
okay that’s the eating I’m guessing right shutting blame right flailing
guessing this has the flame so he’s giving us clues of what he says it may
may take a little while for me to quit so puts giving on the thesis right shop
is that business yeah not exactly selectorate so we might have figured it
out I don’t know if there’s anything else right pressure I think is this
isn’t it what seems to be the first one we do lightning is this one right so the
puzzles not that difficult for it’s just knowing what each of the fingers he’s
talking about ah this has gotta be burning right looks like this four
options right is this the crank Jamie seems you’ve got the hang of it we’re
halfway there hopefully we don’t have to start again
if we screw up the good work I will man from UT release of the court since God’s
heavenly rise two men in it I think I’ve done it wrong yep
I think because I think it’s like we obviously can always dad says that’s
pretty clever two bills come up these things
spins Campinas this is very quick okay forum guessing this is getting quick now still be divining the future we sheeps
bladders this is probably this I Galileo’s rotations limitations this
is Kevin really quick unlike cows getting their friends excreting go be
almost unsure that’s pretty awesome I really enjoyed that quite what’s going
on I’ll write you something it seems like a
very complicated way of making what we need Eureka
all we gotta do is fill up the old rocket power drill and you and I can
take it and go don’t you want to test it first no time the other the last train
for DC leaves in just a few minutes all right you’ve got to get this baby to the
US Patent Office yeah that’s right Lee so tell me I’m kind of apart from the
Patent Office through eight three days one week a month six weeks one week I’d
say I feel bad huh I’m not from the Patent Office I don’t understand
I lied to you but I didn’t want to it was just it was the only way I can get
you to trust me see there’s somebody who’s in big
trouble someone very important to me to both of
us I can’t tell you who but I need to save him tonight and I need your
adventure to do it man now feel really bad I’ll get it back to you I promise and I
mean you’re gonna be a great inventor maybe this is what makes him actually go
down that path of becoming an inventor and a scientist
maybe this Spurs a month eight well at least there’s no hard feelings our guest
guess I should say my guests past him so am I talking about I guess keep the for
all about eight who have to remember that okay doc I got the drill now let’s
get you out of here hi is one crazy-looking drew Oh time for company to show up it’s even in
there whoops mr. Corleone hello
bad time heat shot supposed to be moving him to another facility for safekeeping
oh I’d better go get a quote from the police chief why is she letting us break
him out how do you AG an intercept holes Beck’s
Lane and they’re still after him we’ve chained in a system now ok I guess we
got to use these bins so the racket part came out of this in one piece Oh can we
attach it to the bike I’m guessing it’s the only thing it lets us do to be
honest I can’t even walk with it I’m gonna make a rocket-propelled bike I
mean that’s pretty cool I’m not gonna lie
hope you didn’t need any of those other pieces and away we go that’s pretty cool
yeah wouldn’t let me do anything else there I couldn’t once I picked up the
Rockets it wouldn’t let me move or interactive anything or even put it back
down so I’m guessing we didn’t miss anything there at least some hoping so
but I guess we’ll see so here we go service stations 17 cents for gas all
that looked like a kid so docks in there here we come on the
rocket propelled bike what we got really fast kaiba making ground on what you crashed
into it there goes the basket
Thank You Jana here stop I said you’re still in danger it’s pretty much what we
said okay so we can go around the sides we talked to doc No okay let’s go round can we we can talk to them from here I
think don’t worry doc I’ll get you out okay so there’s a box down here tire iron was that and I’ll press the
wrong button again a tire iron we’ve also got a newspaper that crap
can we is kid this is a set of keys there
can we smash the window the fits smashing okay let’s go back this way
then I guess all can we smash the lock I guess we need the key but let’s try
using the tire are in any way no okay let’s go around the other side then I
must have to go around there all the spare tire perhaps let’s try using the
tire iron on there Oh
okay so we got the hubcap descriptive Markey thank you is there anything we
can do over here I mean we can look in the window or we can talk to him can we
how do I get him I think he knows we’re here
can we use the hubcap on him okay can we talk to doc and get any ideas
okay I can’t break the look it is and I found the keys but I can’t reach them what the hell aside reach extender cube
tannins Drive in the truck okay so we need a reach extender so I
mean we’ve got to combine something in here if you literally only got the
hubcap we use that on anything you know that we can come to anything to
the bike okay let’s go a bit further along there anything else we can do are the aerial okay.come combine the
antenna with the hubcap it’s our thing doesn’t look like it does it okay so we
can’t combine items like we can in monkey island not sure what that’ll do
can we there’s no notice we can do here is there and use the antenna on the
window okay we do this right still we just use the antenna free
the other window let’s try it I guess it’s not really
allow so we can do yes we’ll just use the antenna on the
window right see he notices we’re there can we
get any more hints from the doc from the keys but I can’t I need a
distraction okay ah here we go right let’s grab these
keys see close we did it I think we’ve done it don’t worry about how we know that okay
it seems the keys to get him out before this comes to a stop which I’m guessing
is probably what’s going to happen now you come buddy Oh oh no he’s got a gun can we use the
hubcap on it are we gonna throw it knock the gunner
and his hand I think I’m gonna use it some sort of shield right now we’re
getting the gun Doc’s face I’ll take that thank you
ah do we use it on the chains let’s try it yes we do okay this is a
exactly going particularly well is it any ideas right what now you know be
useful right now that’s true hit the throttle I guess we’ve got much else
choice so that was a good idea to be honest all we flow out the back hahaha into the
manure it always happens to the times as a pretty good place to land right at
a DeLorean that couldn’t worked out any better day I’m fine
but I wonder what sorts of bizarre repercussions my younger selfs invention
of a flying bicycle I mean nobody’s seen it kids I never could keep those riders
from smoking so what do we do now future where’s Julie might Stein raise in town
doc he’s not in the pound is he no he’s in town no oh somehow God caused ourself not to exist
to be continued I wonder if that’s the end of episode 1 then I guess maybe now
kid kills RT or something and then that makes Marty not exist
it’s obviously if George can exist then Marty can’t exist well the plot thickens
we save the doc but in doing so we’ve potentially wiped ourselves out Oh in
the next episode here we go I feel that nothing will save Hill Valley from
descending into the fires of chaos and corruptions to be continued in Back to
the Future the game gets Tannen which is gonna be episode 2 so it looks like
we’ve got to go back it’s a 1931 again before now using the DeLorean avoid
ourselves and save the others and yeah it’s got slightly confusing I’m excited
to see what happens next though I have no idea what’s gonna happen but we shall
see um so that is gonna do it for this one we will start episode 2 in the very
next one of course we’re gonna play all the episodes back-to-back to complete
the game so as always guys thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed
this video make sure you hit that like button it really does help the channel
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all next time


  1. Maybe Arthur falls in love with the reporter chick, meaning that he doesn’t hook up with George’s mom and create George.
    Just what makes Scott so great, anyway?

  2. Doc was an inventor before mardy met him so he'd had always been an inventor. The bike is pretty cool. Crap you cant just ride all around! Fun watch mahn.

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