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ROLE MODELS: A Cycling Inspiration Series | EP06: Georgia Gould

ROLE MODELS: A Cycling Inspiration Series | EP06: Georgia Gould

(upbeat music) – We, the undersigned, find it regrettable that there is a considerable disparity between the UCI minimum prize
money for men and women. We understand that because competition in the men’s field is deeper, more places receive prize money. We do not understand why
the women who are receiving prize money receive less
than their male counterparts. Therefore, we propose that
the UCI show leadership, and mandate equal prize money for the top five men and women. (upbeat music) I think it was 2007, I
was at a cyclocross race, and I was at the podium ceremony, talking to the guy that
won the pro men’s race, and he said, “Hey how ’bout that payday?” And I said, “I mean,
it’s all right, I guess,” And he said, “$2500 bucks,
that’s pretty good.” (upbeat music) $2500 bucks! I only got $250! I was really kind of stunned. I just thought, what can I do about that? That just seems like such a big thing. And then I thought, you know what, I’ll do a petition. And send it to the UCI. So I sent a copy of my
petition to each commission, and then I never heard
anything. (laughing) I’ve always enjoyed riding things. I started out riding horses
when I was pretty young, and then I transitioned to bicycles, and then motorcycles towards
the end of my cycling career. So, I guess it’s just
in my blood. (laughing) I’ve won national
championships several times. (crowd cheering) I’ve been to two Olympics. – [Announcer] Georgia Gould,
she was sitting off the back that whole climb… – In Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012. [Announcer] I think Georgia’s
saving a big attack… (music drowns out announcer) (several announcers
talking over each other) – [Announcer] And it
looks like Georgia Gould is gonna come by Batty for second. – I’ve been on the podium
at the world championships, so, I think I have a pretty, I don’t know, long experience in the sport. (upbeat music) I guess we moved to Vermont as much for our daughter as for ourselves. It seemed to us the perfect
place to raise a child. From a bird’s eye view,
what you’d see in this area is the quintessential
New England countryside. Pastures, fields, it’s really
the perfect place to live, And also a lot of bikes. (guitar music) What does a sheep say? – Baaa (Georgia laughing) Heavy, heavy. – Heavy, heavy, whoa! – Quinn is one of the
funniest people I’ve ever met. She’s only two, but it’s
funny that a person that’s only two can have a sense of humor, and she’s a really sweet person and a really thoughtful person. It’s been really a awesome
experience to kind of see her developing into this new person. Just the lifestyle of a pro cyclist, definitely you have to
kinda do things on the fly. You have to make the
most of what you’ve got. There’s a lot of ways that I feel like my previous career has
prepared me for this new one. (dramatic music) I guess riding bikes is something I do to kind of experience a lot
of different emotions. The first or second meeting of
the mountain bike commission, at the end of our whole agenda, the chairman said, “Does
anyone have any other issues the wanna talk about?” And I said, “I think
maybe we should talk about equal prize money for men and women.” (dramatic music) Everyone kind of looked around the room. And it was me, and ten guys. They all kind of looked around like yeah okay, that sounds
good, we could do that. And I was like, what, it was that easy? I was expecting some kind of, you know, arguments about why it shouldn’t be… Everyone said yeah. I’m not this advocate
that worked tirelessly for years and years. I feel wrong making it sound like that because all I did was
say, “How about this?” And it you know, it
helped change something. I think it’s a good
moral of the story that even when something seems
like it’s impossible or it’s too big, that if
you just kind of step in and just make some sort of
movement in the right direction, that sometimes that pays off big. (peaceful music) Article three of the
UCI constitution states: “The UCI will carry out its activities in compliance with the principles of A-equality between all the
members without discrimination.” We ask the UCI to honor
its commitment to equality. (soft music)

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  1. Great video.
    Bummer that Georgia isn't in FoCo any more. She was such a big part of the cycling community in that town. That said Vermont is awesome. Also kudos to her for not really mentioning the fact that… oh she has an Olympic medal.

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