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Rumpke Reality: The Truth About Working at a Recycling Plant

Rumpke Reality: The Truth About Working at a Recycling Plant

I wake up at four in the morning, I leave
at around about 5 o clock from my house, so I get here close around about 5:30, clock in time normally
about 5:50, go straight up to the floor, from there we start at 6 a.m. in the morning. We work from 6 to 11, then we take our lunch
from 11 to 11:45, come back from lunch at 11:45 and work till 2 o clock, clean up until
2:30 and then we get to go home. My first impression was that I wasn’t going
to last, it wasn’t very fun, it wasn’t what I expected at all, but I gave myself
a week, and I talked myself through it every day. This line of work is not for everybody, it’s
hard. We get all kinds of stuff, ideally you would
like to think it’s all recyclable stuff, you know cans, bottles, paper, not the
case. A lot of debris that comes at you, so you
want to be well protected. So I normally wear a protective mask that
way no debris or dirt gets in my face. I also wear goggles over my face to cover
your eyes, you don’t want dirt and stuff to get in your eyes, you know, bad thing
to happen. Some of the smells are really bad, you do
kind of get used to it. The smells are everywhere. You have to be aware. There’s going to be different smells coming
at you, bad smells even some good smells believe it or not. You have the little perfume packs and stuff
or whatever, so for a brief moment you might smell something sweet, like “oh that smells
nice”, but then again, that funky smell comes around again. Winters are really, really bad, really cold
and it’s a steel building. It’s cold outside but it’s even colder
inside. The winter is a real challenge and not everybody
can handle that. I tell the guys this: I said I’m sixty years
old. If I can get my butt in here then I think
they can too. Rumpke offers really good health benefits,
dental benefits. Here they want you to advance. There are other work places I have been at
before, they just see you as a worker and that’s it. But here, it was a different feeling I got
here, they preached on family from the first day when I got here. I am proud working at Rumpke because I feel
like Rumpke is a big pillar in the community. I feel like they do a lot for their employees,
they do a lot for the community. I think we’re making a big difference in
this world. You want to be proud of yourself and you want
your kids to be proud of you too. So if you decide that this opportunity is
good for you, I want to welcome you to the Rumpke family.

9 comments on “Rumpke Reality: The Truth About Working at a Recycling Plant

  1. I work at a recycling plant myself it can be hard at times still I wouldn't trade it for anything else kudos to the workers for sticking with it.

  2. Very great video of where I live!! Well, I saw the recycling truck come to my area.

  3. Then, China had ended giving recyclables from us!! But nice video and good lesson about the debris and so many more!

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