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Benefits of cycling

Running For Cyclists: How To Get Started And Enjoy Running

– I know cyclist will always be cyclist, but sometimes we don’t
even bring our bike, we don’t have the time, or
it’s not the perfect weather. So running is the best
exercise for a cyclist undergo. Today, because I’m not an expert, I brought our own Heather from GTN. She’s going to help us out
with some tips and exercise to get better at this. – Cool, thank you Maya. Yes, I mean, running is great and there are so many
benefits for cyclists as well. To start with, you can do
it pretty much anywhere, it doesn’t matter whether
it’s raining or even snowing, if you don’t have much
time going for a run, even as little as 20 minutes
will still have a benefit and it’s going to help
with your bone density. And all you need is a
pair of running shoes, some shorts and a T shirt. So I’m going to be bringing you
some tips and some exercises to help you enjoy running
and stay injury free. And guess what? You’re even allowed to wear socks. – And I did it, no helmet,
no cycling shoes and no bike. Let’s go. (upbeat music) Building up slowly is really important because as a cyclist,
we tend to overdo it. We just want to run fast and for too long, and we just get injured. – It’s really common for cyclists, you’re going to have that fitness and you’ve probably got
really good endurance, you just want to go out and run. But if you’re not careful,
this can lead to injuries, like Maya says, because your body is not going to be ready for that stress that you get
from the impacts of running. (upbeat music) – Okay, I’ve got some
points to get us started. Point one, start really,
really, really slowly, build gradually. – It’s a really good idea to have a realistic goal and target as that’s going to help keep you motivated as you hit those targets. And it is easy to go out
a little bit too soon if you enjoy your first
run and get carried away, but you’re going to have
that cardiovascular fitness, but you’re less likely
to have the conditioning. So if you are new to running, stick to doing just 20
minutes to start with. And it obviously depends if you’ve done any
running in the past or not as to how many breaks
you’re going to have, but a good starting point
would be run for 30 minutes, have a minute of walking and
do that five times three. – It’s better to do less and to finish one thing to run more, not the other way around. (upbeat music) Point two, find a dirt path to run. If you can avoid the pavement, better. – It’s a great point because
it’s going to reduce that impact and your legs aren’t ready for. So if you can find some grass,
some sand or even gravel, it’s all going to be kinder on your legs than running on asphalt. – Running in uneven terrain
even makes you work harder, because you’re working
your stabilizing muscles and sometimes even your core. – Exactly, but don’t go
too off road too soon, because if your legs
aren’t quite ready for it, you could end up twisting
an ankle or something. (upbeat music) – Point three, move the joints. – Dynamic warm up is really important to help get your joints moving
in a different direction, ’cause cycling is a very
unique lateral movement and you’ll find that your
joint’s basically moving in the same plane of motion all the time. – For this leg swings are perfect. What you have to do is
find something to grab or just someone to hold you for balance, and then when one leg start
swinging front to back, and then change legs. And the other one is
start with the right leg, crossing from one side to the other, and then switch legs and you’re done. – Another exercise, it’s really great for opening up the front of
your hip, are walking lunges, and this is an area that gets
really tight as cyclists. And it’s also going to actually challenge a little bit of your
coordination and your core as you want to make sure it’s
a really controlled movement, and you’re also keeping
your body nice and upright. (upbeat music) – Point four, strengthening your feet. – It’s really easy to overlook your feet and the small muscles that
are surrounding the area ’cause when it comes to cycling, it doesn’t actually do too much work. But when it comes to running your feet and all the muscles in your lower leg are going to be working overtime. – Talking about it, it’s
important to do some exercises to strengthen your feet, just walking barefoot on
the sand or in the grass. Or if you wanted to
take it a step further, you can use a physio band. – If you want to know more on that we’ve actually done a video over on GTN on strength and conditioning
for the lower legs so go check that out. (upbeat music) – Point five, choose your
running shoes wisely. – This one leads on
nicely from foot strength. Choosing the right running
shoe can make such a difference to your running experience. You want to make sure you get a trainer that’s got the right amount
of support and cushioning to suit you. – Okay, Heather, I think we’ve
covered all the basic tips but do you have any extra for us? – I think it’s just a
good idea to bear in mind that cycling is so different from running, so don’t be disheartened when you set out because after all, you’re suddenly going to be weight bearing and it’s a lot for your body to adapt to, so have that realistic goal and start with a run more strategy, because you can always build up from that. – You’ve talked about all the difference there is between running and cycling, but is there something that’s the same? – There actually is, when you’re ready to progress, you can actually start to implement some of the training
that you do on the bike over to the run. So for example, you might
break your cycling week up with a longer ride, a tempo
session and some speed work. Well, there’s no reason you
can’t just carry that over to your running workouts too. – Some people prefer cycling, because you can go way
quicker and farther, and you can carry your
own food and your water. What will you say to those cyclist? – Yes, admit you can go
further when you’re cycling, but there’s loads of places
that you can go running that you can’t get on a bike. So you get to find out new routes, Commute’s actually a great
way for finding new places. And as for the snacks, you’re not going to be going for as long, so you shouldn’t really need
to have any snacks with you. But do make sure on that note that you eat long enough in advance because jiggling up and down is going to be a little bit
different than being on the bike, so you can find you end up with a little uncomfortable stomach. So just make sure you have
your meal long enough before. – Running with food on your
stomach is never a good idea. Okay, it all sounds great, but how often should I run? – Well, recovery is key when
you’re starting any new sport and now running especially you really need to respect running because you’ve got that
impact that you’re coming, where it’s weight bearing. And when you’re cycling, yes, you can get on the bike day after day and your bottom might
be a little bit sore, but you’re not really going
to be affecting your joints or your bones. So it’s really important
to build it up gradually, but to make sure that you
get at least a day of rest in between each one, and then hopefully you’ll
be able to continue running for much longer and actually see a bigger
improvement overall. – Great points there,
Heather, thank you very much. I think you convinced most
of us cyclists to go there and try some running but what do you think of those
that still thinking about it? – The main selling point for me of running is the time efficiency. You can get so much work out
of a really short space of time compared to cycling, and after all you can
do pretty much anywhere and all you is a pair of running shoes. – Next time you find yourself with just half an hour to do exercise, why not pop on your trainers
and just give it a go? – I completely agree. I mean, I am slightly biased but I think you can’t beat that feeling of coming back from a good run. Well, hopefully you’ve enjoyed it and you’re motivated
enough to go out for a run. Give us a thumbs up like if you are and hit the globe on
screen to subscribe to GCN. – If you want to see another GCN video, just click down here. – And if you want to see a
conditioning video over on GTN, go and check that out down here. – Let’s go Heather, we
just have a half an hour.

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