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Benefits of cycling

Rush Cycle

(laid back groove) – Hey guys, what is up? So right now we are going to Rush Cycle for the very first time. We’re super excited. We’re going to be doing
a lot of fun things today and we can’t wait for y’all to see, so let’s go. (laid back groove) All right guys, so we
just finished out class. It was so good, we’re
definitely gonna come back. So, yeah, comment down below
if y’all have ever been to a cycling class. And, yeah, next we’re gonna
go to a smoothie place. (laid back groove) – All right guys, so now we’re gonna visit some thrift stores and we’re
super excited about that. We might not find anything,
we might find something. – Yeah, and comment below if you guys have ever been thrifting. (pulsing groove) – All right guys, so now we are at our local farmer’s market. It’s actually going on 10:00 to 2:00, and it’s 11:00, so we’re
gonna try to find some. – Food. – Okay, bye. (pulsing groove) – So the first thing I
got is this, like, dress. I don’t know, it was really
cute when I tried it on. – Went to a farmer’s market, here I am, and we got some Gulf Coast
Honey Bee Farms actually. – It’s like raw honey. – Yeah, cause we get
raw honey at the store, but this is like, from
a local farm, I guess? – And then we got this,
like, almond flour. – It’s gluten free pizza dough. – So, yeah, we’re gonna make that soon. – And then we got some apples cause. – We eat so healthy. – I don’t know, we go
through like four a day. – Then we got a mango. And you got a bar, or something? – Yum! That’s all! In a couple of hours,
we have a guitar lesson. So probably gonna go practice
a little bit, for that. But yeah, comment down below if you have ever been to a farmers market. All right guys, so right now
we are at guitar lessons. I think we’re going to be
here for an hour and a half. And yeah. So let’s go. (soft jazz music) (music ends) – Hey guys. – So thanks for watching,
and make sure to, like, comment and subscribe down below. – And we will see you
in our next video, bye. (upbeat dubstep)

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