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Rushair bike hand pumps

Rushair bike hand pumps

hi this is Aaron from acxiom performance gear and I’m here to tell you a little bit about our rush air series of hand pumps so the rush air is our all-round hand pump lightweight and versatile it’s designed for the everyday Rider now the rush air comes in either high pressure or high volume and there’s a short and long version of each the high pressure versions are capable of 150 psi while the high volume versions are capable of 110 psi so rush air pumps features cnc machined lightweight aluminum construction and we use 60 63 t6 aluminum which is extremely lightweight and strong 60 63 is essentially a higher quality aluminum that resists denting and is more durable than the more commonly used 60 61 so you’re getting a pump that looks new longer and continues to function smoothly and consistently even after prolonged use within the pump here is a red anodized aluminum pump shaft that not only looks cool it is also super tough and lightweight and then on the outside of the pump you’ve got these diamond knurled and grooved grip points so the rush hour delivers superior grip even in cold wet conditions when you’re changing a flat in the middle of a rainstorm these grips save you a heck of a lot of frustration and then on the end of each rush air pump is a smart little pressurized valve connector that works with both presta and Schrader valves so you just push it onto your valve and start pumping and thanks to the minimalist design on the end here the rush air stays out of the way of spokes when in use we also added a rubber mud plug to keep the grime out of the valve connector that way trail and rode cred never gets a chance to get inside your pump to clog things up and all the pumps in the Russia are serious come with a mounting bracket and bolts so you never have to leave home without one axiom ride more and live better

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