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S02E04 – I PROGRESSED at Blue Mountain Bike Park! Riding faster, having more fun!

S02E04 – I PROGRESSED at Blue Mountain Bike Park! Riding faster, having more fun!

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ride videos! On today’s episode of Biking With Panda,
we’ll take a look over my past visits to Blue Mountain and compare how I used to ride
some trouble spots, to how I ride them today. These aren’t every single one of the areas
I’ve had issues with, but they’re persistently irritating, so I’ve focused on them here. I hadn’t ridden at Blue since September
2017. In that time, I went to 3-Stage, Hydrocut, and other trail systems to try and build my
legs. Toward the end of the season, I planned to go back to Blue and try my skills one more
time, but the park closed early for the season. So it’s been almost a year with many experiences
between then and now – 3-Stage has some of the gnarliest riding I’ve encountered
and the fat bike on snow really required a lot of investment in developing bike control
skills. When my legs get tired, I can’t get low
enough to the bike, which ends up throwing me around in the fast sections, so I hit the
brakes and don’t carry enough speed through slower sections. The biggest change is obviously
in fitness. I’m not fading as quickly as last season, and this means I can throw the
bike and my weight around when needed instead of awkwardly bouncing over obstacles. This year I’ve been very focused on line
choice and letting off the brake levers. Looking ahead is the best way to get where you want
– I’ve tried to avoid staring down obstacles until I crash into them. This takes experience
with the trail, primarily because my eyesight isn’t so great, and I find myself missing
the obvious lines while I’m flying down the hill. I’ll run right into massive holes
and do a series of drops off the root ledges until I finally find the smooth high line.
I didn’t go down any expert level trails, but I feel like I’ll probably be ready to
try one next time. I had a lot of crashes due to poor conditions
last year and I have yet to encounter similar stuff this year. I’m sure I will, and I
bet it will be an adventure. If you have the chance to camp out or otherwise somehow spend
a few days at a bike park, you should do it!

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  1. I haven’t listened to proleteR in such a long time, this song is the perfect match for this video 😀

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