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56 comments on “[S1 – Eps. 54] FIRST RIDE IN IRAN

  1. love from india, accidently i have seen your random videos and started wanting from your delhi ride. this 54 episodes i have watched within 18 hours and loved all your exploring videos.. hope soon i will catch up your recent videos.. love you👍

  2. Hi Noraly,I’m so happy you could travel to Iran my country , it is my pleasure you had good time and enjoyable ,I hope you can repeat and travel again to all of Iran , please be care full any where you are going .

  3. You are already so beautiful …
    but wearing after scarf…looking sooooo nice….

  4. Wow, 9.18 litres of petrol at 1000 Toman/10,000 Rials/19 pence per litre, total 9,180 Tomans = 91,800 Rials, she gave him 100,000 rials = £1.89 and was given 10,000 Rials = 19 pence change, he took the hit of 1800 Rials £0.04 .

  5. PLEASE always always ALWAYS turn your head to look when maneuvering or changing lanes! I've been riding motorcycles since 1992. Never ever depend on your mirrors! Mirrors are "for reference only". Trust the eyes, not the mirrors.

  6. People a good everywhere. I have found this to be so.Unfortunately, governments seem to be the source of our world's many conflicts.

  7. 2:55 Did you just pay him 1 Lakh Irani Riyal for petrol and he retunds you 10 Thousand Irani Riyal ( 90 Thousand Irani Riyal just for petrol WAO )

  8. Most of ur vlogs tripping have no details like what I said every country u go for …I see only girl ridding around the world with no interesting actions ..try next time show ppl what u say what u found give some more details to make the viewers have exciting keep watching ur adventures have nice days good lock

  9. My friend told me about you, as we're both bike nuts, and I just bought a GSA adventure bike. I have travelled the western U.S. for weeks at a time on a Yamaha Virago 750 when I was younger. Now I want to try it again, internationally, and am very inspired by you. Since I'm an American, would the Iranians automatically despise me? You're from Holland, and that seems conducive to a friendly greeting there.
    Incidentally, I goofed up and searched "Itchy feet" and still found you. 🙂

  10. Hello! When traveling in countries with no access, try the puffin browser. It will work if the problem is the internet source.

  11. I traveled through Iran (with a backpack hitching a ride from India and left in a bus) and stopped in Tehran for a month – only met good people. People are nice everywhere – it's the govts that suck as far as I can see.

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