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[S2 – Eps 28] This is why there are so many dead trees in Patagonia.

[S2 – Eps 28] This is why there are so many dead trees in Patagonia.

Look at this! Just the setting of this town, El Chalten, is spectacular, isn’t it? Good morning internet, it is 10:15 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Today I am leaving, the weather looks pretty okay, it’s quite windy but hey, what’s new? so today I’m riding to El Chalten which is something like 200 and something 212 kilometres I think, from here I don’t know if it’s going to be paved or unpaved probably both, I don’t know El Chaoten is quite a famous trekking town to the mountain called Fitz Roy, if you know me by now, I’m not going to go trekking but I think riding wise, the scenery should also be really beautiful, and maybe there is something else to see in town, I don’t know, let’s find out Look at this view Stunning And with the sun out, that makes a huge difference, like suddenly everything looks absolutely beautiful and the colours are so different from when I was arriving because El Calafate is over there so when I rode to El Calafate, I came from over there and it was more cloudy and now with the sun out just the colour of the water and you know, the yellows and the greens of the vegetation It is very windy though, if I stand still now it’s fine but phoew, it’s windy I’m about half way now and, look at that Gorgeous right! so the road to El Chalten continues and then goes along that side of this lake on that side and I think, the famous mountain Fitz Roy is that one I think but I’ll see it when I get closer ah it’s a beautiful ride, really, I’m enjoying this it’s just the wind is really strong today so that makes it a bit exhausting, the riding but other than that this is a one-way road, so the road to El Chalten, ends eventually in a dead end so there’s almost no traffic, its only people coming and going to El Chalten so it’s super quiet, I haven’t seen other traffic for quite some time now and the views are just marvellous, really stunning So it’s now 93 kilometers to El Chalten Almost there! I have to get petrol here, this is the only petrol station in town so Okay, that’s done, I thought, better make sure I get petrol here because I don’t have enough to get out of here and you never know, maybe they run out sometimes What a beautiful place right! Unbelievable! So El Chalten is right here I made a reservation for accommodation because it really starts to become high season now so I thought, better make sure I have a place to stay so I have a reservation Rio Fitz Roy So it’s Mount Fitz Roy and also the river is called Fitz Roy See this is the one where I’m staying Just put Dhanno here I guess The key you keep with you until the last day Alejandra is my name. Ale. Is there is anything else ah a map if you need with information, I can give it to you Alright yes. And can I put my motorcycle right here? Yes put it there, no problem So, we are in el Chalten it’s now a little past 14:00 hours so I’m going to try to find a lunch somewhere which should not be any problem I would say and then, I’m gonna go on a small hike Oh, look! Now you can see the Fitz Roy really well Now there’s no cloud. When I was approaching town there seemed to be this cloud all the time just at the top but now it’s a clear view, really cool so you can do a hike to the I think, kind of the base of that outcrop so that’s like over there so just over that hill I think But that hike is like 8 or 9 hours there and back included and I’m not a, not a trained hiker or trekker at the moment definitely So I’m not going to do a full day hike and it’s not an easy one as well, the last, I don’t know, two hours is super steep and you just need proper gear and well, I have a 1000 excuses why I’m not going to do a 8 or 9 hour hike After my lunch, I will walk a little bit around here So I’m now walking on the Main Street in town and it’s just a collection of restaurants, souvenir shops and hostels very touristy but I see a place here which has pizza, burger, veggie it’s catered towards tourists so that’s what you’re going to find so let’s just grab something to eat here Good afternoon I would like to eat something.. maybe Whatever you want Thank you The menu to choose from I’m gonna go, this time I’m gonna go healthy I’m going to eat salad and a soup Good idea. We got a pumpkin soup and a very nice salad with loads of stuff in it Bon appetit That was really nice! Let’s digest this food go for a walk I am going to walk about 2 kilometers now, or no, from here it’s maybe 1,5 to a monument and that moment is not the type of monument that you may expect, so Well, this is a very nice trail to walk, look how intensely beautiful this place is look over there! and what a stunning day for tomorrow they predicted snow let’s see if there is snow, I will record it but today is absolutely beautiful so that’s where I’m going so it’s a little bit steep but it’s only 500 meters so I should be able to manage walking 500 meters up right I made it to the top, I have to admit I took already, I think, one minute to try and catch my breath but this is what I came for, it doesn’t look, like like initially, this doesn’t look very interesting perhaps. You think, ah, it’s a burned down tree, maybe I don’t know, lightening or something but this is called the “Monumento al caminante destruida. Which means monument to a careless trekker this was caused by a cigarette butt and that reminds me of Torres del Paine I don’t know, it was 3 episodes before this one, I think, that was my ride through Torres del Paine National Park and maybe you’ve noticed a lot of burned down trees in that episode and all those forest fires in Patagonia or in Torres del Paine were caused by tourists So these were not natural forest fires and there was a really big one in 2011 then a backpacker tried to burn his toilet paper and he set, well, almost the entire park on fire, it took them three months to extinguish the fire and he burned down, I think, what was it 40,000 acres or something and the problem with that ecosystem is that the trees that grow there they take 200 years to reach maturity so it’s not a matter of, okay, we just put some trees back, do some replantation and that’s it also these trees they need the soil to be in certain conditions and they need shelter against wind and when everything is burned down the soil is different, there is no shelter anymore so these trees just don’t want to grow so it takes so much effort to try and restore an ecosystem like that which is such a shame and there were a few other fires which were also caused by tourists making camp fires where it was not allowed and that sort of thing, so it’s really quite sad because look how beautiful this area is and the same in Torres del Paine, it’s just such a beautiful area And there’s another similarity between El Chalten here, where I am now and Torres del Paine because I don’t know if you noticed it on the way when I was riding towards town, when you could see the outcrop of the Mount Fitz Roy It was a kind of pinkish colour and that rock is granite and that’s the same at Torres del Paine those rocks at Torres del Paine they are also like this pinkish granite, the only difference what you have there is, I don’t know, I didn’t explain it when I was riding there I was too much distracted by how beautiful it was that I didn’t really say anything about it The Torres, of the Torres del Paine, so that is the rock outcrop which kind of resembles the, how do you say that, the horns of a bull. They have this sort of black rock on top. So you get the pink granite and then there’s a black sedimentary rock on top so that’s what makes it Torres del Paine really beautiful and special and here you don’t get that so here you only have the granite, but anyway Look at this! The setting of this town, El Chalten, is spectacular, isn’t it So I am glad I went on my mini hike I really don’t feel like doing 8 hours of walking but I think this was worth just coming up this hill and this view over town it is a little bit steep There are a lot of parrots here Let’s see if I can go down here a bit but there’s these beautiful parrots they were flying just past me, I don’t know if they were attacking me or coming to say hello. Now I think they are in that tree Can you hear them? I see one over there I think they have a nest there on that tree See how close sitting right there I don’t know what type of parrots or parakeets these are, they look very similar to those burrowing parakeets that I saw in I don’t know, somewhere along the coast in Argentina probably they are a different species, I don’t know And I’m back, look Dhanno is all packed up because of the predicted snow for tomorrow, so I thought, let’s put her under the cover Yeah, that was it for today, I’m a bit tired now, I can say but it was nice, beautiful spot, beautiful ride I’m going to rest now. I hope you liked this video if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video

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