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[S2 – Eps. 50] I’m OUT!

[S2 – Eps. 50] I’m OUT!

Ah it just always make me nervous when everybody is watching me Well it’s a beautiful morning Well the day starts with, as you can see, washboard and lots of sand not a very easy start let’s hope it doesn’t stay like this the whole day See the poor windshield! It’s still holding though I’m proud of my ductape solution holding all this time, through all this washboard and it doesn’t have to hold very long anymore, I’m working on a solution There is already a new one on it’s way, to Argentina, so Going uphill, at 3800 meters altitude in this stuff Just.. keep momentum Today is another tough day It is so dusty See, there is another truck coming now I think there is some sort of petroleum activity something.. like that so there’s a lot of trucks and 4×4 with personnel, driving up and down and they kick up so much dust yeah the road is super sandy in bits it’s very soft again washboard 2.0 so it’s now 11:30 and I still have 200 kilometers to go and I think the hardest part is still to come, a high pass and I think also a bad road, I was kind of.. where I am now, I was kind of hoping it was going to be paved so I could make a little progress but it’s not, so I think the whole day today, 340 kilometers is going to be unpaved. Which is quite tiring because I’m riding all the time above 3500, kind of in between 3500 and 3800 meters altitude so far, but I’ll be going higher than that. And, now I stopped because I really need to fill up a little bit on petrol I’m not going to make it until the petrol station because the petrol station was 190.. let me see. Yeah it would have been 460 kilometres without a petrol station so I’m just not making that on one tank. I’m not far off, it’s only 60 more kilometers so I did get quite close So I’m just going to chuck in a little bit and then ride to that petrol station Alright I put the navigation on to that petrol station. 61 kilometers I like to do that if I’m thinking: ohhh, it is still so far! Then, I like to put my navigation on a closer point so I think: oh, it’s only 61 Oh my! Somebody with his bicycle! Respect! That is not easy! See, this is another, kind of mining town or, I don’t know exactly what they are doing here Ah I think they are doing some salt mining there as well which kind of makes sense, with all the salt flats here in the area I reached a small town where I should be able to find petrol Alright, this is the petrol station The only one in like 500 kilometers Alright, change of plans I am too tired to continue and the route that I have planned is quite tough so I’m going to try and spend the night here in San Antonio de los Cobres, I think it’s called San Antonio de los Cobres see if I can find accommodation here I’m too tired to ride another 150 kilometers high up in the mountains on a bad road I can’t do anymore today Alright, I don’t know if you can actually see something because it’s a little bit dark here, but I have a place I’m just going to sit like this. I can barely hold up the camera at the moment I’m just extremely tired, I think it’s a combination of things. Last night, I barely slept because in the place where I was staying there was no key for the room and they told me: yeah we don’t have a key, but it’s okay nobody will come in and there was separate bathroom, like a shared bathroom, which also didn’t have a key, or you couldn’t lock it from the inside and I mean, nothing happened, everything was fine but I didn’t really sleep so well just the idea that anybody could just walk in the room anytime and the shower in the morning was also a little bit uncomfortable because if not, I would have stayed another night there to rest, but the next day, I was just like, let’s get out of here, I don’t want to stay here anymore and then today’s ride was just pretty exhausting I guess not such easy roads and yeah, altitude maybe but I think, the bottom line is and I talked about this in my last live chat and I said when I reach episode 50 of this season, I’m going to take a break because I am on this super ridiculous kind of upload schedule I am my own worst boss, I don’t give myself any rest at all, I am working all the time I think sometimes, not everybody realises how much work it is, to bring out a video every other day and do all the riding and do logistics and sort out things for Dhanno, and maintenance and then I have the website with the blog and social media, and.. it’s just too much! And in the live chat I already said that if I want to last until Alaska I need to also give myself some breaks I think both physically I’m really tired and mentally as well being on YouTube and social media all the time it costs energy Being exposed to I don’t know, anybody having an opinion about you I don’t know I just need a break from it all I guess and just need a rest, really need a rest so I can continue the adventure with you know, a lot of energy and that I don’t have to stop, kind of half-way during the day like today because I’m just exhausted so I think it’s important to take a rest and not work ALL the time. so that’s what I’m going to do so this is the last video for some time I don’t know yet how long but I think, several weeks that I’m going to take a rest and I will not be doing that here I will go somewhere else to spend some time I don’t know yet exactly where but I’ll figure that out tonight or tomorrow or something and it will also give me some time to fix some things for Dhanno, wait for the new windshield which is coming the company Hitchcocksmotorcycles is sending me a new one and in the last video I showed you that I lost the foot of the side stand and you know, you can do all sorts of temporary fixes for that but I think this is a good time so I can sort something out for that and fix the GoPro holder and.. all sorts of things like that and take proper care of Dhanno like after today, you know, I need to clean the air filter, I need to do small things I don’t know, I need to do a lot of things but yeah so this was the last video for some time I hope you can understand where I’m coming from and I’m pretty sure that when I come back, I’ll have plenty of energy again to continue the ride and I’m looking forward to everything that is coming still on this adventure but sometimes it’s also important to listen to yourself and to your body and just know that I am physically and mentally really exhausted and I need a break, so that is going to happen now sorry. So, that was it for today, I hope you still like this video if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!

100 comments on “[S2 – Eps. 50] I’m OUT!

  1. Never say sorry what you are doing is monumental all the riding the editing ect,of course you will be missed maybe we are just being spoilt having a video every other day but for certain will miss you but realy looking forward to you starting your vlogs again.You take care rest up and have some enjoyment.

  2. So sensible dear Noraly. You are at risk of lapses of concentration when tired. You are the only person I know that still looks so lovely when you are so knackered! Rest well, I know me and thousands of others look forward to your future journies.

  3. When you mentioned that you are having a break for "several weeks but I will not be doing that here" I'm imagining a vertical take-off aircraft whisking you away to Davos to sort out those world leaders with your pearls of wisdom and then enjoying a well-earned break at a Swiss chalet in a secluded alpine spot. Very Bond-like!

    Take as long as you need and consider perhaps fewer updates (perhaps combining 2 days into 1?). We will all remain appreciative of this great adventure of yours.

  4. Noraly, it's OK, you did super super good. I have about 380k km in US on my bikes, I know how strong you are, but is your attitude that cheers me up. Good rest, see you soon.
    San Jose, California.

  5. Rest Up Noraly, we will see you on the other side. I'll miss the videos. Funny, I was thinking the other day that I couldn't see how you kept up this pace with publishing videos.

  6. One video per week would be enough, Or? But you could loose money from Youtube due to the adverts, but anyway reduce some social media. Unfortunately as far as I know you, it will not take several weeks to the next video 🙂 Take care.

  7. Asjeblieft geen haast maken en pin je niet vast op een datum om weer te beginnen.
    Gewoon relaxen en dan krijg je vanzelf weer zin
    ,wij blijven zorg goed voor je zelf ondertussen. Age

  8. Hello, Noraly!!! I'm from russia. I like watch you video. You are strong and beautiful girl!!! So Very nice places, where visited you.

  9. Woot! That was a dusty ride alright.
    Come to think of it, girl, it’s very natural for people to harbour opinions, however, when they harbour some that challenge who you are, they can go to hell in a hand cart.
    Enjoy your break!

  10. While I'll miss your videos, temporarily, I'm glad you're taking a break. I'm reasonably sure the amount of work it takes to produce the content is far more than most realize. I think you're a fine filmmaker. Your editing, choice of music, composition, drone flying are all first rate. You make it look easy, when I know it isn't. You make it look fun, and I bet it is really fun!

    Thank you for your efforts, and please rest up!

  11. Het is helemaal niet zo verwonderlijk, toen je al geen tijd nam om te wachten op een rondleiding bij een bijzondere plaats (weet niet meer wat daar was) toen dacht ik, waarom niet een uurtje wachten, je komt daar nooit weer. Dus ik /wij kijken uit naar het vervolg van je reis over een paar weken, met een uitgeruste Noraly.

  12. After watching your video's I am exhausted. . . the long drives you take, the rough roads, the desolation all exhaust me as if I'm on the bike doing the riding. It's time to sit back and take a breather and reflect on what you've done and where you've been. No sense in rushing your travelogue. . . that can result in hazardous unforeseen situations.

  13. Thank you for putting so much of your time and effort into making all of this happen. I have enjoyed watching all of your videos, from the first part of your travel adventures last year, up until now. It will be interesting to continue to see what adventures lie ahead on your return.
    Rest and be well. 👍

  14. Wise and good decision!!! Your yourney should be fun and not fighting and we all don`t want to watch you fighting through the day, too! Take a good rest and see you, we stay tuned in Patience…..

  15. There was Iohan on his bike! I want to see the world!
    On the road since almost 4 years. Or better: On anything from footpath to autobahn.

  16. Maybe buying a ticket to The Netherlands and stay a few weeks with family is the best option to charge the battery.

  17. take a good rest and take it all the time you need …and don't worry we"ll be always there when you come back…big hug…

  18. You deserve a break even if you had nothing to repair or do. I can't even imagine the crazy schedule of riding and editing. I couldn't do it, you are an amazing YouTuber. No reasons or excuses needed. You've made great progress and Argentina is almost history. From glaciers and penguins to Mars like landscapes. From freezing to boiling, you've been through a lot in a short period of time. I look forward to your return. Rest well and stay safe.

  19. I was winderung how much longer you could go on like this…
    Take your time and send an update per week when you feel fit again to go on

  20. Noraly… I am delighted that you are taking a break from your killer schedule. As my cardiologist told me after implanting a stint in my heart, if you have to follow a strict schedule you can plan to see me again in five years. That was good advice and I recommend it. I am among your many followers that look forward to every video you post and don't want you to burn out and stop wanting to make more videos. It's time for you to take a well earned break. Please enjoy your down time. Best wishes…

  21. you have been staying in motels that's i wouldn't get caught in without a M-1 tank outside "be careful be safe" get your rest.

  22. Spending lots of time at high altitude can really sap your strength especially if you are active during that time. Look up the effects of hypoxia….

  23. Take much rest… walk down the street… take medication… dont compell urself to get back into ride… allow ur mind to decide it itself… u will really get informed by it when u r ok… wait for that specific time

  24. Yay! for the drone flying again! Take your time with this rest and recuperation. You deserve it, even though you seem to be a force majeure in many ways.

  25. Hi Noraly, I am a great fan of you… I have watched all of your videos and have so much respect for what you are doing. I have always wondered how you are able to doing riding all day and then edit video and upload it. Have a break, take some rest. Hope to see you soon back on the road.

  26. Hi Noraly. Your assessment of your present situation is absolutely spot on. You need a break for sure and your true followers realise that. We will be here when you come back. Your current schedule is too punishing and leaves no time for you to enjoy the journey. And the journey is the all important thing. My advice when you come back is to leave more interval between vlogs so you have time to breathe a little. Kinga (on her bike) does a vlog per week and seems to manage ok. Anyway, you take all the time you need to recharge and reassess and enjoy yourself a little. We will miss you but understand. If you get the time why not post a single foto on Facebook now and then just to let us know you're ok. Good luck and best wishes. George from Glasgow. xx.

  27. Hi Noraly

    Haters will always hate but F*&K them.
    Fantastic and kind to allow us to ride along with you…..
    My wife and I look forward to the next upload when you have taken some time for you.

    We Love you D&G Xxx

  28. Retired pilot here. At the altitudes you are at we would have been required to use oxygen. And that's to sit in an airplane and watch the autopilot fly, not horsing a top-heavy motorcycle through deep sand on a washboard road all day. Without eating. You have my deepest respect and best wishes!

  29. No needs to explain or apologize for needing a rest. There are few people that could pull off what your doing. The most important thing is you stay well and safe. You go girl.

  30. Hi Noraly!!
    You are a wonderful rider, only you need a time for you!!
    I recommend you rest in Arica which is a city in northern Chile, quiet and close to the sea, with good weather and you are currently relatively close.

  31. Totally support your decision, listening to your body and mind is so important. Might consider only doing one or two vlogs per week so you can enjoy your adventure a little more. Maintenance on bike can be as much fun riding. Rest well

  32. How will I cope without my daily fix, Noraly? Hope that you have a well earned rest and that you get the fixes done on the bike.
    That last day so obviously took its toll on you, you need to rest and recharge your battery pack just like the GoPro! I’ll be looking for you coming back, bye for now – hoyhoytoo.

  33. Hi Noraly from Northern India. I am so glad that you're taking a break. Please take good care of yourself, have a decent rest, your vlog will always be there.
    You have many, many people who love you and your incredible experiences that you have shared so honestly with us. I have followed you since you took delivery of Basanti in the Delhi and have been so enthralled by you and your achievements. Have a great break and get back to us only when you are ready, love from Banbasa, India.

  34. Ik ontdekte jou vlog een paar weken geleden en ben vooraan begonnen. (ben nu bij S01E80 ergens….) Toen ik zag dat je een break ging nemen werd ik nieuwsgierig en heb deze aflevering bekeken. Knap hoe je dit allemaal doet en ik denk dat velen niet beseffen hoeveel werk het kost. Neem je tijd en denk er aan: Niks MOET, alleen ademhalen en eten…;) Een aardigheidje: Op 9 januari jl zit ik met een koptelefoon op jou vlog te kijken toen mijn vrouw met een telefoon in haar handen naast me kwam staan, ik koptelefoon af, zegt ze: We zijn opa en oma geworden van TIJN. Je snapt dat ik die aflevering niet meer heb afgekeken maar als ze mij straks vragen wat ik aan het doen was toen ik te horen kreeg dat ik voor de 1e keer opa was geworden dan zal steevast het antwoord zijn: "Het vlog van Itchy Boots aan het kijken!!"

  35. Awww Noraly mighty thanks for all these wonderful episodes this season so far. Understandably you need break. CHILLAX and take care!!! See ya soon.

  36. Hi Noraly Please take care of yourself and take breaks to Enjoy the trip and not worry about posting frequently – You can always bunch them and release them later. Your comment about thinking a section of the road was paved, while in reality it was not, had me wondering, if you should use the Google satellite view to zoom down and scout the sections that you have to travel during the day before you head out for the day.

  37. Dear Noraly, you don't have to explain taking a break. The trip is exhausting and we can see its catching up on you. Enjoy your break. I hope you chill. We will be waiting for you when you are ready to re-start!! I and many others have been with you since India and we will be with you all the way to Anchorage!!

  38. oh Noraly I will miss you and your videos. It is always a great pleasure to see your reports. but surely you are right, take the time off and recover well. my greatest respect for your trip. I look forward to hearing and seeing you again soon. bye for now

  39. At the point where it isn't any fun anymore, then it's definitely time to step back and take a deep breath! You have a long way to go yet, and you have to take care of yourself and maybe a little scooter maintenance too. Find a sleepy place with good margaritas! We'll all be here when you get back 🙂

  40. You don't owe anything to anyone, but probably a rest to yourself 🙂 Enjoy it and don't feel pressured to return before you feel it's right to do so. Safe travels 🙂

  41. Hello Noraly
    Thank you for the wonderful videos! I wish you all the best and come back healthy and relaxed! I'm waiting for you ! See you soon !!!!!!

  42. When you have your Bike serviced, you may want to change the Brake Fluid front, and back, and replace the fork oil as well. The sort of riding you've had to do is really rough , so increased frequency in maintenance is useful. Trouble free miles in all your traveling days.

  43. Hi Noraly! take good care and enjoy your break! btw in future would you be doing 21:9 aspect ratio? all these scenery really looks awesome in 21:9

  44. Have a good rest! You’ve been an inspiration to me. I bought a Himalayan and you were the seller! Drove 3200 km taking it home from Campinas – São Paulo to Fortaleza- Ceará (Brazil).

  45. I watched your live stream where you spoke of this. I hope you enjoy your time off! I feel you should give yourself more set time away from the channel. Perhaps every 3 months you can take a week off! Also going to a 3 day upload schedule would give you time to take at least 1 full day off per week and allow you to recharge (or at least I think).

    Good luck!

  46. Take care of yourself and have a break, because you REALLY deserve it.
    We have a word here in Wales that can't really be translated to English, but I'm sending you a virtual "cwtch".

    And a friend who v-logs (Hubnut) is on tour in New Zealand and Australia, and like you he was posting every day and he too had to take a break because he was getting burnt-out with daily posting, and he wasn't having to cope with the type of travelling you have.

    Good luck and stay safe.

  47. High altitude can take toll on the body. It is better to go to lower altitude , body can recover fast.

    Ya you need a break. Be on road non stop is not easy.

  48. Shall miss you my friend and your wonderful blogs,got into a habbit of beholding them almost everyday without thinking of enormous hardwork that you go through to present them to us….. Thanks! Again. Have a peaceful break and enjoy only with yourself….. shall eagerly wait for your next blog when you reboot yourself ☺️🙏

  49. Noraly, you've already have traveled the world, you have more experience, skill and know-how than the 99.99999% of the people on the planet and just about 100% of the social media warriors. You owe nothing to us! I much rather prefer you alive and telling the story, rather than bringing yourself to a catastrophe. I'm looking forward to hear from you again, when? It doesn't matter.. good things take time

  50. Think that's a sensible decision. have a good break and chance to get your bike ready for the next chapter. It's not a race.
    I always wondered what riding north from the southern tip was like. I'll never get there but its a great pleasure to watch your vlog.

  51. Hi Noraly, Enjoy your rest, i think you,ve earned it, glad to see your in good spirits even though your so tired, nice to see you dealing with Hitchcocks, they are really helpful and have that personal touch that makes you want to go back for more, i bought and fitted a powertronic amongst other accessories from them for my Himalayan and they helped me fine tune the bike which they didn`t really need to, looking forward to some more of your adventures soon, thanks for sharing Noraly.

  52. You are really gutsy abd tough to pursue this adventure travelling, congrats to you and enjoy your break. Not many folks can keep up with the tough routine , riding and the dreaded video editing must take ages. See you soon.

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