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[S2 – Eps. 56] Crossing into BOLIVIA!

[S2 – Eps. 56] Crossing into BOLIVIA!

So, welcome on the “Altiplano”. “Altiplano”
means high plains in Spanish and I have been riding a little bit on the
Altiplano in Argentina and also a little bit in Chile, but the vast majority of the
Altiplano lies in Bolivia Good morning Internet! It is 8:20 in the
morning and welcome back to the channel I am still in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, but this is the last day in Chile as well. Today I’m going to a new country on
this trip which is Bolivia. Crossing the border today. I am pretty excited about
going to Bolivia now. I’ll be riding for several days in a pretty remote area. The
route that I’m going to take is called “Ruta de las Lagunas” and pretty much the entire route is at high altitude and then I’m talking, I think, almost 5000
meters altitude, so I am going to take it a little bit easy. I’m going to try not
to ride too long of a distance every day. So I did some preparations here in San Pedro.I bought Bolivianos which is the currency in Bolivia, because as soon as I
cross the border there’s not going to be an ATM anywhere. so I’m now going to pick up Dhanno which was sitting at the parking, ride her back to the hostel and
then load her up. Goodbye! All right, I am all filled up, which is
important because there won’t be any petrol for several days but with my spare petrol cans and my full
tank I should be able to make it, so now let’s go to the border with Bolivia. It’s
about 50 kilometers to the border and we gonna do a lot of climbing because now I
am at 2400 meters and we’re gonna quickly climb a lot Bolivia.. this way and I am at 4655 meters. That’s a
lot of climbing in a short period of time Now this is the Chile side of the
border, but I don’t know.. we just go in Sorry? I wait here? Ok.. Hello! You first have to do immigration. You have to go with your passport and after that you do the customs. You have to give the paper.. where did you enter? In Paso Sico.. At Paso Sico they gave you a paper. – Yes, yes And you have to wait a little bit in the office because the electricity is out and it will come back in a minute and afterwards, when they are finished, you exit here Do you speak Spanish? – Yes We keep this paper, because the electricity is out This paper counts because there is no computer With this paper I will enter it in the computer later Ok, alright. Yes, yes.. Where are you going? Bolivia. And after? To Peru I’m not coming back to Chile. You are not coming back here? Perfect.. You can go up to the gate, with this mister And the Bolivian side is only.. 5 minutes right? Yeah you will get there in 5 minutes. Ok Well it’s actually quite easy to leave
because they had a problem with the system.. electricity or something.. so they
couldn’t actually do anything so they just stamped me out and said okay bye So the Bolivian side of the border is
supposed to be very close whoa it is super busy here excuse me?
where do I go? This way? Oh It’s a little busy here. All right I have
to admit that I skipped the line a little bit, but everybody is with tour
groups so they have to wait anyway So I just did the immigration and now they said it’s 5 kilometers to
do the customs Okay Bolivian customs So that was another step completed.. Dhanno got 60 days into Bolivia and I only have 30 days, but if I would like to stay longer I
can extend it. Should not be a problem but let’s see
ciao adios.. so the next step is to buy a ticket to the national park because now
I’m entering a national park as you can see it is very popular amongst tour
groups Hello.. where do I have to go? There you have to pay 150 Bolivianos. Ok, thanks You want to enter the National Park? Ok, 150 Bolivianos Well I guess I can finally say it:
Welcome to Bolivia!! So welcome on the “Altiplano”. “Altiplano”
means high plains in Spanish and I have been riding a little bit on the
Altiplano in argentina and also a little bit in Chile but the vast majority of
the Altiplano lies in Bolivia and it is the second highest and biggest altiplano
in the world, after the one in Tibet, but the difference with this one and the one
in Tibet is that this one is dotted with volcanoes everywhere and you don’t get
that in Tibet and the area of the Altiplano is also the area where the
Andes is the widest of the entire South America. It’s absolutely fantastic. I’m
all the time riding welll above 4,000 meters.. at 4,700 or something. Super high! and sometimes the roads are quite ok, like now, but the majority is horrible.
It’s all like washboard.. pretty pretty bad, a lot of rocks, it’s quite rough, so I can’t ride too fast and then if you don’t get enough speed on the washboard, it’s awful but hey it doesn’t is stunning here and I am about to enter the Salvador Dali desert which is
right over there, you see some rocks sticking out of the sand. Maybe it’s a
bit far but that is the Salvador Dali desert.. so let’s go hello…. hello how are you? Good! Hello! – hello friend Guesthouse? Here? Or not? Yes.. yes Do you have a room? Yes, I have but I still have to make the room Like last night there were guests So I have to make the beds, it will be ready later Ah you have to clean them. Yes At what time? More or less? In one hour. In one hour it’s ready? Yes And how much does it cost? 50 Bolivianos Can I see the room? Yes How many people are there? Only me. The only one? yes There are 4 beds But it’s private? Or do I have to share the room? No, if you want it for you alone, you can have it for yourself So they have a room.. they have a room but she still needs to clean it, so I could come back in an hour
so I’m gonna have a lunch now. So like I explained before..
there’s loads of volcanoes in the area but besides volcanoes, there’s just a lot
of geothermal activity going on, so you also have some geysers and hot springs.
So I am gonna see if I can have a dip in the hot spring, so that would be already
the second video in a row that I am bathing somewhere.. but this is not salty
so this should be a lot nicer it’s so gorgeous here look there’s also a few flamingos in the distance but I’ll see more flamingos later on I just have the entire pool to myself, oh it’s so nice.. let’s see oh this is super warm water.. I’m just going to sit here Oh this is nice.. so relaxing So that was it for today, I really hope
you like this video if you did please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe
down below and then I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Can't beat big single cylinder bikes. All torque. Have had 500cc and up to 660cc singles for the past 20 some odd years. Never a break down, and have put on more than 100,000 miles easy. Current bike has about 80,000 on it now. Cross continent trips etc. Can't do 150 MPH, but who cares or wants to?

  2. The scenery has been so amazing and the production so excellent that I've started watching your channel on the big screen in the living room instead of an iPad. And I have not been disappointed, but it has turned up one minor problem: the big system also has a subwoofer and one (only) of your mics really fires that up with wind noise. It's when you walk and talk with the camera at arm's length in high wind; the mic in your helmet doesn't do it, even when there's obviously a lot of wind. It didn't bother me with headphones, so you won't hear it, if you even have any with you. I'd suggest, if your software can do it, running the audio from these clips through a high pass filter, say 60Hz. Not, of course, the final soundtrack with that enjoyable music, and, as I said, the helmet mic doesn't appear to need it.

    You've inspired me to plot a trip to this stunning part of the world. Thank you!

  3. Noraly, you can't even imagine how much I envy you. This trip of yours is not only entertaining but therapeutic, as well, for the soul and spirit! May you ride safe and thanks for sharing with us this amazing adventure!

  4. Hi Noraly, You must put so much work into these video's, I've tried editing a few of my own and usually end up leaving them. Once again the drone footage was epic. Enjoy the hot springs you thoroughly deserve the break x stay safe x

  5. you do well . yesterday i was in utrecht and have seen your old bike dano .. also there were people who are follow you ,……..have nice day .also met a woman and a man who are also travelling over the world ……a nora she drives a Suzuki v strom 650 .

  6. Another great video. Thank you for sharing your adventure. My friends and I will be touring the western US this summer. Maybe we will cross paths.

  7. I visit Basanti on the stand of Royal Enfield on the motorcycle fair in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Knowing that you are making such a big promotion for their brand, it was disappointed that they didn't mentioned the link to your website on the billboard with your picture.
    You deserve a lot more subscribers 😉😉
    Keep up the spirit and let us enjoy your adventures 👍👍

  8. I recognized this place from last year when Pedro Mota crossed into Bolivia last year. Cool!

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    By far the best content of any channel out there, thank you for being amazing.

  10. Another new country Noraly, but always your smile and happiness. This first ride in Bolivia in that lunar scenery is awesome. Bonne route as we say in' France. Cheers.

  11. Well, itcould have been worse Noraly. Let you in for 60 days and Dahanno for 30 ….. Fantastic following your adventures. BobUK

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  13. Is one of your videos about your software? Your videos are very well made just wondered if you had some really expensive editing software.

  14. You are the best possible ad for Royal Enfield! If Dhanno can make it over so much washboard road without blowing the shock absorbers, then it is huge testimony in favor of their bikes. Good luck on the road!

  15. When you say you're riding slowly could you give us some idea of your km/hour? Thanks for all the excellent episodes which are so informative.

  16. A well prepared 'lama' on the plate, and then a warm bath to relax with that incredeble vieuw. Life is not getting any better. 😉

  17. Please try to stay at indigenous people. They need every support after a US-backed coup and a current right wing white christian government, which is already treating the indigenous people and try to steal their rights again….

  18. ❤❤❤❤👍👍❤❤❤❤متابع من العراق السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

  19. Bolivia a dream of a country
    People are friendly landscape is great
    Food is absolute top
    Ceviche is a must to try over there
    Also street food hamburgessas are an experience
    Ride safe and wenn you are in Alaska don’t stop
    Just turn right in to canada and finish of in Labrador and Newfoundland
    We definitely will welcome you on your travels

  20. Hi Noraly! I wish you the best in Bolivia! One question, in this video you said that after Bolivia you would go to Perú, you will not visit Brazil, Uruguay or Paraguay? Greetings from México!

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  23. I've family there all over the country! The riding from the Andes down to Santa Cruz/ flatlands is amazing, excited for you! Cheers!

  24. This girl is tougher that most give credit for here. Some of you molly coddle the woman with patronising remarks about her safety. She is worldy wise and very diligent. Yeah she is blonde and petit, but that is just the wrapping for a very savvy and tough bird. Nuff said.

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    I like to watch and compare Noraly to Pedro Moto, one is Calm and sweet and other is on the wilder side
    Got to compare their Hot Spring styles at 9:30 in Pedro Moto's Ep:53 in Bolivia

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  31. Wow…I lived in Bolivia years ago, but never been to where you are at. Been to Sucre, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz. Looks so fun. Enjoy your adventure.

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