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[S2 – Eps. 57] Riding the Ruta de Las Lagunas in Bolivia by MOTORCYCLE

[S2 – Eps. 57] Riding the Ruta de Las Lagunas in Bolivia by MOTORCYCLE

Perfect! Thank you! Very good, thank you! Good morning internet! It is 08:15 in the morning and welcome back to the channel It is a lovely day again! Look at it! Yesterday in the evening there were a lot of dark clouds coming in and it rained quite a bit late afternoon and in the evening so I hope that the tracks are dry today and it’s not going to be too difficult Today is day number 2 of the Ruta de las Lagunas and today I’m riding to Laguna Colorado the coloured lagoon, it’s not very far I do this on purpose because I’m riding at super high altitudes the tracks are not so easy so I try to just not make it too hard for myself and just have an easy ride and arrive there in time so that’s the plan for today so let’s go! well, now it’s a beautiful day again look at this oh and I had a pancake breakfast so that’s I think the first pancake breakfast since I arrived in South America so that’s a nice change after all that toast It really is a shame of all the tracks everywhere because it’s relatively dry here and with this ground that basically means: once a track, always a track, they don’t just disappear anymore and then you just get this yeah, the entire landscape is full of car tracks it’s really a shame I get why they do it, because this, where I’m riding now, this is supposed to be the main road, see now I don’t even know which one is the main road, but it’s super bumpy, so the cars just take these side tracks here which are probably less bumpy but yeah eventually, those side tracks are also going to be bumpy because the more cars pass, the more they kick up the the dirt, and create the washboard Let’s see.. Hostel See if I can get a room here Hello! Good afternoon! Excuse me? Where are you going? From? The Netherlands You come from The Netherlands? Yes On the motorcycle? On the motorcycle Just alone? Do you have a room? Yes I will open the door over there I’m going to open it Come on in! Thank you Do you have a private room? I don’t have private Only.. But a room for you alone is possible Yes? Ok! This room can be for you alone I am not going to share Ok, and how much is it? 50 Bolivianos.. Okay And.. bathroom? The bathroom is over there The bathroom .. ok, perfect Those are the toilets and there is the shower So I found a place to stay the owner seemed to be going quite strong on the coca leaves ugh, I don’t like chewing this coca leaf leaves but I made it to Laguna Colorado there are already flamingos there, look So I’m just going for a short walk see some view point and ehm then I’m going to try and get some food I don’t know, I asked the owner: can I eat something here and he was like: no but then his wife was like: yes and then they went back and forth with ‘no’ and ‘yes’ a few times so I’m sure it will be fine For Dhanno and me it was a super bumpy ride the both of us really took a beating but I guess.. as always, it was definitely worth it look at all these flamingoes so many of them these rocks actually are the trail I just have climb this hill and then there is a viewpoint wow this is amazing I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon here relaxing with the flamingoes so that was it for today, I really hope you liked this video, if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video Ah perfect! Thank you! Very good! Thank you So I got some lunch after all which I am really happy with because, I still have some snacks with me but yeah, snacks are not really a proper meal so they gave me a soup, with what is this? oh some meat in it and some vegetables and some bread so.. well, the soup is pretty good I think the meat is lama meat. Now I’m not an expert on lama meat but given that it’s the only animal which is around here and it does taste a bit like… uhm lama but no, it’s nice, it’s really nice

45 comments on “[S2 – Eps. 57] Riding the Ruta de Las Lagunas in Bolivia by MOTORCYCLE

  1. I know you don't like talking about money matters, but could you please tell us around how much you have spent on gas in this journey so far?

  2. I’m absolutely loving what you’re sharing with us, Noraly. Such an adventure. One comment – unlike some others, during the riding scenes I would sooner be hearing Dhanno than the music. Dhanno’s sound would make the experience so much more real.

  3. You flying the drone in front of that steam Geysir or what that is was an amazing view. I'm always happy to watch your videos. I wish you all the best. Ride safe. And ride and ride and ride…🏍️😜

  4. As always great ride today with Noraly. Would have been interesting if you had discussed the unusual rock formations that appear in this video. Look forward to your next video, take care…and drive safe.

  5. Great video. Beautiful scenery. Love the solitude. Watching you on the roads make my teeth hurt with all the washboard, but a small price to pay for the journey. Stay safe….

  6. I have a silly question, after you've stopped and go on these hikes around, do you do that in your riding boots or do you change shoes? Riding boots don't seem that comfortable to walk in for that distance.

  7. At 5000m the air pressure will be around 500 mbar. That's tough ! The ECU in Dhanno will take the reduced air pressure into account, but what will it mean for the power of the engine ? Any experts around ?

  8. How many of us viewers can make such a decision, to just chill out for the remainder of the afternoon with the flamingos? What an epic journey.

  9. Oh come on Itchy, the "washboard" thing is starting to wear thin, get in contact with HyperPro or Hickcocks and they will sort that out for you, you are too light for your spring rate, you could just be floating along if you wanted to!

  10. Shots of the laguna are spectacular, and the hostel keeper is a true character – I hope his wife made the soup!

    Endless washboard – how are your fork seals holding up?

  11. Your comments about all the car tracks permanently defacing the natural desert has shown me there is little native desert not permanently scarred with car, bike, and offroad vehicle tracks. That is the one thing I hoped most you would NOT see…the ecosystem of the desert is extremely fragile…What takes years normally to grow takes decades or even centuries in a desert. What you are documenting is the desert being destroyed just like it was in North America when I grew up in the 1950's, sigh.

  12. Question. Anyone else get a bit concerned with the selfie stick riding. We all appreciate the effort to make these fantastic perspectives but just seems an unnecessary risk on rough terrain.

  13. 1. Is the heaven on this height really so deep blue (navy blue)?
    2. Why those roads in South America get so bumpy? What makes them like that? After all, the wheels are round, not angular. I never met such a road in Europe, never. Does anybody know the explanation?

  14. What amazing scenery! the videos shot by your drone! Thanks for bringing it all home to us. You do all the hard work, and we get to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  15. Spectacular! I live in western U.S. where we have many open, low precipitation landscapes like this. When there are no trees blocking the view, you appreciate the topography, colors, textures of everything around you….yes, and the smells of things like the hot water geysers you visited–sulphur odors? You can see for miles and miles and miles! As you travel through these high elevation areas, I wonder how far the people who live there have to travel to get supplies. Maybe there are trucks that come through every so often with gas and food supplies? As always, thank you for the wonderful video!

  16. Thank you for your detailed journey! Thumbs up.
    If possible, include a map of area where you are or you'll move, so to identify your trip. Thanks! 🙂

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