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[S2 – Eps. 68] ESCAPING more destructive rain in BOLIVIA!

[S2 – Eps. 68] ESCAPING more destructive rain in BOLIVIA!

Do you need help? – Yes, he needs it Good morning Internet! It is 06:55
in the morning and welcome back to the channel. I just look outside for the
first time since I woke up. I’m really happy to see this.. hello – so I’m gonna
leave early I’m gonna have breakfast now and then leave, because.. I’ll explain you why I’m leaving extra early today that is because more rain is coming. I
think the lady will come.. but, ummm so yesterday I waited here. Yesterday was
sunny, it was dry, which was good and I would have wanted to wait today as well
to make sure that the paths are dry and that there’s.. I don’t know.. that the water
crossings are a little bit less intense! But the problem is that this afternoon
it’s gonna rain again, and then the weather forecast predicts like four days
of heavy rain. So I better get out of here before that happens. And now the
weather forecast said that it starts raining at one o’clock, so.. and I have one
hundred kilometers to go before I hit the main roads, so I’m going to do the
plan that I explained in the last video: I’m gonna ride another dirt road out of
here, to the main road and then try to make it to La Paz in one day. So the
first hundred kilometers will be on dirt and then after that it’s another
two hundred seventy on tarmac so it’s gonna be a long day, and especially that
first hundred kilometers. Knowing my average speed on these type of roads
it’s gonna be tricky to even make it before the rain starts again. So that’s
why I thought: okay I leave early.. Leave in time and try to get out of here before
this really bad weather comes again. So that’s the plan. This is where Dhanno has been staying: inside the garage here, but now she has a little friend here blocking
the way out. This is my breakfast before I go, it looks really good! I got some
coffee with milk this is super fresh cheese, I’m sure she got it from the
market yesterday. It looks amazing! Then some bread and and omelet. So I’ll quickly finish this and then hit the road because now it’s already almost 7:30, so.. see if we can pass this Not sure if I’m supposed to ride here,
but I don’t know.. there’s no other way, I think. Look at all that fresh produce,
from all the mountains.. It’s super busy in town. Yesterday there was nobody! Bye! So now the race against the
clock starts.. I have about five hours to get on the paved road. If there is any rainfall there, it is no problem. So in those five hours I have to cover
100 kilometres, so that should be possible Given that my average speed on
those type of roads is about 25 km/hr, so it should be doable, but I have to.. braaap braaap braaap ride, ride, ride, before it’s too late..
okay so this is the.. how do you say that? “junction”.. I came from that road two days ago and now I’m gonna go take this one hopefully the road is in okay condition and no landslides See? So this is a last glance on
Independencia. It’s quite large hey! Yeah this is a GoPro thing, so most
likely you won’t see it.. but then I will tell you what I see! I see those clouds
there and just above the clouds I see super high mountains and I see snow on
top and those are the first snow-capped mountains since.. I don’t know..
somewhere in Patagonia. Definitely the first.. No! I forget! No, of course there
was snow in the Altiplano, yeah I forgot.. but still.. super cool to see snow-capped
mountains. Those are seriously high mountains there Llamas on the road! Hello there! Passing through a small village.. Wow look at this view here.. First village I’m passing through since
Independencia.. the people are looking at me like:
what earth is that? Not many motorcycle travelers pass through here, I have this feeling.. What a place to live..
Imagine having this view every single day. There’s a bus coming. See, I
already thought that this road was being used by bigger vehicles as well. Because it’s quite okay. Still, I’m impressed that buses and trucks ride here but.. Let me wait here for that bus. What a nice ride! I think this road is much better because
I’m riding all the time really high up.. So yeah, here you have a lot less landslides and stuff. The road that I took towards Independencia, it was a lot lower,
so yeah, there you get a lot more water on the road, you get landslides.. Whereas
if you’re riding like almost on the mountaintops, it’s safer in that regard Nice.. No I can’t.. After Independencia I couldn’t follow the Ruta 25 anymore it’s closed.. – And now, you will arrive this afternoon until where? Until La Paz? -Yes Do you need help? – Yes, he needs help! Do you have petrol? Yes? What things are you bringing? My entire life is here Very good! Yes.. you are going to Independencia? Yes, but I live here. You live here? Yes What is your name? Jorge My name is Noraly And your name? Nice to meet you. In that case, have a good journey! You too! I wish you all the best! Thank you! I wish you the best, bye! I stopped to see if everything was okay
with this bike, because he was walking.. but all seemed good. Thank you Oh baby llamas! Oh aren’t they just the cutest things? hello! hey! I wanna take home! So cute.. I am at the paved road.. look at this.. Oh Paved road.. It’s now 12 o’clock, so it took me
four hours to do this hundred kilometres kind of as expected.. Before the rain: no
rain! I am out of the woods! If there is any rain now then it will not be any problem.. Very smooth! And welcome to Bolivia’s de facto
capital: La Paz! And La Paz is full of these.. how do you call them? Thingies.. which are the main public
transport in the city.. it is awesome! I’m definitely going to ride one of those, or
a couple even. They are the best way to move around the city here.
Here, check this out.. Oh amazing, right? How widespread it is,
it’s incredible, what a city.. Look.. cool right?
This capital really is one of a kind Look at this.. have you ever seen a city
like this? Or, a capital city? Look here’s a station, see? So cool! No traffic lights here..
it’s a bit of a weird situation. I’ll just go.. Greenhouse Hostel So this is my room.. and I even have a
private balcony.. Look at this! With view on the cable car and Dhanno!
So that’s perfect. Let me sit down.. what a day. Eight hours riding.. I didn’t stop
to have a lunch, I’m super hungry, so I’m just gonna eat something now because it’s like four o’clock but I was just like let’s just get here. And yeah, what a day.. I loved it!
First hundred kilometers on the dirt road, it was spectacular. So, so, beautiful.
Every turn I was like: wow look at this view, look at this view.. and then as soon
as I hit the paved road it was a little bit boring. I was back at the Altiplano
so everything appears to be quite flat even though I was at 4,000 meters. But
yeah, the road wasn’t too interesting from that point on but yeah.. and then you
arrive in La Paz with the view. It’s not my first time, it’s my second time to La
Paz. I’ve been here eight years ago and yeah this is a pretty special city and
just the views, it’s just amazing so I’m going to spend a couple of days here. I
think the next video I will take one of these cable cars around the city and
there’s some things I have to sort out.. Fix the Speedo of Dhanno and a
couple of other things. I also need to extend my visa, because my 30 days in
Bolivia are almost over.. so I have to figure out how to extend my visa. It
shouldn’t be a big problem but I have to do it anyway. So, there’s quite
a few things I have to do in La Paz But you’ll see that in the next video, so that was it for today I really hope you liked this video, if you
did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see
you in the next video!

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    These countries you travel in do not have a health system that can handle the pandemi of the corona virus. Right now is it about to spread very quickly in USA. Borders will probably be closed. So get out of there the sooner the better.
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