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[S2 – Eps. 70] I have to leave my motorcycle behind…

[S2 – Eps. 70] I have to leave my motorcycle behind…

Hello! Good afternoon!
I was at the place but I didn’t find anybody and my shoes broke… Alright.. Good morning Internet! It is 7:00
in the morning and welcome back to the channel. I’m doing a slightly different
intro, but that is just because I’m a little bit late.. and I have a boat to catch! I’m
now in Puno in Peru, right at Lake Titicaca and my plan is to visit one of
the islands on lake Titicaca, called: Taquile, not tequila, but Taquile.. and I’m
catching a boat to there. Yesterday I went to the ticket office, and I asked
them: can I bring Dhanno on the boat and they told me that it’s never been done before but it is possible. So let’s see, because I think these boats are tiny! We’ll see
if Dhanno fits on a boat. If not, I have to go for plan B. I have a plan B, kind of..
but that Plan B means that I cannot catch the boat today then, but let’s find
out.. So I’m now just riding to the port of Puno and the weather doesn’t
really look so good either.. But okay, most likely I will be on the
boats most of the day. It’s a long ride, it’s about four hours, I
think, on the boat. Because yesterday when I went to buy the ticket, I
was walking, so I didn’t bring Dhanno with me and I just showed a picture, and
they were like: yeah, yeah it’s possible.. Good morning. Come on in my friend, for information on Taquile island. Yes, yesterday I already bought my ticket.. -Ah you already bought it? – I already spoke with the captain And he told me I can bring my motorcycle Where is the captain now? Now he is the captain You are the captain? – Yes Okay let’s go. – Yes? Okay! I can take this off.. Where do I go? To the end? Hmmm.. right
I have no idea how they’re thinking to.. get Dhanno on board Here… This one? Weight? 200 200 kilos? What type of engine? 400 cc Which boat? The second.. Not possible? Why do you want to take it? Can’t you leave it here? I don’t have a place to.. We have a place.. of the community We, the community of Taquile, have a place. You can leave it there.. Is it safe? Yes, 100% safe Is it nearby? – Yes, it’s close from here Can I put my motorcycle there and come back to catch the boat? Yes, yes. -Yes, is there enough time? Can you show me..? Let’s go You can take your luggage off.. your backpack Do you want to sit? – Yes, yes Is this possible? Yes Where do I go? Straight? To the left? – Yes, over there Here? So I only just realized that Peru is not
in the same time zone as Bolivia.. Completely didn’t think about that, so
basically that means that I rocked up an hour early.. So it’s super early now! Look what I see over there! Now, that is another bucket dredger. That’s the second one in South
America. Remember that I saw one in Patagonia. And they also have a bucket
dredger here, it’s quite cool. Anyway kind of a shame that I have to
leave Dhanno behind, but I was already thinking.. I was already
doubting that I could bring her.. and now when I saw the boat, I was like: no way. No way! So these boats to the islands are run by the indigenous community so the
captain is from Island Taquile, where I’m going to, and it’s a different captain
then I expected, but he said that they have to be here at 5:30 in the
morning, and if they are only 10 minutes late, they lose their turn and then the
next one can can go. So on average each man of the community can one time per month work on the boat to the islands.. so they have kind of like a rotational
schedule So I’m now on one of the floating islands, all these islands are made of reed What is this called in Spanish? There are 90 floating islands here, this
is one of them and on this particular island there’s six families living here. I believe this is the house of the president, so each of the islands has his
own president. And to build an island like this, it takes about a year, a year
and a half, and then it will last for 30 years and then they build a new island.
They use 11 different anchors to keep the island on this position because
otherwise it’s gonna float all over the lake. So these islands are on Lake
Titicaca. I should say Titicaca, it’s not Titicaca but Titicaca. And Titi means Puma and
Caca means grey, so the lake means grey Puma, and it’s the biggest lake in South
America. And it’s interesting to see how some of these methods are still really
traditional but at the same time they have some really modern equipment like
these solar panels So I think it’s pretty amazing that they
now have electricity via these solar panels and each Island has these lookouts, these
ones.. and they told me that they use these lookouts to kind of peek at the
neighboring islands. So the people here speak Aymara and that is the same language as the majority of the people that live in La Paz speak. It’s slightly different accent but they can understand the
people of Bolivia that speak Aymara and then they also speak Quechua and they
also speak Spanish.. so they’re quite multilingual here So I just got dropped off by the boat, see? So I’m now on Taquile island, and now I
have to walk to my accommodation and I kind of look like a donkey See? I have to carry all my gear and my helmet and I think I have to get up this hill here.. yeah bringing Dhanno would have been
really impossible, impossible.. I don’t think I would have been able to get her
off here anyway.. so walking it is! I’m taking a small break. I’m sweating like a maniac! Oh this is tough, I’m dragging all of this stuff with me, and I just climbed
all the way up the hill from down there So that was a lot of steps. I think now
I have to walk that way, I think.. I was kind of hoping that the owner of the
guesthouse was coming to meet me so he could carry some bags, but there’s
nobody, so I have to carry all my stuff.. not so easy.. so this is the place where I’m staying
it is super beautiful here Let’s go Hello! Good afternoon! I was at the plaza but I didn’t find anybody and my shoes broke.. You were waiting for me in another place? Yes, I spoke with the captain and he told me you would be there The captain tells me that I have to get off here It’s okay.. what is your name? Noraly.. beautiful name! -Thank you We are going to walk a little? If you can.. My shoe is broken.. Do you have other shoes? – Yes Yes, yes, go with her So something went wrong.. the father of
Hector was waiting for me at the Plaza but the captain of the boat apparently
dropped me off somewhere else So there was a bit of a misunderstanding so, it’s all good.. and now Hector’s wife is gonna take me
to the Plaza, so From which country? – The Netherlands So you are traveling by motorbike? – Yes, yes You were born here? – Yes we were born here And you travel a lot to Puno? No, only once per month Sometimes twice per month, that’s it To buy things, that’s all.. -Yes to buy things Is there a supermarket here? No, we get things on Fridays and Sundays Ah, goods arrive with boats? Yes.. here comes Hector He is coming to the beach Hector is in this… – Yes It’s your boat? – Yes, it’s ours.. it’s small We use it to catch small fishes there That’s why we have it And also when we have friends that cannot walk, we can take them to the other island too Amantani? – Yes, Amantani.. we get there by boat Come here Can he see it? – Yes.. no, I don’t think so, no.. Hello Let’s go for a ride! Okay, I’ll see you later then! -Yes Thank you, bye! So they’ve now dropped me off at another part of the island And now I’m just gonna have a nice afternoon walk, back to their house, which is nice see something of the island And I’m back, so that was it for today. I
really hope you like this video, if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and
subscribe down below, and then I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. Dear all.. please note this video was recorded some time ago! The situation in Peru changed rapidly and drastically and I’ve been in mandatory lockdown for 9 days now. When I recorded this video, the borders of Peru were still open for a few days, there were very few Covid-19 cases in Peru and life was still going as normal, like in most parts in the world. After 9 days of lockdown there are still no cases reported in the entire province in Peru where I am now. Let’s try to enjoy this ‘normal’ travel video in these times of fear and distress. It’s the last one – things changed very fast from the next video onwards. Stay safe all of you and take care of each other..

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    Eres una mujer valiente pero que sabe cuidarse y no toma riesgos exagerados, por lo cual considero que tu viaje terminará bien, pero de todas formas tienes que cuidarte mucho. No se que planes tengas para visitar México, pero mucho me gustaría mostrarte algunas cosas que considero pueden ser de tu gran interés por las piedras y los estratos geológicos. Me gustaría llevarte al Servicio Sismológico Nacional (UNAM), donde se monitorea toda la costa y se generan las alertas sísmicas. Este fue el primer sistema de alerta sísmica bien desarrollado, y es impresionante que ni siquiera California tiene algo similar. Recuerda que la gran Tenochtitlan se construyó sobre un lago. T
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