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SAILING to our first MOUNTAIN BIKE destination Omiš: Coast Riders Pt 1// Project Freewheel Ep. 13

SAILING to our first MOUNTAIN BIKE destination Omiš: Coast Riders Pt 1// Project Freewheel Ep. 13

living in hard life is not so much as
living a life of dedication absolutely stunning so we’re just coming into Omis and
I’m really really excited because it being checked these guys on Instagram
called Coast Riders MTB and they have a little
thing going on in Omis and the trails look really incredible the mountain is
like awesome and they’ve offered to take us on a shuttle day and a pedaling day
and yeah I’m just sort of overwhelmed by their kindness so far they’ve hooked us
up with a guy that can give us some knowledge on Anchorage’s and some
sailing spots inside the harbor and bending over backwards for us in terms
of hospitality so hopefully we can return the favor in some way yeah it’s
just awesome I’m super looking forward to see what the trails are like here and
sailing to our first biking destination we’re nearly here we’re just the way to
get anchored look at this place so it’s absolutely stunning the mountains are
incredible we comeback them how’s this for an awesome Anchorage just pulled up
got the anchor down now we’re ready to go for a swim join us so it’s our first
day riding an oafish I think that’s how they were saying it last night these
bloody name is intuition I’m terrible for getting them wrong oh me oh me
spermies however yet a very very very calm anchorage last night leave we’re
right in over there so that’s gonna be a big day I’m really stoked excited see
what’s going on it’s our first time getting on the bikes and dakki dare so we’re gonna need a bike rack for this
thing this is def say at first today the bikes fit well I’m already
sweating got the bikes this you’re gonna bill got my shoes on now let’s get a
crust down stay fit always starting arrived with a massive climb in the heat haha that’s sick yeah yeah you Strad man Oh got to incisor and attached okay boss is crazy
how’s that my did not in there whoa well done
I could taste awesome trail ride by the ocean its feet sick fun crew to ride
with everyone’s – I’ll stop doing wheelies exactly how I like sir I want a
spot absolutely image it mr. ladies high-five
lady all right pleasure thanks for having us when a sinner from Folsom area
we’re currently on the north coast of Sicily and right now we’re about seven
weeks ahead of this week’s episode we’re super stoked on this video where we get
to sail to our first biking destination and next week’s episodes we will be
showcasing one of the trail network and know mesh and also interviewing Mirotic
under our clothes writers we want to give a massive shout out to all our new
subscribers or if you haven’t subscribed please hit the subscribe button so you
don’t miss any videos also give us a thumbs up that would be awesome if you
appreciate our footage gratia meal a child – arrow from Joseph Berea back to the start okay
we love batter let’s go

8 comments on “SAILING to our first MOUNTAIN BIKE destination Omiš: Coast Riders Pt 1// Project Freewheel Ep. 13

  1. Guys that one was really good !! Finally some bike 😉 beautiful editing to guys with the drone , follow cams and setting the scene . Thumbs up from "the bike wizard" !! Hopefully theres room in that dingy for a 3rd bike . Need to do a trip with you beauties !!

  2. Salve ragazzi! A few Italy suggestions for you two. We lived in Rome for a few years and found some great riding. Areas with rad riding and have a port to ride from:
    Civitavecchia (Basically Rome) Loose and chunky, Ride anything from the top Trailforks has it all.
    Punta Ala- Must ride: Bandite Area (Tres Dita, Roco, etc) Grunt to the top but well worth it.
    Elba Island- Not our fav but you know……it's riding in a new place. Best area was in an old mining claim.
    Enjoy, you can ride all these year-round. in bocca al lupo!

  3. We are super pleased to present what we have been dreaming about for the last 3 years. Sailing to our first bike destination! What a time we had. Stick around for part 2 next week. Watch our journey from the beginning:

  4. this is so cool, and such a fantastic way to live, if you ever find yourself pulling into Atlantic Canada, hit me up!!!

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