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Salt fields and Dead motorbike – KAMPOT CAMBODIA

Salt fields and Dead motorbike – KAMPOT CAMBODIA

hello everyone and welcome to Kampot
Cambodia Kampot is a city on the Preaek Tuek Chhu River in southern Cambodia is known by
its famous pepper plantation and salt fields as you can see behind me is the salt
fields you might be wondering how they process the salts let me explain to you
guys they capture the water to this large ponds and the water drawn out through
natural evaporation which allow the salt to be subsequently harvest they are
collecting the raw salt and pill it up to the warehouse in the corner of my best friend sofa you
were caring person rum and cola wasn’t brave enough yet just to talk to you not a smooth talker under pressure
sweaty palms special yeah smoking outside trying to get your
attention you make me nervous we are headed to Bokor mountain which
is the top of the mountain and we just take a quick break here I think another 20
kilometer more oh yeah I know it’s a cute helmet let’s do some b-roll I will buddies brother now Oh my friend just gave up to go back to the
Mountain it’s alright see you guys tomorrow good morning guys after what happened
yesterday our bike was broken and my friend gave up to come back to the
mountain and finally we made it to the top of the Mountain

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