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Salty Rusty Bike Chain (Quick Fix)

Salty Rusty Bike Chain (Quick Fix)

If you go out to your bike and your
chain looks like this. You need to do
something about it. This is the product of salt and
moist weather and yeah just dirt on the roads. You need to clean it. First I just
use a cloth while rotating the chain like that. After I just dry clean
this with a cloth and the cloth is quite dirty and i’ll use wet lubricant. I
don’t know if this is good or not but it seems to work. After applying the
lubricant I just spin it. And then let it rest for about 5 to 10 minutes and then dry it off with the cloth again. I cleaned most of the oil off and now it
looks pretty decent. It will probably survive the rest of the
winter, and I should actually move it more backwards, but i’m not sure if I can do
that. I tried to do that many weeks ago and I couldn’t. so maybe I should i will just replace
the the the gear here and also the chain after this winter.

22 comments on “Salty Rusty Bike Chain (Quick Fix)

  1. Just put a new chain on it will never be as good even if the rust looks as if it has gone the rollers won't be as good anymore ad the rust will have caused excess wear

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