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Santic Asgar Padded Cycling Bib Short Review – feat. Mesh Straps + 4D Chamois + Affordable Price

Santic Asgar Padded Cycling Bib Short Review – feat. Mesh Straps + 4D Chamois + Affordable Price

Thanks for tuning in, today at The Sweet Cyclists we’ll be looking at this Santic Asgar bib shorts. We want to thank Santic for sending this out to be reviewed. These are highly breathable cycling bib shorts retailing at $57.50. The fabric is a composition of nylon and spandex, it’s rated for use in temperatures ranging from 75 to 86 Fahrenheit. It has a 4D padded chinois and reflective elements on the hem. Now let’s take a closer look at the fit and finish of the Santic Asgar bib shorts. This is a US size large which is a European XL or a 2XL in Asia sizing. You’ll need to be very careful with sizing as these definitely run small. We would describe this as a club or a race fit as it’s very form-fitting. These bib shorts are really lightweight so they’re ideal for warmer weather and you can see the nylon spandex construction is very thin. Although it’s well ventilated, the shorts are constructed with multiple panels with a mix of glossy and textured fabric. Starting from the bottom of the shorts, the Santic describes these as anti slip strips however these lack the grippy material on the inside you typically see with other shorts. However they’re very form-fitting and will stay in place. On this side of the shorts you have the Santic brand printed in a glossy finish. There’s also a nubby embellishment here for visual interest. The other side has born to cycle printed, although it has all these graphics they are very subtle and give the shorts a clean look. There’s also a reflective cycling for freedom tag on both sides for nighttime visibility. The non-glossy panels have a unique pattern as you can see in this close-up. These flat seams between the panels are consistent with more expensive bib shorts as well. Now coming to the chamois, the most important part of any cycling shorts. Santic claims these shorts are designed for eight plus hour rides and as a result the chamois is fairly thick. Interestingly the inside of the chamois is rather flat and lacks a multi-level design. What’s unique to these bib shorts is that it has these large mesh panel top which comes up to the chest in the front and is also wider in the back. As you can see it’s very well ventilated, one big drawback of the design is the bathroom breaks are more difficult and will require undressing. The wide shoulder straps ensure that you don’t get any pressure points on your shoulders as a 6’1″ male these straps felt comfortable. The strap lengths feel comfortable but if you’re any taller we recommend sizing up. The higher front and the wider back make the armhole small so this made putting on the bib shorts difficult. On the road we found the Santic Asgar bib shorts to be very comfortable. We didn’t feel any chafing or discomfort while riding. The Chamois also felt comfortable but not as nice as higher end bib shorts. This is probably something that varies from person to person but we felt that they were better suited for rides under five hours. The higher panels was also surprisingly comfortable and prevented the baselayer underneath from bunching up. For colder rides you definitely need to layer up as these bib shorts are very thin and they’re better suited for warmer summer rides. [Music] To assess the quality of these bib shorts let’s compare them to a set of Voler bib shorts. The Voler bib shorts are nearly double the price at $110. The most obvious difference between the two is the multiple panel design on this Asgar. Constructed with a number of small pieces patched together, on the other hand the Voler has large single piece panels. Details are also where more expensive bib shorts have advantages. The Voler shorts have a grippy anti-slip material on the legs that prevent them from sliding during riding, but you don’t see that on the Asgar shorts. Now let’s look at the Chamois. As you can see the Voler has a more elaborate Chamois The Voler is designed with a multi-level shape to it. It’s roughly the same thickness as the Voler, but it has more variable thickness due to the contouring. The takeaway here is that the more expensive shorts will generally be lighter due to less seams and fit more comfortably. Now let’s give the Santic Asgar bib shorts a final score based on the design, size, comfort and value. In terms of the design we give these shorts a B+. They have a subtle design with logo and branding in contrasting fabric. The tall mesh panels are comfortable but does make putting it on and taking them off as well as bathroom breaks more difficult. Sizewise it gets a B- the US large was form-fitting on a 160-pound 6’1″ male so we suggest sizing up to be safe. We had to return the medium size version as the shoulder straps were too short for a comfortable fit. Comfort scores a B+ even though these bib shorts have more panels than high-end bib shorts, they fit well and didn’t cause any chafing. The wider mesh strap panel is also eliminated any pressure points on the shoulders. For our fit, the chamois didn’t have the all-day comfort as advertised but it was more than sufficient for up to five hour rides. Overall values is a B+, the Asgar bib shorts are similar to higher priced shorts. While the mesh upper panels were comfortable they had a few drawbacks. Also you need to be careful with sizing as though as these do run small. Thanks for watching, if you like the content don’t forget to like and subscribe. Visit our website at for more content and follow us on Instagram at @thesweetcyclists. This is The Sweet Cyclists reminding you to enjoy the ride! [Music]

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