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Santini Cycling Wear – Like a Second Skin

Santini Cycling Wear – Like a Second Skin

Santini is passion for cycling, it’s Handmade in Italy, it’s people. We are called the purists, we like clean lines we like to have good quality for a very good priced product. My dad started from nothing, he just decided that he wasn’t good enough to be a rider, but he wanted to be involved in cycling any way It takes a bit of a courage, you know start from nothing so I’m proud of that I’m proud of him. We have a strong heritage and we have a strong commitment to technology, so our products are very Innovative and also technologically advanced I think that we are unique because we have taken this decision many years ago to continuously work in Italy, in Bergamo. and all our production is here in this building because we value the people that work for us and some of them have been working for us since the very beginning. Santini is an artisan factory everything is handmade here you can see that in each one of our products being a family-run business is sometimes tough but it makes a difference because everything you do is yours. I do what I do because they love it, I come to work every morning because I know that there will be a new thing to do I new adventure to live, and I thank my dad for giving me this opportunity because I’m actually running a company that I really love. pursue every secret of every man oh my god Sophie no gonna put you know you win simply I want a very special party on portability squadron to use place of fatso and Cora bicicleta to Cycling is something in the middle between sport and fashion. I love sport but I also love the fact that we can create new things every year. Well the ideas for new products always come from the feedback of the riders, so for example whenever we have an idea we test the product that we developed from that idea on on the pro riders of our pro team or sometimes the idea really comes from the riders themselves.

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