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Scody TRIATHLON KIT Announcement (I’ll be wearing shirts for TRIATHLON TRAINING)

– What’s up trainiacs? Today is a bit of an
in-between of vlog-isode. Do you remember how I’ve been talking about how I will wear shirts,
when I’ve got a shirt sponsor? Well kiss these nipples goodbye because, (crinkling plastic) I think we got one. (fun techno music) So do you remember how over
the last couple of months, I’ve been doing podcasts and coverage of people like, Laura Siddall and Sarah Crowley. Well at the time both of those athletes were sponsored by a company called Scody. Oh, and I think Mel Hauschildt
is sponsored by them. Annabel Luxford is sponsored by them. And thank goodness I didn’t ask a question that came to mind while
I was talking to them of, you know, what’s it like
dealing with smaller sponsors because I wasn’t familiar with Scody and Scody was a sponsor of both of them. Scody saw the stuff that
I was doing with them and they reached out to me and they said, hey Taren we really like what you’re doing with our athletes. And I confess I was like you know I like your stuff
when it’s on these athletes but I’ve never tried it, I’ve actually never even seen it. Socks, socks, socks, kit, kit, bib, shorts, shorts, kit, kit,
shorts, shorts, shirt. So they offered to send
out a triathlon kit because they were like, you really need to see the
stuff that we’re doing. So they sent out this triathlon kit and a bunch of documentation about why they think that they’re so good. And I was like, whoa, this is actually
probably the nicest kit that I’ve ever tried for a few reasons. So number one, they
use different materials on the shoulder versus the body. The shoulder is a dimpled material and that dimpling in the shoulder is meant to basically disturb the air flow as it crashes against your shoulder, it’s gonna disturb it, and then against the body
it’s nice and smooth, so that it laminates
the wind to your body. In addition to that, the
fabrics are different, so on the back where you’re exposed and the sun is just
beating down on your back, there’s UV protection so that the sun rays don’t get through the shirt, but it also allows you to
cool off the other way, in different panels where
you want to cool off like on your arm pits
and places like that, it’s nice and moisture-wicking
and it’s breathable. And then in addition to
that, I don’t have it here, but the one piece tri-kit, it’s one piece but it has a zipper that
comes all the way down, and like a cycling bib, you can unzip and you basically have like, it’s kinda like, it’s kinda like a onesie, but at the same time
it’s not like a onesie because you take a pee really easily. (crinkling plastic) And even just things
as simple as the socks, the socks are really nice thin material, so that while they get wet they don’t actually get really rubby, and ya, I’m a big fan. They’re nice and high up your leg. Wo, man I look good in them. Cuffs on all the material, it’s got just that nice, very
gradual, not super thick, lil’ sticky material on the inside so that you don’t get sausage legs, but nothing actually rides up, nothing starts bunching
because it stays in place. And they got slick designs, like look at, look at just these plain
old running shorts, you think they’re black, but
they’ve also got this nice, this nice little pattern here. Here, let me give you the
rundown of how everything looks. So starting here we have
the regular cycling shorts, huge huge pad in there, same
thing with the bib shorts. And this is what I’m talking about, so you see, up top it’s this mesh pattern that you can almost see through, so that it wicks moisture
away from your body, where you wanna be cool, and then as you go down lower, you’ve got more and more structure. That’s nice and light. This is a little bit stiffer. Got these double thickness cuffs here, so that you don’t have the really, really tight sausage legs. Same on this. Also have a nice thermal jacket here, with a little bit of fleecy on
the inside that’s wind proof. Regular running shirt, but instead of those free running shirts that you get at a race,
this is actually really, really thin, and I like that, so it doesn’t chafe. This is their jersey, and you see here’s what I’m talking about,
these little tiny dimples that are rubber at the bottom, so that it doesn’t ride up on you. Running singlet, same sort
of thing as the running shirt over here, nice and light. Got these shorts, these shorts
are the same two shorts, they both have pouch inside, so that we keep the mouse in the house. This is a family show. And then similar sort
of jerseys over here. One, two, three pockets,
not a two-pocket jersey. All kinds of socks. These are the socks that I’m a fan of, they come up mid-way through the calf, so like, old-school cycling
socks or running socks. And then big thick woolies
for just walking around. And then super cool
smoker’s mitts for cycling, ’cause cyclists smoke I guess. So there we go, that is it. Scody is going to be the
supplier of my kits for 2018. They’re also going to
do the trainiac kits. We’re moving from that company
that I was using before because, I like their
stuff, they were really good to all of you trainiacs,
but when it came to some of the back-end, like hey, can you tell me how much you sold? Because there was like, I
think it was a 5% referral fee that they were giving me. It really didn’t amount to a lot, but, got stiffed. And just on principle, I
was not a big fan of that. And I like the Scody
people, they’re super nice. Alright, so that’s it for the day. Tomorrow I’m actually about to head off to the Purple Patch Training
Camp in San Francisco. So stay tuned for a regularly
scheduled vlog then. But, say goodbye to my nipples, folks. It’s the end of an era. Who am I kidding? Still not wearing a shirt all the time.

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