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Scooter speedometer not working? Fixing a Scooter Speedo.

Scooter speedometer not working? Fixing a Scooter Speedo.

ok, so in this video I will be fixing the
speedometer on a SYM Jet 4 scooter. The speedometer on the scooter is digital
and it just gives you a reading of zero when you’re ridding it. I have taken the front cover off and I have
checked all the wiring and I’ve checked the cable. There’s nothing wrong with the wiring or
the cable. I’ve even tried putting a screw driver in
there and turning it. When you turn it, it gives you a reading of
about 2 km/h, so I know there is nothing wrong with the cable and nothing wrong with the
wriring. The next step is looking down at the wheel. If you look on the wheel there is small spindle
here, when you turn the wheel the spindle doesn’t really turn, and that is in the forward
direction. When you turn it backwards you can see the
spindle starts turning. So i know there is a problem in here. So what I’ll do is I will undo this nut, and
look at the housing in there just to see what is actually wrong. Ok so now i have removed the wheel and pulled
out the speedometer part of it. There is nothing wrong with it, but this thread
was quiet dirty, which means it wasn’t catching on the the spindle properly, so I have given
it a good clean out, and I have tried to put it back together. So if you turn it both ways it now turns. So now I will put it back and it will hopefully
go. So now that been cleaned up, when we move
it forwards we can see the spindle is now turning. And when we turn the wheel forwards, we can
now see that it gives us a reading.

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  1. What if it's in piece of shit plug that goes into the wheel? I've got 10 Scoots and none of the others this setup except my spare is identical. Thanks but that didn't actually help me

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