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Scorpion Wheel Clamp

Scorpion Wheel Clamp

Hi, I’m Robbie and I want to tell you a bit about our Scorpion wheel clamp These wheel clamps are used by law enforcement authorities like the sheriffs department and parking inspectors to immobilise a wide range of vehicles owned by fine evaders and dangerous drivers. Here at Barrier Group we also recommend the scorpion for personal use to secure vehicles, trailers or caravans against the risk theft. We think these following outstanding features make choosing the scorpion easy when it comes to choosing a wheel clamp. This is the scorpion clamp, where all the parts are stored when not in use. As you can see it’s a compact design which is great for small storage space, like a car boot, and only weighs 12.5kgs which makes it easy for one person to carry. The steel case and jaws are zinc plated to avoid corrosion and comes with a reflective sign face for night visibility. Unlike other models, scorpion is fitted to the outside of any front or rear wheel on the vehicle and you do not need to remove the wheel trims which cuts down time spent fitting the clamp. The steel jaws clamp around the wheel using this high tensile steel chain that features our unique tensioning system, while a padlock secures the unit as the last step to finalise the installation. So here’s a couple more features plus what you already know. Designed for law enforcement authorities or personal use. Fits to a range of wheels be it small sedans or large 4WD’s. Perfect solution to secure your vehicle, trailer or caravan to eliminate the risk of theft. All parts are stored inside the unit when not in use. and robust construction to resist attempts at vandalism. If you would like some more information about the scorpion wheel clamp, simply click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button to the right of your screen or phone 1300 55 33 20. We are ready to answer your questions, so get started now!

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  1. Security is only as strong as it's weakest link… a set of bolt cutters could go through the padlock, the chain, or the steal cable with no effort.

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