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Sebastian Maniscalco’s Soul Cycle Experience | Netflix Is A Joke

Sebastian Maniscalco’s Soul Cycle Experience | Netflix Is A Joke

– She just said, “come with me. “I’m gonna go to spin class tomorrow.” I said, “okay, I’ll come. “I’ll come to your spin class.” I’ve never done this before. But I went to SoulCycle whatever it is. Right.
(cheering) Yeah, see everybody gets all hopped up. (audience laughing) I go to the one in LA. Everybody’s fake positive. Right, they come into the class. “What’s going on? “How’s it going? “Are we gonna do this today?” Okay, relax, relax, it’s a class. It’s a spin class. (audience laughing) So right away I’m bothered. I go, “babe I gotta get outta here. “I can’t, I can’t do this. “Already I’m upset.” (audience laughing) She’s like, “come on, let’s go check in “and get our shoes.” I said, “shoes, what is
this, bowling alley?” (audience laughing) Everybody’s got these special spin shoes so they’re all walking around. (audience laughing)
(clapping) “I’m on bike 22, could
you tell me where bike… “Okay it’s over here, great.” (audience laughing) So we signed up late. My wife and I did not have bikes together. My wife starts panicking. She’s like, “babe, we’re
not doing this together. “I’m on the other side of the room. “I have to ask the girl next to you.” I go, “babe, don’t start doing this shit. “The girl next to me is already set up, “she’s got a water bottle,
everything’s in place. “Do not ask her anything.” I go, “babe, we’re not
gonna talk during this. “It’s a 45 minute class,
and we’re not gonna like… “I’m not gonna turn to you and go, “did you pay the gas bill! (audience laughing)
“This is a workout. “We’re not gonna hold hands on the bike. “This is not a ride through Central Park. “This is a stationary bike.” (audience laughing) So I start the workout. The class didn’t even start. I just start in on my own thing. I ain’t waiting. If I’m there, let’s get the thing going. I’m cooking. (audience laughing) So now, the teacher comes in. This guy was way too happy for what was happening in the room. (audience laughing) It’s one of these like
real positive teachers. He’s like, “all right everybody! “Are you ready? “It’s a Monday morning,
put your head down. “Let’s get rid of that mean boss “that keeps bitching at
you every time you come in. “Let’s get rid of that debt that you have. “Let’s shed that, “that cousin didn’t come
to the holiday dinner.” I’m like gee, “how bad is
it in here for these people? (audience laughing) “I’m just here to get
rid of the cheesecake “I had last night not the abusive father. “What the hell is going on?” (audience laughing) But, my wife grew up like very athletic. She grew up in a family where they just have a
lot of time on that side. They’ve gotta a lot of money. So nobody’s doing
anything really, you know? (audience laughing) Everybody’s really relaxed. Like when I went over
there for the first time, I was meeting my wife’s family
and like everybody was home. (audience laughing) Like on a Tuesday at 2:30 p.m.. I go, “why is everybody home?” (audience laughing) Like no one works over there. They just, you know, I like, “what does your cousins do?” “I don’t know really. “I don’t know, really know what they do. “I think they’re in advertising, “but, I don’t really know what they do.” (audience laughing) They’re so relaxed. They’re the type of family that
when they graduated college they took a year off
to go find themselves. (audience laughing) Do you know people like this? They graduate and they go
backpacking through Europe and stay at hostels like they’re broke. (audience laughing) They go find themselves. That shit don’t fly on my side. (audience laughing) When I graduated college
I couldn’t tell my father, “Dad, I’m gonna go to
Europe to find myself.” (audience laughing) “What do you mean go find yourself? (audience laughing) “I found you, you’re right here “in my house.
(audience laughing) “Where you gonna go?
(audience laughing) “You wanna see you? “Go look in the mirror.
(audience laughing) “You got no job and you’re in my house. (audience laughing)
“I found you, you’re here.” (upbeat music)

32 comments on “Sebastian Maniscalco’s Soul Cycle Experience | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. Saw him live last month for the “You Bother Me” tour. It was great!!! Being half Italian…. everything he says that relates to that is so true lmao! 😂

  2. One of the best current comedians doing it. Rare to see comedy that can garner laughs from all ages without gratuitous vulgarity. Big fan.

  3. Is it me or he’s just not as funny. As he used to be. My Italian buddy took his gf to see him live, and he said the same thing. It’s like once he got married the jokes just aren’t as funny.

  4. I knew of people like this in college. I'll never understand why people just give their kids their credit cards to go do whatever they want. If I told my parents I wanted to go discover myself, I would have received the same response as Sebastian's father.

  5. Considering my username, I had high hopes for this video when I saw the quote in the thumbnail. What a disappointment.

  6. I found you, you’re here in my house 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Love This Guy!!! He’s Definitely Gonna Be Big Yet Tells The Absolute TRUTH In Our World & Humanity ❤️ 🇮🇹 👏

  8. I'd love to be a fly on the wall observing the SJW's who hit the unlike buttons for this vid. That may be even more entertaining!

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