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Benefits of cycling


Good Afternoon DUDE Good Evening Nivea cream xD Ovi : Give me more Nivea xD Ovi : It surprisingly works Ovi : That’s enough xD This is way better Nobody cares , we can go Full send Full send !! Costi , look Kinda big There? That’s good This is so easy I think I can do it , I swear I swear Perfect I lifted too much oops That scared me Idiots… Patent : that was so good Kids : hiiiiiii *patent laughing* Gaby : adios I have an idea and I am dead serious Costi : hold it Patent : wtf You can’t challange me xD Costi : COME ON Costi : Keep it in your hand xD Costi : DON’T GO THAT WAY I didn’t want to do this xD Gaby : You’re an idiot *for more services , call (my instagram) * Patent : Tow Truck SRL Gaby : STOP STOP STOP Patent : The idiotness Gaby : STOP STOP STOP It just snapped Make a node Keep an eye on the tow please be careful I am towing gold here It was pretty fun towing Gaby Nino nino Good Afternoon Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Who’s that? Robert : Police omg Home Adios Take right? Ah yes Jackpot That’s so cool I can’t beleive it They don’t have cameras It isn’t even finished Romanian thing Romanian thing xD This is one hell of a place for a Romanian thing Robert : “are these guys allowed to ride in mall?” Costi : are cows allowed in mall? oh my god Let’s just go DUDE Once you lose traction , you can’t get it back Costi : go go go Good Evening Security : You are not allowed to… OK we will go that way Security : *shouting at us* Sorry oh my god Costi : there was someone shouting on the speaker oh my god xD Old lady : You think that we are scared of you? never ever ok patent just stop Old lady : let him speak He is a big idiot Old lady : We’ll meet more often Old lady : I will ask a Maths question prepare Old lady : How can you hang a screwdriver? Patent : is this a maths question? 3 2 1 GO PATENT OVERTOOK ME PATENT OVERTOOK ME Patent : let’s go once more but with the brake The slowest one 3 2 1 GO


  1. lol, mi-ai aparut la recomandate si nu ma asteptam sa fii roman. Content de calitate, o sa ajungi departe daca o sa o tii tot asa cu videoclipurile de genul asta. subbed

  2. Am si eu o intrebare: Pt street riding, nu sunt mai bune hardtailurile? Oricum, continua sa faci ceea ce faci!

  3. Salut Oliver, acum am dat de canalul tău și am văzut ca ești ROMAN ȘI CA AI MTB😍😍Am găsit noul meu youtube-er preferat la care o sa ma uit cu drag, faci clipuri super mișto apropo👍

  4. Cred că ai putea face mai interesant videoul daca ai și explică ce faci sau nush sa interacționezi cu noi cum fac ceilalți (motorbike Bucharestbiketraffic )

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