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See Arkansas in a new way in Bentonville

See Arkansas in a new way in Bentonville

[MUSIC] Northwest Arkansas has been growing for
years, Walmart has always brought
folks into the area. But it’s grown in a very unique way, in that these are people coming
in from all around the world and all around the country with different
interests, it’s a very diverse area. And so for the longest time we
had all these people and not so much going on in the form of
restaurants or in things to do, and then in last few years it’s just exploded. We have new restaurants going up almost
everyday, we have an art scene that’s incredible, and the interest that
folks have has really grown. So we now have become really well known
for our biking, for the things you can do in the area related to outdoor events,
and we host a film festival every year. It’s great, it’s really taken off in
away that you wouldn’t have expected. [MUSIC]>>Crystal Bridges was founded in 2011,
it opened November 11, 2011. And we’re here in the heart of
Bentonville, Arkansas, we’re on 120 acres, and it’s a 200,000-square-foot building. So we feature art galleries, temporary
exhibitions, art studio spaces for kids to come explore, restaurant,
museum, store, and much, much more. The museum is nestled in 120
acres of Ozark woodland, so it has both native Ozark forest, we’ve
got creaks, ravines, natural springs. There are more than four miles of
trail that wind through our grounds. And as you are walking those trails or biking, you will see
sculptures all along the way. So there are dozens of sculptures
located all over our property. [MUSIC] People come from all over the world
to come see Crystal Bridges. We, of course, have a large audience
that’s from right here in the heartland. People from states all around our area. So we are great road trip destination for
a long weekend or a week vacation. But people come from everywhere, we have
had guest from all of the continents and all over the globe. [MUSIC]>>It is a diverse,
it’s a area growing area, and it’s an area that’s willing try to cater
whatever everybody’s interested in. [MUSIC]

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