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SENDING IT HUGE at the Kamloops Bike Ranch! – Fist Full of Dollars | Jordan Boostmaster

SENDING IT HUGE at the Kamloops Bike Ranch! – Fist Full of Dollars | Jordan Boostmaster

I love going to Kamloops! Just 2.5 hours away and you enter a totally different environment as you can see it’s much more of a desert out here Alex, Matt and myself just went on a day trip to Kamloops today we’re just riding the Kamloops bike ranch and this is the main place that we ride whenever we go to Kamloops What’s up bro! oh that was a bit weird come on! The Bike Ranch isn’t too big but it has a whole lot of jumps to play around on, and other fun steep lines and chutes to explore sendin it higher up on the hill there’s a really
fun jump trail called Wrangler We’ll always ride that for a bit as like warm
up but the main reason why we love this place is a trail called Fistful of
Dollars it’s a double black pro line so far I’ve never linked the full trail
together but that’s what I’m aiming to do this year and I know I can do it it
just takes time to get comfortable with the jumps but I’m not always in Kamloops
that often so I don’t always get the opportunity are you thinking of doing it?
What’s the worst that could happen? I mean I want to at least do like a run-up or if I’m feeling like
really good then I’ll just boost it I think I want to just wait till I get
my wrist brace I was feeling pretty good with my run-up so I’m definitely gonna
hit them later today Matt was not having such a great day I
didn’t get on camera but he totally bailed throwing up the lip of one of
those big jumps he says that his bike just feels terrible and he’s just not
feeling it today Poor Matty L huh? I want to see what your bike actually feels like. One of my fans Brandon joined us for a bit we’re about to ride Pale Rider right now
it’s a trail up they always host races on
I have done the race once in the past with not a lot of success Brandon let’s do it
there we go hey which order should we go all right that’s what we’re doing then where the heck are we going? oh man! A bit sketchy as you can see riding downhill bikes on
a trail like this is a bit overkill but the downhill bikes work surprisingly
well on all the big jump lines that we love to come here for, whether it be
fistful of dollars or the big dirt jump set in the lower area. Some of that wind I tell ya! you just kind of got to avoid the smaller jumps because those feel
really awkward on big DH rigs jump to flat bro! oh yeah there are even
shuttles here it’s about $3.00 per ride up it’s really
only about a three minute drive up you can always just shuttle yourself with
your own vehicle if you can or you could always hike up as well which sometimes we end
up doing as well so we’re just gonna go ride the upper part of Fistful of
Dollars now before we get into that though we just got to ride this little
trail called quick-draw it’s just got all these burms so this is where Fist Full starts it’s this
classic set of jumps right by the road you may have seen them in other videos
and this is the first time coming back to these jumps since I broke my wrist that
was November of 2016 so it’s been a while I still cased it! well I think
I hit the brakes before it yeah some of those other jumps like
I was hitting the brakes for a couple of them yeah you had to all right so they
kindly leave us these water bottles or water jugs I should say with big cans of
water so we can all water the jumps it’s actually really cool unfortunately it
dries super quick here though that’s the problem
yeah watering the jumps is totally necessary otherwise the jumps will just
crumble and break apart Kamloops is really dry as you can tell so even when
it rains a lot it does dry out pretty quickly we could always water it again I
actually forgot my wrist brace in the shuttle so to play things safe I didn’t
want to ride these drums until I got that back again oh look bag dude oh I dig that’s sweet
though after we took a break for a bit I decided to go for this cool shoot that
was staring us down in the parking lot I wanna send this shoot so look at all
these different little lines you could do there’s a few them it does look a bit
like Utah though huh Utah just doesn’t have any the greenery though we had to
pick one of the hotter days of the year – it was in the low 30s and of course
there’s minimal shade in the bike ranch where is this it is this it yeah
I was kind of nervous about this it’s not something I’m very experienced with
and I just had to take a bit of time to examine it
you ready yeah ready yeah haha sick fighting yeah that was
fine actually wasn’t too bad the last half just gets fun because then it’s a
little bit straighter dude really oh here we go hold that thought yeah brah hahaha look how much dust
there was dude that was crazy yeah when I did that last compression at
the end I was like crunching on something I was like what is this it’s
just all dirt just like all up in my bike well with that out of the way it’s
time to go back up and shred more fistful of dollars this was around the
time that the wind seemed to kind of pick up as well and especially on these
jumps by the road the wind really affects you a lot it can make it really
easy to clear the jumps or to make it really hard to clear the jumps but these
are not the jumps that were you like to session anyway as you get a little bit
lower down the trail the wind doesn’t affect you phrase much why am i overshooting that so badly Matt ended up crashing for a second time
today on Wrangler it was also off camera so he was done for the day basically I
just kind of put him on camera duty so he could record us a bit on Fistful of
Dollars then I cased that pretty bad yeah I
think if I need a lawyer for that one oh really yeah yeah yeah that was
totally me sand in it Oh baby I gotta hit that burn better I just gotta like
commit to that berm and start sending the whole line
that’s doing me Wow all right well I did it all better that
time all right well that’s enough for the
upper section for today off to come back another day to practice that some more
but for the manner of the day we’re gonna do some more than the lower
section at this hole oh where am I going there that was pretty sweet I didn’t
even know where that jump goes I was like right on the edge so I took a foot
off that’s fun though yeah what’s cool about these jumps you know is you can
ride them on a dirt jump bike or a downhill bike and everything in between
basically alright our last send of the day for us so we met this guy totally
forget his name but he’s kind of couchsurfing sort of homeless I guess
but he was just there for the day shredding the jumpsuit seeing him ride
and just hanging out with him for a bit and yeah he was definitely a good
shredder okay so for these jumps you basically don’t want to hit any breaks
coming into them and you generally should line them just fine
whoa baby whoa there and I just sent those so hard yeah
dude I went like no brakes and I just went like halfway down that landing I
really wanted to rematch on that dual slalom course I was
actually practicing it a bit and I felt like I can do it really good so let’s
just do it one more time go oh I totally his way in this lane now my foot fell off my oh man my
football oh alright well that didn’t work out very well but you know it’s
still a lot of fun I didn’t send the big set today you know I didn’t have time
it’s all well we were definitely done for the day with that heat and all that
riding couldn’t go any longer but man I always loved going to camels I will
definitely be going there again soon thank you for watching I want to give a
special thanks my Boosh master patrons if you love downhill and pre ride or
just love riding mountain bikes then consider subscribing and if you like to
see more content and keep you rolling on two wheels then check out my patreon

100 comments on “SENDING IT HUGE at the Kamloops Bike Ranch! – Fist Full of Dollars | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. You can put signboards on each jump like the length of the jump, the height of drop the distance between the lift. This might help you guys to judge the speed or whatever it takes to help you ride better😃

  2. It feels awesome to put these types of videos on your TV then sit in a chair in front and not move a single muscle and think that you are doing this then after a little bit it almost feels like you are doing this.

  3. Are these too large for a slope style rig? Potentially moving 20 minutes away in a month, wondering how many bikes I should bring lol

  4. @ 0:06 thought we was in the air for like 5 seconds haha had to re watch this like 5 times just to not see it😂

  5. I love how u guys saying it’s hottest day in yr in Australia shit jumps up to 45 degrees and even we still go out

  6. Mountain biking has changed drastically since I was a kid. I haven't been on a bike since I got my license (20 years ago). I know I wouldn't get to this level of riding now but it would be fun trying.

  7. Can you start doing a little more on the lifts up the hills ? Just so we can experience it if we’re just getting into downhill / dirt stuff etc

  8. I distinctly remember passing through Kamloops 25+ years ago and thinking to myself this place would be awesome for riding mtn bikes.

  9. 7:45 just wondering is that the brakes that make that squeaking noise? Relatively new to mountain bikes so just curious 😬

  10. Where are you guys from? I live in the East Kootenays and ride Fernie alot with an over priced trail bike 😛

  11. Hit up NM! That’s our climate and we got places like angel fire and seemingly endless single track spread across the state

  12. It's awesome to see people riding where you live and getting 10x as many views as people that live in kamloops

  13. Jordan! You were complaining about your feet getting loose you should search up clip ins they clip you in and you don’t have to worry about having your feet all about your bike.. and it give you more power to push harder!

  14. Dude.. Do you only ride in Canada? Have you ever been to California or Colorado? Your missing out on some crazy shit man. Colorado has a ton of ski resorts with bike parks.

  15. First time i mountain biked i crushed my wrist and broke my rib and collarbone, haven’t tried it since

  16. Hey bro…look that looked sick…but…i have a..high tech..mtb..not a downhill bike… is downhill..incomparing…with normal mtb…?


  18. Dude, I am into BMX and have been for like 15 years plus. I wish I lived in a state that had mountains. MTB is way cooler and better for your body imao with the suspension. I envy anyone who lives near a Mountain or a big hill like these and has access to jumps like this.

  19. I gotta do this someday! I’m just starting to get into mountain biking and I need to know if there’s such a thing as being too tall. I’m 6’5’… can I still get as technical or would my center of gravity be too high?

  20. What kind of bike is he riding ive been looking for a good bike for jumps because my rear axel keeps breakink

  21. When you say low 30s you are using Celsius right? You usually don't here people use Celsius as the standard in America.

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