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Sesame Street: Learning to Ride a Bike

Sesame Street: Learning to Ride a Bike

[MUSIC PLAYING] NICHOLAS: My name is Nicholas. It took me awhile to learn
how to roller blade. Now I can. I blade with my sister
and my mom and dad. And I want to ride
a two-wheeler for a really long time. We’re finally taking off
the training wheels. NICHOLAS’S DAD: All right,
we’re ready to go, OK? NICHOLAS: It’s a little scary,
but I know my dad is right behind me. Maybe I could do it today. NICHOLAS’S DAD: Don’t
lean forward. Look toward Mommy. That’s it. Steady, steady, steady. NICHOLAS: Wow, I think
I could do this. NICHOLAS’S MOM: Go, go, go! NICHOLAS: I can do this! NICHOLAS’S DAD: You did it! Very fine! NICHOLAS: I love my bike.

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