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Sesame Street: Murray Visits a Recycling Center | Murray Had a Little Lamb

Sesame Street: Murray Visits a Recycling Center | Murray Had a Little Lamb

(Murray gulping) – Ah, that is some refreshing milk. Now, just gotta take my milk
jug and throw it in the trash. Wait a minute, this milk
jug is made of plastic. It’s not trash, it needs to be recycled. There you go. Hey, did you ever wonder what happens to stuff when you recycle it? Hm. – Yo, sir!
– Who said that? (Ovejita screeching) Over here doll.
– Hiya Murray. – Oh, you know where something
goes when it’s recycled. (speaking in foreign language) We gotta follow that little lamb. ♪ Mary has a little lamb. ♪ ♪ Yo, Murray has a little lamb ♪ ♪ Who wears a little bow ♪ ♪ Go Mary ♪ ♪ Together they go everywhere ♪ ♪ Amigos like to go ♪ ♪ But Murray ♪ ♪ He follows her to school ♪ ♪ Each day they run,
they spin, they leap ♪ ♪ Go Murray ♪ ♪ You everybody loves to
sing a monster run and sing ♪ ♪ And they all say ♪ ♪ Mary has a little lamb. ♪ – Hey, hey guys. What is this place? – [Everyone] The Recycling Center. – A Recycling Center. Oh boy! (lamb giggles) Hey Adine, I had a milk jug
and I put it in the recycle bin and what happens to it then, after it goes in the recycle bin. – Well after it goes through
the recycle bin it goes to the Department of Sanitation truck, those white trucks you
see around the street. – Yeah. – Then it’s gonna go through a shredder that will open up the plastic
bag that it might be in. And then it goes on to a conveyor belt that takes it through
the rest of the system. – And then, what kind
of things can it become? – A milk jug can become
many different things. It might become a milk jug again. Also it might become part of a car. (Murray gasps) Like the ventilation pieces in a car. – Whoa, my little milk jug may be part of a big car that drives
around the country. – Oh, boy, we’re gonna
learn about recycling. – Murray do you have a question? – Yeah, what’s the difference
between trash and recyclables. – Well trash, when you put
something in the trash, it’s gonna get put on a
truck and sent to a landfill or an incinerator and it’s
never gonna be used again. – Aw, poor trash. – But if you put something
in the recycling bin, it comes to our recycling
facility where we’ll be able to make it into a new product that can be used again by someone else. – Wahoo!
– Yeah. – So Adine, what is this station? – Well this is a small version
of a magnet that we have out in our recycling facility. So we put all of our recyclables
onto the conveyor belt and then when it gets
to the end of the line, the magnet finds the things
that have metal in it and it puts it into one bin and everything else will
go into this other bin. – Oh boy, can we do it now? – Yeah, we can do it now. – Ready Ovejita? (speaking in foreign language) (dramatic music) Let’s load it up. Watch the metal get sorted. (upbeat music) Look, it’s sorting the
metal from the nonmetal. Cool! Hey Adine, what happens at this station? – So at this station we’re
gonna be sorting by hand. Kashay’s gonna load on the recyclables, – Yeah. – Keegan’s gonna turn the conveyor belt. – Okay the belt’s gonna go
and then what’s Emma gonna do? – She’s gonna sort out
all the recyclable items but if they end up at the
end they’re gonna have to go to a landfill. – Oh, what goes in this bin? – This one I plastic. – Emma this is plastic. And then what goes in this bin? – Metal.
– Metal, you got that Emma? And then what goes in this one? – Cartons.
– Cartons. Emma you ready?
– I’m ready. – Guys you ready?
– Ready. – Let the sorting begin! – That goes in, Keegan you start. – Goin’ in the plastic? Okay, come on Emma, make
it go faster Keegan, make it a challenge. Metal! Plastics! Metal, metal, plastic! Whoo! (laughing) We did it! We sorted everything! Adine, what happens here? – This is the tipping floor
where the recyclables come in on trucks or on big boats called barges. – Whoa, this is a lot
of recyclables (laughs). Whoo! Look! It’s my milk jug! Adine, what’s gonna
happen to my milk jug now? – Your bottle’s gonna go
into the recycling sorting and it’s gonna separate
it with other milk jugs. – Whoa, (laughs) come
on, let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Wow, look at all the metal
getting picked up by the magnet. Look, they’re sorting everything by hand! My milk jug! (upbeat music) Sorting glass. Whoa, that’s a lot of recycle. Metals, plastic, glass,
so many things to sort! Adine, what is all this stuff in here? – These are all our sorted recyclables. – They’re all sorted? – Yep. – Wow, hey look! There’s my milk jug! Adine, what kind of things can
other stuff be recycled into? – Well, it can be recycled
into all kinds of things. For instance your milk jug
can even be recycled back into a toy. – Whoa, this is made
from recycled plastic? – Yeah, 100%
– Whoa! My milk jug may become a
plastic cool toy truck! Whoa, good luck little milk jug (laughs). I love sorting and I love recycling! (upbeat music)

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  1. I remember always watching Murray and the Lamb. They were so entertaining. Along with Elmo’s World.

  2. Recycling is great, but what about the cows' milk that Murray drank at the beginning? Not only is it mean to cows to take their babies' milk, farms that use cows to take their milk make a lot of pollution for our planet! One very important thing we can do to help the planet, is to stop eating things that come from animals!

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