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Sesame Street: Recycling Aluminum Cans

Sesame Street: Recycling Aluminum Cans

[MUSIC PLAYING] GIRL: Some things can be used
again to make new things. First, we wash it. And load it in the wagon. And bring it to the
recycling center. Then they sort it. They separate it
with a magnet. They scoop it out. They load it in big trucks and
take it to the factory, where they melt it and shape it and
make it into a brand new can, like this one. And then we start
all over again.

41 comments on “Sesame Street: Recycling Aluminum Cans

  1. sesame street has a youtube?!! this isn't the place for sesame street…you better disable comments, or i hope the kids cant read…

  2. I made this film and I used my friend's kids. They do not have a staff of filmmakers, or at least they did not when I made this film. I am independent.

  3. Hey, don't knock it. Down syndrome is a kind of autism, and autistic people, such as I, have a strangely high intellect.

  4. My, my, my!!! I'm truly impressed @ how somebody w/ such an extremely tiny brain can come up w/ such huge words!!!

  5. @GreenArrow1616 YOU DUMBASS its not about cleaning the cans, its about keeping the storage area's clean. we clean cans n shit b4 we put them into the tote to keep the tote clean, not the cans. always gotta be a hardass on the internet when you dont know shit.

  6. Just want to add my 2 cents here since I am the one who made this film. It is desirable to wash the used cans before recycling because in many households, especially in urban areas, storage space for recycled storage is in the home and people don't want to draw bugs or odors in their homes.

  7. This video is a bit simplistic, but then, it's designed for youngsters. What I found to be odd is the idea of cleaning/ rinsing off the can. What?! I've been recycling cans my whole life and never once heard of cleaning them. Wouldn't that be a waste of water? By the way, I once heard of someone who was arrested for "reyccling fraud" when it was discovered they had brought cans over state lines from Indiana to Illinois. What did they get? 60 days in jail!

  8. That sounds strange to me! I would think that, recycling is recycling, regardless of what state your are in!

  9. Right. Nevertheless, it's considered fraud. The recycling businesses don't have any problem with it. They just want to buy the metal from folks then re-sell it to foundries. It was the police that caught him doing it. Just shows how when the Government interferes where it ought not, it screws up everything.

  10. Somewhat simplistic.  Aluminum scrap and cans are sold several times before being made into a can or other item (aircraft parts, auto parts, computer parts, outdoor furniture, etc.)  Starting with consumers, cans are sold by consumers to local recycling centers. The price paid depends on the current market trading price. (aluminum, like gold and all other metals is traded on the NYSE, the demand dictates the current market price) Recycling centers then resell the cans they purchased to brokers who arrange for transport to recycling mills where aluminum is melted and made into bulk quantities.  The mills (Such as Alcoa) purchase the scrap from the brokers, and process it into said bulk.  Either large rolled sheets, or large ingots, depending on a customer's request.
      The Mills then sell the new bulk aluminum to manufacturing companies of various items.  
      Companies making drinks and needing cans for said drinks do not make their own cans.  Their cans are made from bulk aluminum by 3rd party contractors such as Ball Corp..  The contractors then create the cans.
      After the cans are made, they are filled with whatever beverage and the top of the can is secured and sealed. 

  11. shame people don't even try to show kids sketches like this one, cause I highly doubt nowadays shows would show or make sth like this

  12. oh I never take my aluminum to a place like this
    I take it to places that can give me MONEY per US pound for it!

  13. This is really good, as well as very neat and inspiring too. I like it. Plus, I like recycling aluminum cans, and I do my part by washing the cans out before putting them into a green BottleDrop bag; when two BottleDrop bags are full, they’re taken to the BottleDrop, and the cans are recycled. 🙂

  14. i collect magazines, and when I have too many magazines I just put them in a plastic bag,I take them to a library 2 b don8ed.

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