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Benefits of cycling
Sheep vs. Cyclist at 34 mph – Road to 5 w/kg FTP

Sheep vs. Cyclist at 34 mph – Road to 5 w/kg FTP

14 comments on “Sheep vs. Cyclist at 34 mph – Road to 5 w/kg FTP

  1. what do you think your final weight will end up at? I mean obviously the loss will gradually slow as you get closer to that ideal weight for your body, but where do you think that'll be?

    Also, have you been cycling in the Surrey Hills much? Seems like it's the next most hilly area to you after the Chilterns, and there's a lot of good climbs around there. Would be cool to see what you could do up Barhatch Lane lol

  2. Rather surprising that on a vegan channel, a video about crashing into a sheep makes absolutely no mention of the consequences of that crash for the sheep.

  3. TFW you have ride far away t find a climb long enough to do a real FTP test XD you soon will have to find a longer one , I too almost had a few encounter this weekend with deer, boars and rabbits, nice to see your enthusiasm hasn't fade a bit and really love this video. I heard so much Stages podcasts this weekend, thanks for showing it on your videos-

  4. I hope you are doing ok after that crash! (and the sheep too) I'm back at ciclyng again and following your advice. Best decision ever 🚵💖

  5. Idk what it is with animals, on my local greenway whenever I see a rabbit, cat or squirrel on the greenway, I always slow to a walking pace because every time, when they are on one side and I am passing on the other, they always cross in front of me! I dont mind tho cos they usually cute, exept that one dog that ran in front of me causing me to slam on by brakes and go over my bars.
    ps. I couldn't think of any good sheep puns :<

  6. I hit a sheep at 25mph 2 months ago, the sheep walked away, I broke 4 ribs, collarbone and an open fracture to my elbow ☹️. Will be another 6 weeks at least until I can get back outside on a bike. But like yourself I way lucky, it could have been worse.

  7. Ash glad you're well again sir and fighting fit! Sure we can meet up again and get some footage of you full gas!!

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