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Sheep vs. Cyclist at 34 mph – Road to 5 w/kg FTP

Sheep vs. Cyclist at 34 mph – Road to 5 w/kg FTP

my name’s ash if you’re new to the channel I’m a cyclist that’s lost just over 17 kilograms gained around 60 watts on my FTP on the road to five watts per kilo and this channel is all about squeezing the maximum value out of my journey to try and reach my fitness potential so that I can then share that with you and we can all hopefully become more powerful cyclists together and if you are not new to the channel then you probably know that it’s been a minute since I’ve produced any content and that has been because I’ve had a complete tech failure across the board not only due to an encounter with a sheep at 34 miles now I did my phone get smashed into a thousand pieces but also a couple of days after that my laptop completely failed so I’ve had that complete tech failure that has meant not been able to produce anything but I’ve got lots of footage and I’m gonna have content coming out of my ears that you’re gonna have to stay tuned for so where were we this is week three of my journey to try and reach my fiber per kilo goal as my FTP and in week 2 last week we were camped out at the end of last week we were camped out in the Chilterns away from London getting into the countryside where the terrain is just a lot more conducive to cycling and there’s a lot less traffic and just like the stimulus is higher and for me it’s all about a stimulus is it gonna be fun for me to get on my bike and the Children’s has just a lot more conducive to that so we’ve been out in the Chilton’s doing longer rides with more intensity we’re starting to ramp up the intensity ramped up the workload so that we can adapt our body to what its gonna take for it to push 5 watts per kilo well over five on speaker low for a 20-minute period so first ride of the week Monday was Hixton Hill round 2 the most significant thing that happened during this ride was that I pushed 421 watts for 3 minutes and 5 which is a new power record since I was injured so that’s the kind of power that I want to be seeing that’s the kind of power that I was pushing before the injury so we’re now at a point where we can start to increase the intensity and we’re only going to see more fitness games like on a scale of one to 10 I would say that the intensity that were kind of doing at the moment with how we’re gonna ramp up is probably a six a five or six we’re gonna halfway win that we’re nowhere near the max intensity right now so 421 watts for three minutes five I was really pleased with that and I did like two or three other similar wattages for similar times up different climbs heading out there to hexton and then back again so that was a really good ride so it’s good to see that we’re now back to where we should be when we were fully fit from now it’s gonna be it’s gonna be nothing well as long as things go to plan then it’s gonna be nothing but gains so then what we did on Tuesday is we left the Chilton’s we headed back to London but not for long so I think this was like this would be a trip back from st. Albans to London which is about 20 miles and just riding with a load of stuff in my back so it’s kind of weighted training going at whatever pace I felt like that day and we were heading back to London because I needed to collect a lot of stuff for our next adventure which was the ride that we did on Wednesday and this was a ride back to San tobin’s again to pick up a transit van which was going to be my new home for at least the next 10 days so I’m in fact we’ve rode to King’s Cross and we got a train back to some Tolman’s because we had even more stuff we had more stuff that we could carry in a rack sack and it takes a lot for me not to ride my bike somewhere so we must have had a lot of stuff with me so we were back into Dorman’s again and we were collecting a transit van yeah my new home for the next 10 days this is the transit van that we picked up and the idea with it was to take myself to the dream terrain take myself to the north of England where the traffic is low the terrain is long and the scenery is beautiful the stimulus is high stimulus to me is the biggest factor in my fitness whether I’m gonna be fit or not they’ll reach my maximum fitness potential is based on the stimulus and if I’m bored of the terrain that I’m surrounded by then I’m just not gonna want to get out and have fun and I’m not gonna push myself so taking myself to the north of England where all that comes together and the stimulus is gonna be so much higher I’m just gonna want to get on my bike every single day and you know I’m gonna be let off the leash that’s that’s the big the most important thing and that’s what I’m gonna really push myself I’m gonna make the biggest gains and so why not whilst the weather here in England is still good before winter comes less let’s get out there and do it let’s do it let’s execute and to get a transit van was the was the way we were gonna do that so first thing we did was we drove up to Craig Vale which is my favorite climb here in England and it also happens to be you the longest continuous climb in England it’s not about five hours of driving I was like a mile away from Craig Vale and that was only when it dawned on me that I could Park up train on Craig Vale my favorite climb cook eat and sleep on my favorite climb as well like that just that thought of that freedom being able to do that like it’s so cool to have my house on the top of Craig rail and and it did not disappoint it was beautiful and it was the first glimpse into what a genius idea this is the transit training camp so after a pretty awesome night on the top of Craig Vale we woke up ridiculously early on the Friday morning to take a trip over to Katy kookaburras house who is another cycling youtuber who you probably already know because she’s way more popular than I am and we had organised a road trip up to great done fell and this brings me on to another reason I wanted to do this transit training camp so that I could reach out to other cycling instagramers youtubers and collaborate with them and this was gonna allow me to do that Katy kookaburra was the first person on the first stop on the list of people that I was gonna go and visit and what we’re gonna do his road trip a couple of hours from her house to great done fell which is called the Mont Ventoux of England because it looks like a pyrenees climb and it’s got its sorta like it’s staggering and I’ve got footage to show you so I will put that in in fact you’ll see all this in the videos that are to come this is all covered in videos that I’m working on at the moment but it’s got like a James Bond double-oh-seven s villains lair on top of it which is actually this scientific Observatory place that it’s a big golf ball basically but yeah it looks like a pyrenees climb and the Mont Ventoux of England and it lived up to that so the plan once we’ve got two great done fell was to meet up with a couple of guys from Pro Sky drone services film with their drone me and Katie ascending up great Dom fell and because the footage was was well the footage of Katie is amazing and we were gonna film with them all day and whilst Katie needed to get some b-roll footage and just do some pieces to camera with those guys I took the opportunity to go and do a full gas effort up great dumb fail because the actual climb itself is well over 20 minutes and it was gonna allow me to see where I am with my FTP you know we’re gonna we were gonna use the fitness that we had from Monday on the Hixton hill 3 minutes and 5 at 421 Watts that here wasn’t long enough and we were now gonna have a hill that was gonna let me off the leash this is exactly what we were waiting for and I was gonna go for gas a bit anyway we got halfway there to up to the top of great dunk fail and there was a cattle grid with a closed gate and so I’d been going for gas out on my face for the first half and the gate stopped me and I had to get off my bike open the gate and then stop again so it wasn’t to be but it was an amazing climb up to top of great dom film i was happy with my fitness got to the top did some filming at the top and then began to descend and this is where it comes to sheep vs. cyclists descending great done fail speed increasing increasing i see a sheep loitering on the left-hand side try and put my brakes on too late he’s run out in front of me I’ve hit him and my bike is now flying without me on it at 27 miles now before coming to a stop and I’m in the air hitting the ground rolling rolling rolling and i black out for like at least five or ten minutes i what i come to and it feels like everything before that wasn’t me I’m having a kind of an out-of-body experience where I’m having a combo my conversation with myself saying wake up wake up I don’t want to wake up that conversation that you have when you’re a kid and your mom is to need to get up for school I didn’t want to get up and everything felt like it hadn’t happened to me like really didn’t really didn’t like I and only when I looked at my hands I think my little finger was dislocated did I realize that well it has to be me that thing that I could that thing that just happened had to have been me but it was such a surreal experience and it’s crazy the defense mechanism that your body the wall your body brings up in order to protect yourself from that’s that trauma so we were covered in blood I was just road rash everywhere and like every part of my body had hit the road at some point just blood everywhere and yeah my head and my hands just it was a mess so this managed to put my body back together descend back down slowly watching out for sheep and then just bandaged myself we the guys from probe right sky drone services were amazing they banished me up I didn’t want Katie to waste the opportunity or for me to be a burden and we have to leave this place great gun fell on probably the most beautiful day that has ever been experienced a great gun fell and not get the footage that she came here for and so I just send the car nice and toasty and warm and just tried not to think about what just happened but yeah so that was that was the end of of that as you can see here no training on the Saturday obviously because we were fuq’d and then on the Sunday either we were just we were just a little bit less fuq’d but all this is going be covered in videos that I’m working on at the moment I had a complete tech failure across the board not only was my phone in my back pocket when I encountered the sheep and smashed into a thousand pieces my laptop that I think on the sunday or in fact the Monday completely failed and so via a complete tech failure across the board wasn’t able to make any videos I’ve got lots of footage I recorded lots of stuff but only now am i able to work on it and start bringing it to you sharing it with you but it’s so much amazing content to come it’s going to be coming out of my ears so stay tuned for that thank you for watching and if I don’t see you out in the road and I’m gonna see you in the next one okay I can’t even believe you read that out loud that’s unbelievable I don’t even I don’t even know what to say about this this is that’s amazing

14 comments on “Sheep vs. Cyclist at 34 mph – Road to 5 w/kg FTP

  1. what do you think your final weight will end up at? I mean obviously the loss will gradually slow as you get closer to that ideal weight for your body, but where do you think that'll be?

    Also, have you been cycling in the Surrey Hills much? Seems like it's the next most hilly area to you after the Chilterns, and there's a lot of good climbs around there. Would be cool to see what you could do up Barhatch Lane lol

  2. Rather surprising that on a vegan channel, a video about crashing into a sheep makes absolutely no mention of the consequences of that crash for the sheep.

  3. TFW you have ride far away t find a climb long enough to do a real FTP test XD you soon will have to find a longer one , I too almost had a few encounter this weekend with deer, boars and rabbits, nice to see your enthusiasm hasn't fade a bit and really love this video. I heard so much Stages podcasts this weekend, thanks for showing it on your videos-

  4. I hope you are doing ok after that crash! (and the sheep too) I'm back at ciclyng again and following your advice. Best decision ever 🚵💖

  5. Idk what it is with animals, on my local greenway whenever I see a rabbit, cat or squirrel on the greenway, I always slow to a walking pace because every time, when they are on one side and I am passing on the other, they always cross in front of me! I dont mind tho cos they usually cute, exept that one dog that ran in front of me causing me to slam on by brakes and go over my bars.
    ps. I couldn't think of any good sheep puns :<

  6. I hit a sheep at 25mph 2 months ago, the sheep walked away, I broke 4 ribs, collarbone and an open fracture to my elbow ☹️. Will be another 6 weeks at least until I can get back outside on a bike. But like yourself I way lucky, it could have been worse.

  7. Ash glad you're well again sir and fighting fit! Sure we can meet up again and get some footage of you full gas!!

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